How to judge early pregnancy

A third -year student named Zhuer in Fujian wrote a small poem "Pick Mom":

"You ask me what I was doing before my birth

I answer

I pick my mother in the sky


I think you are particularly good

Want to be your child

I feel that I may not have that luck

did not expect

Early morning

I’m already in your stomach "

It turned out that each mother was selected by the angel.So, if one day you find yourself Huaiyu, congratulations, you have been selected by angels.

We usually judge whether they are pregnant on time through menstruation, but some people are not very regular, and menstruation is normal a few days later.So is there any other symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy?Of course.

1. Mild vaginal bleeding

Generally, 6 to 12 days after conception, fertilized eggs are adhered to the uterus, and they will bleed slightly. Some people may doubt menstruation, but it is not.

2. Breast swelling

After one to two weeks after conception, the breasts began to become soft. This is because the body secretes more estrogen and progesterone, causing the breast gland to grow.Hormon allows breasts to store more liquid, resulting in the heavier breasts and stronger soreness.

3. Fatigue and easy to be trapped

After pregnancy, progesterone in the body will cause body temperature to rise, the body is more likely to feel weak, and the heartbeat of the early pregnancy will be faster, so as to provide more oxygen for the uterus, so fatigue is stronger.

4. Increased urination times

On the one hand, the expansion of the uterine after pregnancy will suppress the bladder, and on the other hand, the increase in blood flow will also suppress the kidneys, which will lead to increased urine and increase the number of urine times.

In addition, we common symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy are: dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and higher body temperature.We usually call these symptoms as early pregnancy reactions.

However, these reactions cannot be generalized, and the results of the inspection are still subject to the test results.

The signs of pregnancy are predicted from the performance of the body, and ultimately it must be judged through scientific methods.

1. Early pregnancy test paper

Early pregnancy test strip is a commonly used method for testing pregnancy. It is generally used for delayed menstruation for 3-5 days, but some upper body can be measured in two or three days before menstruation.

According to the instructions when using the test strip, if it is two red lines, it is pregnant, and there is no display indication.Of course, this is not accurate. Some upper body or irregular menstruation may not be measured, and it is necessary to go to the hospital for further determination.

2. B -ultrasound

B -ultrasound monitoring early pregnancy is best to stop for one month during menstruation.The B -ultrasound results will be answered by the doctor. Generally, if the B -ultrasound can see the pregnancy halo, it means pregnancy.This method is the most accurate but waiting time for testing.

3. Through blood testing

Blood HCG examination is the earliest and most accurate test method at present.Blood HCG examination is generally able to clarify whether pregnancy can be made through blood drawing from 8 to 10 days after sex.After fertilization, HCG entered the mother blood and quickly proliferated until the eighth week of pregnancy, then slowly reduced the concentration until the 18th to 20 weeks, and then kept stable.

After women enter the childbearing age, it is necessary to have sex with sexual experience. It is necessary to master the symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy.If you are a woman who has planned birth after marriage, you can know the information of your pregnancy in the first time, and stop some bad habits that are not conducive to fertility in time. If you are pregnant outside the plan, you can strive for more time to solve your troublesEssenceBut all symptoms in the early stages of pregnancy must be determined through scientific measures.

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