How to judge that children are "late" or short?

Guangzhou Daily (All media reporter Wang Jing Correspondent Lin Huifang) Seeing that the height of other children is more than half of their children’s height, many parents are inevitably confused: Is the child "late" or short?And listen to Su Haohao, chief physician of the Chief Endocrinology and Metro Faculty of Maternal and Child Health Hospital in Guangdong Province.


Do not use "short" as "late"

Su Haihao introduced that short small refers to the two standard deviations of the same gender, the same age, and the same race child, or lower than the third hundred points. In simple terms, in the similar living environment, the same race and the same genderThe child of the same age is randomly selected and arranged according to the height. The shortest three are short.Due to diseases, drugs often need to intervene in drugs.

"Late long" usually refers to "delayed development of psychological adolescence". It is different from "short". Although such children’s height is short, most height is about 300 points, but this short is mostly physiological.To temporarily, the adolescent growth peaks of these children appear later than their peers. In the end, these children have "accumulated" to normal height through longer growth.

There are many "late" children: First, they can find family history, that is, the child’s father or mother also has the history of "late". For example, if the father or mother goes to high school, it will start to grow up, or develop late.But his height is not short.Second, bone age, that is, the cookedness of the age of all ages. It is a good indicator for assessing the development of the organism. Under normal circumstances, the difference between the age and actual age of bone age should be within ± 1 years old.For children, their bone age usually does not exceed 2 years of age, while the "short" children are more than 2 years old and the actual age are more than 2 years old.

Among the factors that affect height, the genetic factors account for about 70%, which determines the approximate "track" of growth and development.Generally speaking, parents are relatively tall, and their children will have a higher chance.In addition, 30%are affected by environmental factors. Environmental factors include the condition of the fetus during pregnancy, as well as factors such as nutrition, exercise, sleep, and disease. "" These factors are relatively weak compared to genetic factors, but it is us.Factors that can affect and change the day after tomorrow. If these factors have problems, it is also possible to make children unable to reach the ideal height. "Su Haohao said that many factors can affect children’s height, so parents must also work hard to protect their children’s growth.


Want to grow better, do these points well

1. Reasonable nutrition, balanced diet

Nutrition is a critical factor for children’s growth. Protein is the basis of life. Each organs include skeletal cells, muscles, and internal organs. Calcium is the main component of bones.; All kinds of vitamins are also important to promote growth and development, and it is conducive to improving children’s immunity.But not just pick these foods to eat. The various nutrients are inseparable. Insufficient intake of certain nutrients in the body may lead to restrictions on the absorption of other nutrients. If vitamin D in the body is insufficient, it may be possibleIt will affect the absorption of calcium.

In contrast, excess nutrients may also affect the absorption of other nutrients. If too much calcium food intake, it may also cause iron absorption disorders.Therefore, parents can think about it and cleverly match all kinds of nutrients in three meals a day to balance their diet to ensure sufficient and reasonable nutrition.Of course, blind supplements are also not desirable. Blindly supplementing nutrition to children and wanting children to "grow". It is also easy to cut the child’s growth potential due to obesity and puberty caused by excess nutrition, which eventually affects the child’s adult height.In addition, you should pay attention to minimizing the intake of various carbonated beverages, candy and sugar -containing beverages.

2. Appropriate aerobic exercise and outdoor activities

Exercise can better promote the secretion of growth hormones. Skipping, high, badminton, basketball, and swimming are more suitable and help children grow taller.It is recommended that children best perform aerobic exercise per week, and arrange 3 to 4 times a week, which lasts at no less than 30 minutes each time.

3. Successful sleep

Good sleep is important for children’s growth and development. Promoting height of growth hormones in the state of sleep is higher than that of a sober state. The peak period of the secretion is from 10 pm to 2 am the next day.Being asleep before 10 pm, if you can, it is best to fall asleep before 9 o’clock.It should be noted that try not to play mobile phones before going to bed, play games, etc., so as not to affect sleep because the brain becomes excited.Try to avoid overeating before going to bed, avoid criticizing children before going to bed, and do not develop the habit of opening the night lamp to sleep while sleeping.

4. Monitor your child’s height development regularly

To judge the child’s height development, parents cannot stare at the height value of a certain point. Parents should pay attention to the dynamic changes of their children’s height when they are paying attention to the child’s height and the same gender children of the same age.Measted a child with a height and accumulated a record of 1 to 2 years. You can see the instant height situation and the trend of height growth.

Generally speaking, children over the age of 2 should have a height growth of 5 cm to 7 cm each year. If it is lower than this time, then parents should be vigilant and take their children to the children’s endocrinology department in the hospital in time.By the period of rapid growth in adolescence, the rapid growth period of ordinary girls is about 10-12 years old. Boys will be 1 to 2 years later. During this period, children can grow 8 cm to 12 cm a year. If the child starts to appear too early, this kind of ""High", if the short child in the original class, at the age of eight or nine years old, he tall suddenly soared to a higher level in the class, then you must also increase their vigilance and timely consultation to rule out the problems of early development and fast development.

Source: Guangzhou Daily

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