How to choose the hospital after pregnancy, have you chosen right?

Benben’s mother couldn’t wait to go to the nearest hospital for blood to determine when she was pregnant. I didn’t think much at that time, I just wanted to confirm it.

After looking for a doctor to finish the list, he has been waiting for the results of the blood at the hospital. He gets the result and quickly go to the doctor to see it.The doctor said that he was pregnant, but if you want to determine if you have to take another blood the next day, the indicators are doubled, which means that it is developing normally.The next day, Ben Ben’s mother came to the hospital to draw blood again. After getting the result, I compared it first, which was indeed doubled.Benben’s mother thought it was okay. As a result, the doctor said that she needed to take B -ultrasound after 6 weeks. The examination was an internal pregnancy or ectopic pregnancy. She also gave a list because she needs to make an appointment.Once or two, Benben’s mother has been doing inspection in this hospital.

When the problem occurs, when the file is under construction, the normal and healthy people are very smooth. The doctor will open a full set of inspection items, and the file can be built after finishing.Benben’s mother is not a normal healthy person. For other reasons, even if the inspection items built by Benben’s mother are normal, the doctor still posted the orange logo for Benben’s file.The pregnant mothers who have built files know that orange represents high -risk pregnant women, and doctors are also based on this to prevent Benben’s mothers from building files in their hospitals.

Benben’s mother dare not listen to the doctor, the doctor asked the hospital to transfer to the hospital, but the new hospital did not recognize the results of the previous hospital’s examination and had to come again.Everyone knows that the establishment of the file requires nearly two thousand yuan. This is not the case. You still need to re -pull the mother to take several blood, and the mother of Benben feels extremely aggrieved.At this time, I feel that it is better to choose a big hospital at the beginning, which will save a lot of trouble.

So, how to choose a hospital in the early days of pregnant mothers?

Ben Ben’s mother believes that if the pregnant mother’s body has always been healthy, she can choose the hospital nearby.In this way, whether it is usually an examination or a child to have children in the future, it is not necessary to spend time and energy on the way to the hospital. Even if the pregnant mother goes to the hospital alone, there will be no problem.

If the pregnant mother’s physical condition is not very good, it is recommended to go to the Third Hospital to check the archives after pregnancy.Many hospitals in the second and below are not checked. If there is a little problem, the doctor will recommend referringing to the higher -level hospital for review.What’s more, like Mother Benben, I was referred to three or four times, and in the end, even the files were given a file to the higher -level hospital.Originally in a hospital, Benben’s mother tossed several times back and forth.

In general, pregnant mothers must make choices in combination with their own situation, so as to take less detours and spend less money.

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