How to test pregnancy in ancient times, tast urine in the medieval Europe, and placed foreign bodies in ancient Greek private parts

The ancients did not have a pregnancy test stick and medical test. In addition to the pulse, various weird ways also tested whether they were pregnant. For example, ancient Egypt would use urine to water wheat to test. Europe in the Middle Ages used to observe urine to observe urine.To determine, ancient Greek uses more outrageous items that put some special odors in women’s privacy. The next day, observe whether there is a tone to test.

Modern people have many ways to find out whether they are pregnant, such as using pregnancy test sticks or going to the hospital for medical ultrasound to determine, but when the ancient medical technology is not so developed, people judge people according to their daily observations and experiences.Is it pregnant?

China’s traditional Chinese medicine system has long invented the method of judging whether women are pregnant through diagnosis, and it is still accurate, but the methods of other countries are strange. Some methods have found that there is a certain scientific basis through modern science research, butThere are some ways to use it at all. Let’s take a look at what methods used in ancient times to test whether to get pregnant:

1. Watering wheat with urine in ancient Egypt

If you feel pregnant in ancient Egypt, you will prepare a bag of barley and a bag of wheat, respectively. Pregnant women pour their urine on two piles of bags every day, and then observe whether the wheat is germinated.It is a girl.

2. Observation of urine in the Middle Ages

In the medieval Europe, people can judge whether they are pregnant by observing urine, and even more can judge whether pregnant women are pregnant by taste the taste of urine. According to their observations, if the urine is clear and the surface is cloudy, there are cloud -like objects on the surface.It’s pregnant.

3. Observation of ancient Greece by placing items

Ancient Greece was placed on green onions or garlic in the private parts of women. If women have a breath the next day, they show that they are not pregnant, and they will show pregnancy.

Do you know that the ancients did not have a pregnancy test stick and medical test. What else can I know about pregnancy in addition to the pulse?Welcome to leave a message for discussion.

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