How to manage and treat the disease during pregnancy?Transfer to those in need

In our previous popular science article, I have mentioned it to everyone. If the expectant mother is a patient with hepatitis B, she should pay more attention to the disease of hepatitis B during pregnancy.Prevent hepatitis B virus from transmitted to newborns.However, in addition to paying attention to maternal and infant blocking, the health of the pregnant woman itself should also attract the attention of patients with hepatitis B and family.

According to reports, liver disease during pregnancy is the sixth reason for the death of pregnant women in my country.Data show that there are more than 80%of the treatment of liver disease during pregnancy during pregnancy.Viral hepatitis during pregnancy is easily converted into severe hepatitis due to the physiological characteristics of pregnancy.During pregnancy, it is more common in acute viral hepatitis and chronic viral hepatitis. Hepatitis can be seen after hepatitis.

Viral hepatitis can occur in various periods of pregnancy, clinical manifestations and laboratory examinations are susceptible to confusion with multiple liver diseases during pregnancy.The diagnosis of viral hepatitis during pregnancy is similar to non -pregnancy.The diagnosis of viral hepatitis during pregnancy is first to diagnose pregnancy and then diagnose viral hepatitis.

Regarding the effects of virus hepatitis during pregnancy, due to the high metabolic rate during pregnancy, the reduction of the glycogen reserve in the liver and changes in the endocrine system. Due to physical energy consumption, bleeding, hypoxia, etc.Infection of viral hepatitis.The characteristics of chronic hepatitis B during pregnancy are: (1) There are more diseases in the middle and late pregnancy than in the early pregnancy;, Failure; (4) If it is treated with drugs and clinical rest, it rarely improves by itself. The increased transaminase rises and jaundice will occur with pregnancy.The first cause of severe hepatitis during pregnancy is hepatic encephalopathy, cerebral edema, the second is postpartum hemorrhage, and the third is hepatic and kidney syndrome.

The obstetric treatment of pregnancy and viral hepatitis is the most concerned problem for patients. The treatment is mainly divided into four stages, including prenatal treatment, pregnancy treatment, childbirth treatment, and puerperium treatment.Let’s take a look at different treatment methods at each stage.

First, prenatal treatment: Women who prepare for pregnancy should perform pathogenic detection and liver function test of hepatitis BV and hepatitis C HCV before pregnancy. If necessary, hepatitis B vaccine should be vaccinated.If the liver function is normal and carrying HBV and HCV, HBV-DNA and HCV-RNA should be further tested to understand the virus copy and the chance of maternal and baby transmission. It is also necessary to consider the tolerance of pregnancy according to individual differences.Patients with hepatitis with abnormal liver function should first treat hepatitis. Patients with acute hepatitis should be the best pregnancy after two years after the liver function is restored.Patients with chronic hepatitis should also be pregnant in relatively stable liver function.Women of liver cirrhosis should comprehensively consider various situations such as liver function and decide whether to pregnancy.

Second, pregnancy treatment during pregnancy: Chronic virus carriers with normal liver function should be checked in accordance with the prescribed period of delivery. Pay attention to the increase of liver burden in the later pregnancy (after 28 weeks), the chance of liver function is increased, which can beCheck it once.Acute jaundice hepatitis occurs during pregnancy, it is best to be hospitalized, rest in bed strictly, and give corresponding treatment.Those who have strong pregnancy requirements for liver cirrhosis can end their pregnancy from 32-35 weeks.

Third, the treatment of childbirth: Pregnant women with normal liver function and normal coagulation function should give birth naturally if they are referred to in the real estate department.

Fourth, puzzle treatment: Pay attention to postpartum infection during puerperium.

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