How to relieve leg cramps during pregnancy?

With a baby is a very happy thing, but the expectant mothers must first face the inconvenience during pregnancy, and one of many expectant mothers is the calf cramps.Many expectant mothers have said that they have never tried leg cramps before pregnancy.What is going on with the leg cramps of pregnant women?

After pregnancy, pregnant women’s weight will obviously increase, so that the burden on the legs of pregnant women will increase, causing the leg muscles to be in a state of fatigue.In addition, the body calcium consumption of pregnant women is relatively large. If calcium supplementation is not timely, it is easy to cause leg cramps, especially when going to bed at night.

"Legs and cramps" are known as leg pain in medicine, manifested as a group of legs or groups of muscles suddenly, severe, and unintentional contraction, becoming very hard and unbearable.Although the cramps lasted only a few minutes, the discomfort or tenderness of the muscle after the attack can last for several hours.

Caculture is a minor illness, but it is a life -threatening, especially often cramps during pregnancy, which is undoubtedly a torture for pregnant mothers.So how can pregnant women’s legs be relieved?

After the pregnant woman’s legs are cramp, the calf should be pushed straight. After about five or six minutes, the symptoms of pain will be relieved. You can also try to massage the calf cramps. Massage for about 10 minutes. The symptoms of pain may also disappear.

If the symptoms of pain are still, the prospective dad can help the pregnant mother massage the legs and soles of the feet, and completely relax the muscles of the legs, and the pain is not so heavy.

In addition, you eat soy products at least once a day in diet; take 500 grams of milk or a considerable amount of dairy products per day in the middle and late pregnancy; eat more green vegetables rich in calcium and magnesium.

Usually, expectant mothers should also pay attention not to sit for a long time, stand for a long time, and go for a long time; flexion and stretch the ankle every day, relax the leg muscles, or let the family massage the calf;

Use a soft pillow to raise the lower leg when sleeping, which is conducive to the blood circulation of the lower limbs;

In addition, pregnant mothers should pay attention to keep warm, especially when blowing air conditioners in summer, pay special attention to the warmth of the legs;

If the above measures are still invalid, it is recommended to contact the doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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