How to eat after pregnancy to make the baby healthy and nutritious and not fat

Throughout the year, spring, summer, autumn and winter, with the changes in the seasons, pregnant mothers must also make appropriate adjustments in diet, so that the nutrition that the baby is absorbed.Not in vain.

1. Everything recovers all things in spring, pregnant mothers should pay attention to sufficient vitamins and inorganic salts

Xiaobai, rapeseed, persimmon pepper, tomato, citrus, lemon and other fruits are rich in vitamin C. It has antiviral effects and is a good choice; and yellow -green vegetables such as carrots and amaranthThe function of the respiratory tract mucosa can resist the invasion of various pathogenic factors.

Some pregnant mothers like to eat sour things because of pregnancy in the early pregnancy, but in fact, the liver qi in spring is more vigorous. The food that eats sour will be integrated into the liver, which will make the liver qi late, and it will indirectly damage the spleen.Function.So in spring, pregnant mothers should eat less sour food.

In spring, you can eat sweets, sweet flavors, and sweet foods can nourish the spleen, so you can eat more jujube or yam to replenish blood and eliminate muscle tension.Therefore, in spring, you can eat more sweets and eat less sour food, nourish the liver and spleen.

2. The weather is hot in summer. Pregnant mothers should pay attention to eating more light food and replenish water in time

In summer, the temperature is high, and people are easy to sweat in a large amount, causing the water in the body to continue to lose, and the salt in the body is also brought out by a large amount of sweat.Therefore, high -temperature weather should be hydrated and multiple times. It is advisable to use 300 to 500 ml each time. Do not drink too much at one time, otherwise it will dilute the gastric juice and affect digestion.The melons and vegetables that are suitable for prospective mothers in summer include melon, cucumber, tomatoes, soybeans, dragon fruits, strawberries, etc. These fruits can not only clear heat and remove heat, but also have the effect of swelling and diuretic.

Summer is hot and rainy, and the gas of the summer and dampness is easy to enter. People have a decrease in appetite and weakened digestive power. Therefore, in dietary deployment, you should eat less sipy and dry foods, and eat more sweet acids, such as mung beans, watermelons, black plums, black plums, black plums, black plums, black plums, black plums, black plums, black plums, black plums, and black plums.Wait, but it is not appropriate to drink cold, which is especially important for pregnant women.

The biggest feature of summer is the hot weather. People often sweat a little bit, so that it is easy to damage the yin and make people feel dry.It is best to be over, and the bitter food has the effect of clearing heat and relieving heat, which can alleviate the phenomenon of appetite loss in summer, especially when pregnant mothers are very irritable in summer.

3. In the autumn, rest and rest, pregnant mothers can make more supplements

Autumn is the time for the body to regenerate and rest.Specific mothers can eat more nourishing foods, such as cod, Ejiao, bird’s nest, red dates, catfish, etc.In autumn, it is prone to "autumn dryness" symptoms such as dry lips. It should be used for foods that nourish moisturizing and nourishing qi, such as Tremella and Lily.

In autumn, the temperature is cool and dry, and people’s appetite is gradually improved. In addition, a large number of melon and fruits are listed, and you should pay special attention to "autumn melon".Otherwise it will damage the yang of the spleen and stomach.Due to dry climate, in terms of diet, pay attention to using less spicy foods, such as peppers, raw onions, etc.

Autumn is a dry season, and many pregnant mothers will also become poor because of this. Therefore, the focus of autumn is to moisturize the lungs. It is the most suitable season for flat supplement. It is necessary to avoid spicy food stimulated to the stomach and the skin.Therefore, pregnant mothers can eat more sesame, walnuts or honey and sugar cane in autumn. These foods have the effects of nourishing yin and nourishing the lungs. Properly sour foods such as grapes are also possible.

4. Dry letter in winter, all things are withered, pregnant mothers should pay attention to replenishing yang qi

In winter, the weather is from dry to cold, and all things are withered in nature. People should follow the rules of the times to preserve the yang in the body, convergence and enrich the yin, to resist the invasion of the cold climate.Therefore, you can eat more mutton in winter, which is warm in lamb, and is rich in nutrients such as calcium and iron.Traditional Chinese medicine believes that mutton can help Yuanyang, nourish blood, treat lung deficiency, and remove damage, which is an excellent nourishing strong food.

In winter, because the weather is cold, pregnant mothers often have yang deficiency, but the spleen and stomach can be relatively strong. Therefore, this season is suitable for warm supplements. You should eat hot foods. Do not eat cold foods.Physical cold resistance.Expectant mothers also need to pay attention to a certain amount of yellow -green vegetables, such as carrots, rapeseed, spinach, mung bean sprouts, etc., to avoid lack of vitamin A, B2, and C.In addition, reducing the consumption of fruits in the anti -season, otherwise it may cause gastrointestinal diseases, which is also one of the reasons why patients with gastrointestinal diseases will increase in winter.

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