How to raise cats scientifically during pregnancy

Pregnant women can raise cats.However, the owner should take a cat to do gifted worms and physical examinations to determine whether the cat’s physical condition is infected with a toxoplasma worm and other diseases.During pregnancy, we also have to take a cat to do bow -shaped insects.And it is best not to take a cat out during pregnancy to avoid cats from infecting infectious diseases.

As long as you usually pay attention to the hygiene of pets and regularly take a bath, deworming, and vaccine for pets. Pets will not affect the health of pregnant women. The grew of the fetus will cause the fetus to the fetus.

Looking at the bowworm, we only need to understand the following common sense to avoid excessive panic about it.

First, how can cats infection of Toxoplasma worms:

1. Only cats and dogs with raw meat can infect bow -shaped worms.

2. Cats raised indoors are almost impossible to infect bow -shaped worms.3. Even if the cat is infected with a bowworm, it only lifts the bow -shaped oval sac, which means that there is only an opportunity to infect people.

4. The ovulation sac is infected for 24 hours in the external environment to be infectious. The cat’s excrement will be treated in a timely manner on the day without infection.5. Dog excrement will not spread toxoplasma.

2. If you want to infect the bow -type worms from pets, you must:

1. Raising cats, no use of dogs;

2. You have to feed cats to eat raw meat, and then eat its shit;

3. It is useless to eat shit and drink urine;

4. It must be eaten the next day. The fresh ones are useless. It will only be infected in the overnight cat feces in the overnight cat shit;

5. The above points may not be successful. Please calm down and try unremittingly.

3. How to prevent infection during pregnancy:

1. Pay attention to diet hygiene. The meat should be fully cooked to avoid raw meat polluted cooked food.

2. Cats should be raised at home and feed cooked or finished cat food to prevent them from predating outside.Because cat’s infection is infected with infected mice or birds, or food polluting cat dung.

3. Pay attention to daily hygiene, remove cats’ feces every day, and wash your hands carefully after exposing animals.It is best to ask others to shovel shovel.

4. Unless the serum examination of pregnant women has been infected with bow -shaped worms, pregnant women should avoid contact with cats and their feces during pregnancy.

5. Gow -shaped insect infection has a variety of simple and effective drugs, such as sulfa -like piomyasine, and spiithromycin. Treatment must be performed according to the doctor’s order. Pregnant women infection can reduce the chance of fetal infection in time.

Summary: As long as you take preventive measures and regularly check the cats and have your own inspections, you can open up your master!If you are worried about pregnant mothers, you can also take care of them!It depends on how you choose.After all, I’m so cute, right?Meow ~

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