How to reduce reaction during pregnancy after pregnancy?Speaking clearly

Some pregnant mothers feel that they seem to have a "fake pregnancy". They don’t feel much. The whole pregnancy has passed, and some are uncomfortable from early pregnancy to the third trimester.

Throughout the 40 weeks of pregnancy, it is divided into early pregnancy, second trimester, and late pregnancy. Let’s talk about how to alleviate the response to these periods.

The first is early pregnancy.

This period refers to the first week of pregnancy to 12 weekends.A considerable part of the pregnant mothers will be affected by pregnancy and vomiting, as well as early pregnancy reactions, such as fatigue, weakness, loss of appetite, nausea, vomiting, decreased weight, etc., which may occur.

I was not pregnant, but when I got here, I did n’t work.Therefore, everyone is different. If you are not pregnant now, I suggest you also take a serious look. Once you encounter it, you also know how to deal with it.

Early pregnancy to relieve the method as follows: rest more. When you feel uncomfortable, lie down and rest for a while, pillow or pregnant women’s pillow can make you more comfortable; eat less in the morning to relieve pregnancy.Prepare some snacks, feel hungry, eat something, and prevent the stomach keep empty; the diet is light, try to eat original foods, such as white rice, original yogurt, lemonade, soda biscuits, etc., Think about some good things, or buy maternity costumes, infant supplies, etc., look forward to the future days; do B-ultrasound, 6-9 weeks of pregnancy, you can hear the fetal heart, see the fetal buds, see the fetal buds, see the fetal budThe development of development can also make the pregnant mother more at ease.

Due to the development of embryos in the early pregnancy, there are more risks at this time.Therefore, it is not recommended to be too hard and doing too severe exercise, pay attention to rest.

Followed by the second trimester.

During this period of pregnancy, it is said to be the stage of 14-27 weekends.At this time, the early pregnancy was basically disappeared (I was vomiting to give birth), and her appetite was greatly increased.With the formation of placenta in the second trimester, the development of the fetus enters a relatively safe stage.

At this time, the fetus is growing rapidly. The mother intakes sufficient energy and pay attention to nutritional supplements to meet the fetal development needs.If you go to the hospital for examination, the doctor will also tell you to add nutrition.For example, multi -dimensional tablets, animal viscera, vegetable oil, etc. In diet, the intake of staple foods should be increased to ensure fetal growth.

At this time, some pregnant mothers will feel back pain and back pain, dizziness, calf cramps, etc.Let ’s give you some suggestions: When standing, you can balance your feet, separate a little bit, your body is slightly towards the back, and your focus is on your feet.The body is more likely to maintain balance; before 16 weeks, it is recommended to rest on the supine position. After 16 weeks, it is recommended to lie on the side to help relieve muscle tension and sleep; try to sit on a stool with back to avoid waist and back force force.Too much; not long -distance travel to avoid fatigue affecting the development of the fetus, which may cause abortion.

In the second trimester, we must also pay attention to several large -scale checkpoints, NT examinations, Tang’s screening, and large row of abnormal examinations.There are records in these important inspections of "Maternal Maternal Health Care Manual". Remember to take a small copy and do a check -up on time to understand the development of the fetus.

Finally, the third trimester.

From 28 weeks of pregnancy to before childbirth, it belongs to the third trimester.After entering the third trimester, the strength of the fetus is not as powerful as before, which is normal.

Some pregnant mothers think that the fetus is not developing well?I became worried.In fact, with the development of the fetus, the space in the uterus is getting smaller and smaller, and the fetus cannot stretch well.Therefore, the strength is weakened, as long as you pay attention to the number of fetal movements, whether there is a significant change with the previous.

I remember at that time, I used soybean grains to count the fetal movement, each in the morning, noon, and evening, about 1 hour, each time in 5-10 times, it was normal.Seeing less than 5 soybean grains, I will be nervous, and then count it again.

Pay attention when several tires move, continuous fluctuations within 5 minutes, counting a fetal movement, don’t count it wrong!

So, what should I pay attention to in the third trimester?Pay attention to the monitoring of fetal movement. If you count the fetal movement or the fetal heart monitoring, you are all possible. Remember to relax, don’t be too nervous; do a good job of birth in the evening, once a week of fetal heart monitoring, remember to do it regularly;The contraction is irregular. It hurts for a while, and it will be fine for a while. The belly is relatively soft. The real contraction is stiff. The contraction is shorter than the interval at a time.; Determine the maternity leave time. If the maternity checkup is performed in advance, the work hours will be advanced after giving birth, so we must make a plan;Put it in advance), and plan the route to produce in the hospital to prepare for the plan B; if you do n’t sleep well at night, take a break as much as possible during the day to keep 8-10 hours a day sleep;Talk to the experience to get help; arrange with the family to arrange for the accompanying personnel and the confinement to take care of it.

After I am in the third trimester, I will write and draw on my little book every day. I am afraid that something will fall.Don’t look at the late pregnancy activity is not very convenient, your mind is still awake.Including the full oil of the car, and someone at home, it was carried out at my request. The dad did not think of these.

In addition, there are differences in diet in the third trimester and early pregnancy, and more attention to nutritional density in the third trimester. Eat less carbohydrates to avoid too large fetus. You can eat some foods rich in high -quality protein, trace elements, vitamins, such as fish and shrimp, Chicken, trotters, peanuts, spinach, etc.


Looking back at the entire pregnancy, the second trimester is relatively comfortable. Don’t worry too much about the condition of the fetus, and you can eat and sleep well.Therefore, if you want to prepare for the production package in person, I recommend arranging in April-June pregnancy. The body is brisk, the activity is convenient, and it is more energetic.

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