How to eat during pregnancy?Eat different foods during 9 periods so that eating this can give the fetus better nutrition

Every family wants to bred a healthy and cute baby. Except for regular production inspections and appropriate exercise, diet support cannot be ignored.Only a balanced and comprehensive diet can lay the foundation for the health of the fetus. At different development stages, the fetus needs a large gap. So how should pregnant women eat to provide sufficient nutrition for the fetus.

1. 1 ~ 4 weeks pregnant

The sperm eggs are gradually bed in 1 to 4 weeks of pregnancy and the embryo is generated. At this stage, the fetal brain, spinal cord and skin development are developed. The rice noodles should be used as a staple food. Eat more egg milk, lean meat and seafood and greens.

2. 5 ~ 6 weeks pregnant

Each system of embryos is gradually generated at 5 to 6 weeks of pregnancy, and seafood intake should be increased, which can supplement minerals and inorganic salts to the body to stimulate fetal brain development.

3. 7 weeks of pregnancy

At 7 weeks of pregnancy, the outline of the fetal nervous system is almost completed, and the osteosocytes are gradually developing. It should be appropriately supplemented with vitamins, protein, and minerals such as bean milk, fish and kelp.

4. 8 weeks of pregnancy

At 8 weeks of pregnancy, the fetal organs, teeth and bones of the fetus have begun to develop, and the inner ear has gradually formed. It is necessary to supplement sufficient vitamin protein and calcium and iodine.At the same time, you should eat more fish to promote the development of fetal breasts and eyeballs.

5. 12 weeks of pregnancy

The limbs, toes and fingers of the fetus have been formed around 12 weeks. At this stage, the development speed is fast. You should eat more high -quality protein foods and drink plenty of water.From about 13 weeks of pregnancy, you should eat more starch foods to provide nutrition for hair development.

6. 15 weeks pregnant

After 15 weeks of pregnancy, eating more seafood can promote reproductive organs; the nutrition of the fetus is mainly provided by the placenta about 16 weeks, so you should add enough fat, vitamins, minerals, and high -quality protein and carbohydrates.development.

7. 20 weeks of pregnancy

After 20 weeks of pregnancy, the teeth are gradually developing, the fetal fat is generated and the fetal movement is more active, and the fetus already has swallowing function. During this period, the amount of minerals and vitamins should be supplemented. At this stageEating more fresh fruits and fruits is beneficial to skin growth; at the same time, it is necessary to eat more beans and nuts, which can provide nutrition for brain development.

8. 32 weeks of pregnancy

32 weeks of pregnancy are the golden period of fetal brain nerve development. During this time, eating less or not fishy foods, because the protein in it is easy to produce acidic toxins after transformation in the body, affecting the nerve development of the fetus.You may wish to choose beef, fans or tofu and mushroom food.

9. 40 weeks of pregnancy

At 40 weeks of pregnancy, each organs of the fetus have been fully developed, and they need to supplement enough vitamin K minerals and protein.During this period, you cannot overeating. You should eat more fresh vegetables and fruits to prepare for delivery.

Kind tips

Women must pay attention to diet after pregnancy, especially to reasonably supplement folic acid in the first three months of pregnancy, which can prevent fetal nerve organs from defect and prevent fetal malformations to the greatest extent.In addition to paying attention to diet, we must also maintain moderate exercise. Do not sit or lie down for a long time.In addition, maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, avoid great joy and sorrow, otherwise disorderly endocrine, causing the uterus to shrink strongly, which will affect the development of the fetus.In addition, the maternity checks are regularly found according to the doctor’s order, and the hidden problems should be found in time.

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