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Mr. Wang married his 5 -year -old wife at the age of 32.The couple have been married for four years. In the first three years, they were separated by their careers. They only lived together this year and began to prepare for pregnancy.During the couple’s pregnancy, Mr. Wang found that he had the problem of too fast ejaculation, which made him very troublesome.Under the persuasion of his wife, he went to the hospital for treatment.After asking the medical history, the doctor found that the relevant examination found that not only did Mr. Wang not only have the problem of premature ejaculation, the quality of semen also decreased, and there was a phenomenon of decreased sperm vitality and incomplete liquefaction.After half a year after the regular treatment, Mr. Wang’s ejaculation time and semen quality were improved, and his wife was pregnant smoothly.

From the experience of Mr. Wang’s husband and wife, it can be seen that the growth of a sexual life and age for a long time will have a certain impact on husband and wife pregnancy.What are the issues of men?

How long will I prepare in advance

From the development of sperm cells into sperm, then from the septic tube to the epididymis, plus the maturity time of the epididymia, the entire production process of the sperm takes 65-75 days.Therefore, couples are preparing for pregnancy, and men are best to start preparing 3 months in advance, so as to provide sufficient time for the production of high -quality sperm.

What inspections to do

When the husband and wife are pregnant, men need to do the following examinations.

The whole body and reproductive system check the evaluation of the whole body condition and check the penis, scrotum, testicles, epididymia, vasia tubes, sperm cables, etc. If necessary, you also need to do anal examination to understand the prostate.It can also be found some diseases that affect male fertility, so as to achieve early intervention.

Semen and biochemical, imaging examination semen test contains indicators such as sperm quantity, mobility, sperm malformation rate, and whether semen has bacterial infection.If the man’s semen is abnormal, further blood testing is needed to eliminate other systemic diseases that have influence on fertility.Ultrasonic examinations are very valuable for reproductive system diseases, especially umbrella tests, spermatic varicose veins, tumors, and sheath effusion, and can understand whether the reproductive system is abnormal.

Reproductive urinary microorganomic examination of male reproductive urinary system infection is one of the common causes of male infertility.Men with unclean contact history and urination discomfort can be checked for routine urine, mycoplasma, chlamydia, and gonococcus bacteria to understand whether there is a genital inflammation.

The need for evaluating family history has a significant genetic and medical history to perform genetic testing, so as to avoid pathogenic genes to the next generation.

What to pay attention to everyday

Although medical medicine is increasingly developed, 60%of infertility patients still cannot find the cause.Therefore, daily maintenance is more important.During the preparation of husband and wife, men pay attention to the following matters to improve efficiency.

Stay away from the high -temperature environment couple’s pregnancy, men need to avoid long -term heat -up environments.Under normal circumstances, the testicular temperature in the scrotum is 1-2 ° C than the abdominal cavity, which is a suitable temperature for sperm in the testis.In daily life, due to work reasons, bad living habits, etc., such as sedentary, beautiful legs, soaking in hot springs, steaming sauna, wearing tight pants, long -term bicycles, etc., the living environment of sperm is too warm,It was destroyed and disrupted the generation of sperm, resulting in a decline in the number and quality of sperm, which is not conducive to women’s pregnancy.

Actively treating the reproductive health of the disease is the basic prerequisite for pregnancy.If prostatitis, seminal vesiculitis, urethritis, orchitis, epididymitis and other diseases may affect the quality of semen and damage the fertility of men.Therefore, men with such problems should see the doctor as soon as possible to obey the doctor’s suggestion treatment.

Maintain a good living environment During the preparation of couples, men should not smoke or drink, and avoid contact with second -hand smoke, newly repaired and closed environment, toxic and harmful chemicals, and radiation.Nicotine, tar and other harmful substances, formaldehyde, and rays in cigarettes not only affect the number of sperm, but also reduce sperm vitality and even cause sperm malformation.If you smoke around your partner, second -hand smoke will affect your partner’s fertility.In addition, whether it is beer, liquor, or other alcohol, excessive drinking will reduce the level ofrogen levels, cause sexual dysfunction, and reduce the total number of sperm. Therefore, in the process of preparing for pregnancy, men are best to stay away from alcohol.

Develop good living habits to adhere to moderate exercise, work and rest, do not stay up late, maintain healthy weight, etc.Walking, hiking, riding, dancing, playing badminton, playing basketball, etc. are all good exercises.Studies have confirmed that 30 to 45 minutes of aerobic exercise and endurance exercise of certain intensity can increase blood circulation, accelerate metabolism, and can also promote the significant increase in male hormones in the blood and the production of sperm.Frequent staying up late makes people feel fatigue for a long time, and the harm is constantly accumulated. It will gradually transform from accidental physiological dysfunction to regularity, cause pathological damage to the male reproductive system, reduce sperm quality, and cause impotence and premature ejaculation.Therefore, the regular work and rest are important.Obesity men are prone to decline in semen quality, so it is also necessary to follow the scientific weight loss of medical advice.

Learning to regulate mood research found that the pressure in life and work directly affects the quality of semen. It may be because the release of pressure hormones (cortisol) is activated, reduced the level ofrogen levels and reduced the generation of sperm.Learn to adjust your mood, maintain spiritual pleasure, and release stress.

Make some adjustments for a balanced nutritional diet, and eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, high -quality protein and so on.Diet is as diverse and balanced as possible, control the intake of coffee and strong tea, and eat less high -energy and fried food.Reasonable and balanced dietary nutrition is very helpful for improving the quality of male sperm.During the preparation of husband and wife, men can also take foods rich in trace elements rich in zinc, selenium, and folic acid, such as nuts, such as nuts, such as nuts.On the basis of a reasonable diet, supplementing folic acid can increase the number of sperm and sperm vitality.

Many husbands and wives use ovulation test strips to arrange the same room time during pregnancy. It is not a very scientific method to increase the psychological burden of both husband and wife.Sperm can survive for about 72 hours in women’s reproductive tract. After the eggs are discharged, the best fertilization ability is 12 hours and can maintain for about 24 hours.For women with regular menstruation and normal ovulation, if there is a room in the same room for 2 to 3 days, it will basically not miss the ovulation period.Therefore, in the non -ovulation period, it is recommended to pass sexual life 1 to 2 a week. In the ovulation period, the number of times can be increased as depending on the situation.

Text: Zhang Xuelian, Department of Urology, Dongzhimen Hospital, Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Edit: Liu Yang Yu Mengfei

School pair: Yang Zhenyu

Review: Xu Bingnan Chen Fei

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