How to take care of pet pregnancy?Is the ear dirty otitis media or ear mites?The cold knowledge of cats and dogs 13

A side herd raised by a friend usually likes to call at home.The outside corridor came to express the courier, and when I saw other dogs outside, it was also called by a stranger on the road, and it was even at the empty mineral water bottle.In addition, it is still very friendly. It does not bite people and does not have tooth on people, but screaming still makes the owner worry.

First of all, the shepherd was originally a working dog for grazing. Barking can help it to drive away the sheep or cattle. Although they have already separated from their original work, the genetic genes are still playing a role.When it is excited, it will be expressed by barking, or try to convey what it wants to express.I can’t change the dog’s personality and genes, but I can change them through training, especially almost all shepherd dogs are so smart.

When the dog is screaming, you should immediately call it to sit next to it. If you usually have training any obedient items, you can do it once, sit, lie, lie down, handshake and other actions, and disperse its attention.If you do n’t call it during behavior, you can give a snack as a reward.If the dog is still screaming, it can hold its mouth up and down, as a small punishment, until it keeps it quiet for 5 minutes, training requires patience, and even stupid dogs can understand that barking is inappropriate.

In Xiaohongshu and some forums, I often see pet owners asking what medicines do ear mites use?How to treat it?I think this is a misunderstanding of many pet owners. As long as the dog’s ears are dirty and brown, they often grab their ears with their claws, shaking their heads and shaking their ears as ears.And according to them, repeated treatment is not good.

Ear mites are easy to treat normally. As long as it is used to remove insect deworming in vitro with Ai Walker or big pets, it can be recovered for most of the first month, and the roots can be thoroughly removed in the second month.Of course, it can also assist other methods …, but the most seeing the most daily seeing is not ear mites, but otitis media, as the saying that the ear is inflamed.

There are many factors that cause cats and dogs. The most common in daily life is caused by water immersion in the ear canal. Bathing, rain, and swimming are all induced factors. This is exactly the same as people.Long -haired dog, the ear canal structure is small, the ear hair is long, if the water does not discharge in time after the water enters the ear canal, it can easily cause the dog to suffer from otitis media. In the early stage, the ear is red, itchy, secrete mucus, and the dogs are uneasy.Heads, scratching your ears, will start swelling and congestion without timely treatment, and pustule.It will develop into otitis media, enditis, encephalitis, and finally cause hearing loss, loss of balance, and death.

The treatment methods of dog ear mite otitis media are exactly the same. As long as the correct method of titer dripping oil is used, it can be recovered.Wash your ears once a week in daily maintenance, and wash extra time after a bath or swimming.

How to take care of cats and dogs?After entering the Spring Festival, cats and dogs have begun to be in estrus. There are also many pet owners who are preparing to have puppies and kittens. How should I take care of during pregnancy?

Cats and dogs during pregnancy need to take care of them, feed nutritious foods, and supplement a certain amount of calcium.With the increase of the fetus after pregnancy, the gastrointestinal and intestines are weakened. The number of feeds is needed to reduce the amount of meals each time. It is more appropriate to 3-4 times a day.Generally, puppies, puppies, cats, cat food, cat food, can assist some vegetables of vegetables to increase excretion to avoid constipation.The second month of pregnancy gradually increases appetite, and it is necessary to avoid eating too much at a time and the corruption of food.

Reduce the amount of movement of pregnant cats and dogs, and do only moderate average speed to avoid intense exercise and troubles to avoid abortion. Every morning and evening, take a dog out to take a walk to bask in the sun, which has great benefits to the body.During pregnancy, you need to choose the correct body deworming medicine to avoid parasites from being inherited to puppies through the mother. Because puppies are difficult to repel insects in the early stage, parasites can even cause death.There are not many types of insect repellent drugs used during pregnancy, so pet owners must personally look at the instructions to use the medicine on time. Do not listen to others to use the medicine at will.use.

The dog’s pregnancy is 2 days before 63 days, and the cat is 2 days before and after 65 days.In this cycle, we should often pay attention to the color of the body secretion. Normally, it is clear or pale white mucus. If red, black, green and other colors of mucus are secreted, you need to go to the hospital immediately, and it is likely that death, infection or abortion may occur.

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