How to lose weight safely

The news of the died of 312 pounds of online bloggers "Cuihua wants to counterattack" has attracted attention. She has been conducting weight loss training before her death.How to lose weight safely?China Youth Daily · China reporters interviewed Cai Jingjing, a nutritionist at the clinical nutrition department of the People’s Hospital of Peking University. She said that people with large weight people should first consider safety to lose weight. Secondly, the effectiveness should be considered.The physical examination is to formulate a weight loss plan according to the health status of the body, and the method of "exercise+diet" should not be adopted blindly.

Those with severe obesity need to go to the hospital for evaluation first

The weight of 312 pounds. If it is calculated at 1.65 meters height, the body mass index (BMI) of the "Cuihua" is as high as 57.3kg/m2.The BMI of the normal weight population is between 18.5-23.9kg/m2. BMI24-27.9kg/m2 is overweight. 27.9-35kg/m2 belongs to obesity, and more than 35kg/m2 is severe obesity.

Cai Jingjing introduced that if the severe obese people lose weight when they go to the hospital, the hospital will conduct a comprehensive medical examination on the patient.Because severe obesity people have the probability of high blood sugar, hyperlipidemia, high uric acid, hypertension, heart disease, joint injury, irregular menstruation and other problems.Therefore, after the physical examination, multi -disciplinary consultation is often performed to formulate a safe weight loss plan for patients.

The patients that Cai Jingjing encountered in the clinic generally weighs 90 kg-130 kg. For such patients, Cai Jingjing does not recommend fierce exercise.If the patient is unwilling to receive the treatment of drugs, surgery and other methods, and there is no serious metabolic basic disease, Cai Jingjing will recommend patients to do soothing exercise. The principle is to appropriately increase the amount of exercise on the basis of daily activity.

Walking bend is a soothing movement. For example, Cai Jingjing said: "Some patients with a total of 1,000 steps a day can’t go. They can start with two or three thousand steps a day. This is actually a lot for them."After customizing the exercise scheme, doctors usually require patients to review each week or every two weeks to confirm the feasibility and scientificity of the motion scheme.

For those who have been fat, Cai Jingjing said that in clinical practice, surgery, drugs and other methods can be used with diet management to reduce weight, not only the method of "exercise+diet".

How to judge whether the exercise is excessive when losing weight

"The initial weight is 312 catties, and the target is reduced by 200 pounds." This is the introduction of the personal data on the "Cuihua" video.Cai Jingjing said that it takes at least one year to reduce so much weight. If the weight is too fast, the body’s metabolic pressure will be relatively large.

The reporter noticed in social media that at present, many young people are indeed relying on exercise to lose weight. How can I judge whether the amount of exercise is appropriate?Cai Jingjing said that the following signals can be used as a reference: 1. During the exercise process, you can barely speak; 2. If the heart is panic and the heart rate is high, the heart rate can decrease appropriately after 10 seconds of exercise.Scope of receiving; 3. There is no feeling of nausea and vomiting during exercise.

Cai Jingjing said that severe obese people are not suitable for running, rope skipping and other movements, and it is easy to damage the joints.They are more suitable for swimming, pad exercise, self -heavy training, etc.In addition, Cai Jingjing emphasized that the people may have a problem with the hearts itself, so you need to pay special attention to monitoring the heart rate during exercise.Those with severe obesity need to go to the hospital for examination, eliminate heart problems before starting exercise.

Most of the obese patients are "eaten"

Cai Jingjing’s obese patients encountered in clinical practice can be roughly divided into two categories, one is "eaten", and there are more obese patients.Some of them have emotional problems and can relieve stress by eating.Cai Jingjing explained that eating can indeed make people feel happy, especially eating sweets, which is more likely to stimulate the release of excited substances such as dopamine and 5-hydroxyline.Because you eat too much sweets, you gradually become fat.After getting fat, these people will find that some social activities are restricted, including discrimination, and they will alleviate emotions by eating and then fall into a vicious circle.

Some of the obese patients who "eat" have been "big stomach king" since childhood.They were fed well when they were young, and parents may feel that their children are good.The child’s stomach is getting bigger and bigger, and the amount of rice becomes bigger.After getting fat, the endocrine function of the body will change.For example, Cai Jingjing said that, for example, a steamed bun, when a normal weight person eats it, it will become glucose, and then be metabolized; the obese people may be converted into fat after eating the buns and stored it in their bodies after eating it.

Another type of obesity patients are caused by other diseases, such as hypothyroidism, polycystic ovary syndrome, and antidepressant drugs.

If you want to really lose weight, you still need to control your mouth

Since obesity is a disease, is there a cure for medicine?Cai Jingjing told the China Youth News · China reporters that my country approved several diet pills such as lipase inhibitors, but these diet pills need to be used with caution. If blood sugar problems occur due to obesity, they need to use drugs to lose weight under the guidance of doctors.If it is simply obese, there is no other problem in the body, it is not recommended to use these diet pills.

If it is fatter because of eating too much, it will not achieve the effect of weight loss by relying on drugs.Cai Jingjing further explained the principle: during the medication process, the human body will produce adaptive changes.When he first started taking the medicine, the human body may "not respond", so he consumes a lot of fat.But if the medication time is as long as several months, in the process, the human body will slowly reduce the level of metabolic, "Because only by reducing consumption can I live." Especially for those women who still lose weight at a small weightIn some endocrine functions, their bodies will have more serious metabolic problems.

Weight loss is an exogenous intervention. If you want to really lose weight, you still have to "take the initiative".Cai Jingjing said that for those who are fatter because they eat too much, if they want to lose weight, they still need to be realized by holding their mouths.She also emphasized that the health of the medical perspective is not necessarily thinner for everyone, and the thinness that everyone is pursuing is not necessarily healthy.(Reporter Liu Yanrong)

Source: China Youth Daily

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