How to do B -ultrasound after pregnancy?B -ultrasound strategy during pregnancy, please collect for expectant mothers

Once female friends are pregnant, they have to deal with B -ultrasound many times. Female friends who have experienced pregnancy know that they have to do B -ultrasound several times from pregnancy to giving birth.However, some female friends still do not know why these B -ultrasound, and some do not know when to do the B -ultrasound. For the expectant mothers who are pregnant for the first time, they are even more confused.Today I will share with you the significance of B -ultrasound and how to do B -ultrasound after pregnancy.

B -ultrasound is a must -have, and a very important test during pregnancy. You can know whether it is a single or multiple tires through the B -ultrasound. You can also understand the development of the fetus in detail.Not deformity, like congenital heart disease, hydrocephalus, short limbs, no brain, abdominal wall defects, polycystic kidney, spine bifida, and digestive tract atresia are relatively easy to discover, and even can be done for hydatidic tires.Early diagnosis, if necessary, can actively treat, or even terminate pregnancy.

In addition, through the B -ultrasound, you can also determine the pregnancy site and the pregnancy week, and you can also determine whether it is an ectopic pregnancy. If the situation of ectopic pregnancy is found, it is necessary to deal with it as soon as possible. Try to remove this "bomb" before the ectopic pregnancy rupture and bleeding, remove this "bomb"., To avoid more serious consequences.

Generally speaking, do a B -ultrasound at a time when diagnosis of pregnancy, and then wait until the menstruation stops eight weeks and then do the B -ultrasound, because at this time you can see the gestational sac, germ, and even fetal heart.

The second time is usually in the middle of pregnancy, that is, about twenty weeks of pregnancy. At this time, there are relatively more amniotic fluid in the uterus, and the size of the fetus is relatively moderate, which is easy to check. At this time, you can see the fetus clearly clearly at this time.Each organ can also judge whether the fetus is healthy.

For the third time, we generally choose the late pregnancy, that is, about 28 weeks of pregnancy. At this time, we must further understand the specific situation of the fetus in the uterus, and once again determine whether the fetus is deformity.Generally speaking, if the expectant mothers have no delivery for two weeks after the due date, the doctor will suggest that you do another B -ultrasound to understand the situation of amniotic fluid, placenta, and fetal position to determine a more secure way of childbirth.

The fourth monitoring before delivery (37-41 weeks), at this time, mainly monitored the baby’s fetal position, growth, and amniotic fluid to prepare sufficient preparation for delivery.

The above is the conventional B -ultrasound of mothers during pregnancy. Generally speaking, when should I do the B -ultrasound, I still have to listen to the doctor’s advice. Do not do it by yourself.

In addition, do not need an empty stomach when doing B -ultrasound, because the diet before the B -ultrasound will not affect the results of the check. Of course, the B -ultrasound examination in the early pregnancy requires urination.The specific situation of the tire is not clear, if the urine is too much, it is uncomfortable.

In short, the expectant mothers during pregnancy must follow the doctor’s order and do a B -ultrasound examination in time. This can timely and accurately understand the state of the fetus in the uterus.Treatment for the first time, or to terminate pregnancy, after all, we all expect a very healthy baby.

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