How to know pregnant

Xiaoyun: "Dr. Little, I want to ask ~ How can I know conceived?"

Dr. Little: "Generally speaking, after marriage, most people want to have a baby. So, how can we know that they are pregnant? For women, in addition to the joy of mood and changes in appearance, pregnancy is pregnant.In the early stage, there will be some signs and physiological changes that can be aware of it, reminding you that you may be pregnant. "

Xiaoyun: "What are the signs?"

Dr. Little: "For women with regular menstruation, menstruation does not come, and it may be pregnant. But for women with irregular menstruation, they will be pregnant until conscious symptoms occur."

Xiaoyun: "What kind of conscious symptoms"

Dr. Little: "The so -called conscious symptoms refer to early pregnancy reactions, which usually occur after 3 to 4 weeks of menopause. There are mainly the following aspects: ① The appetite changes, and I usually like to eatI do n’t like to eat food for the second time. Even I do n’t even want to eat or vomit. I like to eat sour and light diet, annoying greasy and fishy.In the month, these symptoms will disappear naturally. ② Breast changes. Due to the increase in progesterone secreted by ovaries after pregnancy, the development of breast bubbles will increase, and the breast will increase.It will become slightly larger, the scope of the areola is enlarged, the color is deepened, and there is a small protrusions around the nipples, and it feels swelling. ③ The basal body temperature is high. If the menstruation is delayed, you may wish to test the basic body temperature.High temperature may be pregnant (but this requires you to understand your usual physical temperature). This situation will continue for about three weeks. ④ vaginal discharge will increase than usual, but not as turbid and having as during infection.Smell. ⑤ Abdominal pain. The uterus during pregnancy is quite sensitive, and a small amount of stimulation will cause contraction. Therefore, some people will have mild pain. "

Xiaoyun: "Can you be pregnant if you have the above symptoms?"

Dr. Little: "In fact, determining whether pregnancy is determined by menopause and conscious symptoms is not a reliable method. Because some women will have menopause and falsehood of pregnancy and falsehood.Pregnancy phenomenon. There are also some people who have no response to menopause after pregnancy. Therefore, whether pregnancy should be determined or not, you should go to the hospital for a diagnosis. "

Excerpted from "Children’s Health Rubbing Book-Fetal", People’s Army Medical Press, in 2008, editor-in-chief of Wang Xinliang (Medical cards have been added here, please go to today’s headline client to view)

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