How to use the pregnant mother "Yang"?Expert support

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The pathogenic force of Omikdon virus decreased, but it was fast and highly transmitted and highly contagious.At present, there are still outbreaks in various places. As a special group, pregnant women need to take medicine if they are "yang"?How to choose medicines if you use medicine?What are the suggestions for medication for pregnant women with basic diseases?Recently, the Third Hospital of Peking University gave suggestions on these issues through the WeChat account.

Do pregnant mothers take medication after infection with new coronal virus?how to use?The article said that pregnant mothers who have no symptoms of discomfort do not need drug treatment.In fact, not anxiety and guarantee rest are also a treatment.In addition, in the early stages of the onset of the symptoms, targeted medications, such as fever, antits, cough, cough and phlegm drugs.No other drugs are needed, such as antiviral drugs.In the choice of medication, try to choose unilateral preparations. For example, the acetaminol is used for antidote, and a compound preparation containing other antitussive, expectorant, and anti -allergic compound preparation should be used.

What are the specific drugs available for pregnant mothers that are generally concerned about the new coronary virus?The article pointed out that early pregnancy is the critical period of embryonic development. At this stage, we should try to avoid medication to reduce the effects of drugs on embryos. It is relatively safe in the middle and late pregnancy and can choose more drugs.The National Medical Quality Control Center and Beijing Pharmaceutical Quality Control Center compiled a list of commonly used family over -prescription drugs (OTC) medications for pregnant mothers.Some of the proprietary Chinese medicines have less clinical experience during pregnancy, and the safety is not clear. It is recommended to read the instructions carefully before using the medicine and consult the doctors and pharmacists.

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Remarks: The use of ibuprofen during breastfeeding is relatively safe during lactation, and the classification is L2.Although ibuprofen can be secreted through milk, the highest drug concentration in milk is only 0.6%-0.9%of the daily dosage required by the baby.It is generally believed that less than 10%is acceptable.Based on the above data, WHO’s WHO in the 2002 version of the basic drug directory believes that ibuprofen can be used during lactation.However, some domestic instructions are more cautious, and it is recommended to disable during breastfeeding.Based on the above information, ibuprofen can weigh the advantages and disadvantages and use it with caution.

At the same time, the article introduced the difference between Tynolin and Tyno.Tennolin is a unilateral preparation. It is a mild release tablet for acetylphenol. The main function is to relieve heat and analgesic.Teno is a compound preparation, which contains acetaminophen (relieve heat and analgesic), ephedrine (reducing mucosal congestion), right mimin (cough), chlorophenamamin (anti -allergy), which is mainly used to relieve cold -related symptoms related to cold -related symptomsThe ingredients contained in the right Mishafin were banned in the early stages of pregnancy.Therefore, for the maternal maternal fever, acetaminophenol is available, Tynolin is available.If you need to use Tyno, you are advised to consult a physician or pharmacist.

After pregnant mothers who combine basic diseases (such as hypertension, diabetes, etc.) are infected with new coronary viruses, the article recommends that when choosing a medication, you must first consult a doctor or pharmacistPractice, or affects basic diseases.And reminded pregnant mothers with basic diseases to strengthen their protection of themselves. The most important thing is that you must wear masks when you go out. You must wear a N95 mask when you go to the hospital.If the pregnant mother has obvious condition, such as difficulty in breathing, worsening basic diseases, or abnormal fetal movement, abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, etc., don’t hesitate, you must go to the hospital in time.

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