How to relieve itching when pregnant women suffer from urticaria?Doctor: Persist in doing 5 things or can alleviate

After women’s pregnancy, the body’s immune function has decreased, and it is easy to infect some diseases, such as urticaria.Urticaria is a particularly common skin disease and is also called rubella.

Once sick, the skin will have wind masses and vascular edema, and it is accompanied by a very itchy sensation, which seriously affects the life and health of pregnant women.So many pregnant women want to know, what should I do after suffering from urticaria?

What should I do if pregnant women suffer from urticaria?

After pregnant women suffer from urticaria, do not use any drugs, including external drugs.You should go to a regular hospital for treatment. If the symptoms are not serious, you can apply a cloakhopper washing agent locally to effectively alleviate the symptoms of skin redness and itching.

If the symptoms are more obvious, you can consider intravenous calcium glucose to perform anti -allergic treatment.If the symptoms are severe and have obvious allergies, it should be appropriately taken to take antihistamine drugs under the guidance of a doctor.However, such drugs have a certain impact on the fetus, so be sure to use it under the evaluation of doctors.

In addition, pregnant women must do a good job of daily care, which can alleviate the symptoms of urticaria discomfort, and can also effectively avoid recurrence of urticaria.

How to care for urticaria?

1. Cold compress locations

For pregnant women with urticaria, the skin part of the skin will have different degrees of itching.When this phenomenon occurs, in addition to using a glycry stone washing agent, you can use a wet towel to make cold compresses to quickly relieve itching.And it also has a good improvement of skin edema caused by urticaria.

Second, do skin care

Patients must pay attention to daily life that they cannot wear some irritating clothing, such as chemical fiber clothes, or too tight and impermeable clothes.These clothes are likely to cause allergies, which induce and aggravate the symptoms of urticaria.

In addition, you must make the skin cleaning and moisturizing every day. Do not use any irritating washing supplies, let alone contact perfume or essential oil.

3. Pay attention to environmental adjustment

You must pay attention to adjustment, and no allergens, such as pollen, animal dandruff, and dust, dust, fungi, etc.Every day, you must clean the room, and pay attention to the ventilation of the windows to allow fresh air to flow into the room.It can avoid skin contact with allergens, and achieve the role of preventing and relieving urticaria.

Fourth, avoid diet allergies

Patients must pay attention to avoiding some foods that are prone to allergies, such as shrimp, crab, mango, mushroom foods.In addition, you should also avoid eating foods rich in food additives in your diet. Many food additives are the main factor that induce urticaria.

5. Pay attention to emotional adjustment

If pregnant women often have some bad emotions, they will cause their own immunity to decrease, and it is easy to induce the emergence of urticaria, and once anxiety and tension occur, they will aggravate the condition.Therefore, for pregnant women, we must pay attention to emotional adjustment in daily life, and no negative emotions can not appear.

All in all, if pregnant women suffer from urticaria, do not take any drugs by themselves.Under the guidance of a doctor, we should take the corresponding method under the guidance of the doctor.

In addition, daily care should be done. In addition to the above 5 o’clock, pregnant women must have a regular schedule, and pay attention to the cleaning of bedding.

Observe the condition at any time during the illness. Once symptoms such as chest tightness, cough, tight throat, and asthma occur, you need to quickly admit to the hospital for regular treatment in order to maintain the health of the patient to the greatest extent.

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