HPV vaccine causes infertility?Extinction is better than taking medicine?Rumor

1. HPV vaccine can lead to infertility

Rumor content: Inoculation of HPV vaccine, it is possible to make women unable to conceive children.

Truth interpretation: There is no exact evidence support for this statement.The World Health Organization (WHO) Vaccine Safety Commission has summarized all research results on HPV vaccines and infertility. It is concluded that the HPV vaccine has good safety and has no cause and effect with ovarian dysfunction or infertility.Muscle pain, etc.).These adverse reactions are similar to the common response of general vaccines and are not special.In summary, the safety of HPV vaccine is guaranteed, and the HPV vaccine does not cause infertility.

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2. The vaccine is ineffective for Omiko’s strains

Rumor content: According to the latest judgment of the British and American scientists on the epidemic of new crown pneumonia, existing vaccines cannot cope with Omikon strains and newly appeared mutant strains.

Interpretation of the truth: From the large amount of tracking data of various countries, the existing vaccine still has a good severe protection rate.Especially after the vaccine is strengthened, the protection efficiency of Omikon has improved significantly.From the recent epidemic situation in Hong Kong in my country, the importance of vaccination can be seen. As of March 18, 2022, according to the latest analysis of death cases in Hong Kong, it was found that this wave of epidemic caused 5,186 deaths, of which 88%did not complete two two. Cover vaccine.People over 80 years old who have not been vaccinated with two -needle vaccine have a mortality rate of 9.97%.It can be seen that the relevant statements of "vaccine do not work" are all ridiculous and not in line with the current medical consensus.

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3. Raise your legs to restore the heart beats to restore the heart beating

Rumor content: Stepping your legs can return the blood of the lower body, increase the blood supply, and restore the patient’s heart to beating.

Interpretation of the truth: When rescue patients with cardiac arrest, cardiopulmonary resuscitation should be performed as soon as possible.This rumor may come from the misunderstanding of controversy in the medical community, because in the past, the medical community believed that when doing cardiopulmonary resuscitation, lifting the patient’s legs may help blood flow and strengthen the effect of cardiopulmonary rescue.However, this method affects the duration of blood flow for a short period of time, only less than 1 minute, and the effect lacks sufficient clinical evidence. Therefore, since 1992, this operation has been removed on the relevant guidelines of cardiopulmonary resuscitation.At present, although doctors still have the auxiliary role of raising legs on cardiopulmonary resuscitation, they are often carried out in hospitals with complete facilities. It is not recommended to do so in the general outdoor emergency guidelines because it may delay rescue.

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4. To cure the disease as soon as possible, injections are better than taking medicine

Rumor content: The medicine is slow, and the injection can make the drug directly enter the body, and the effect is fast, so the injection is better.

Truth interpretation: If you can take orally, you will not be injected.Because the drug enters the human body through orally, most of them will be metabolized by the liver, and then enter the blood, which can reduce the risk of adverse reactions that can directly absorb the drug and will not cause small wounds.Oral drugs have adverse reactions, and the drugs can be quickly prevented from absorbing the drug through gastric lavage.In addition, small wounds generated by injection may increase the risk of infection and inflammation.Because the drug directly enters the human body, the absorption will be more direct and fast, it may increase the risk of adverse reactions, and it is difficult to quickly remove the injection drugs after adverse reactions.Therefore, it is often chosen to take the injection method only when oral administration is not applicable.

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5. Flashfare of money testing can detect the yellow glimoxin in the food

Rumor content: Copineal gembrokes will emit fluorescence under ultraviolet lines, and you can use the flashlight to detect it.

Truth interpretation: This so -called detection method is not accurate.First of all, in addition to padaceous toxin, many bacteria, fungi, and even sanitary products and vitamin A will produce similar fluorescence under ultraviolet lines. It is easy to cause misunderstanding with fluorescent confirmation, and at the same time, it will increase the anxiety.Secondly, even if the food contains yellow glimolyxin, the toxin content is often very low. The handlights of the banknote test and the naked eye cannot be distinguished. It must be measured with a professional high -precision fluorescent optical meter.In daily life, we must avoid storing food in a humid environment, food that does not eat moldy or stored for too long, and does not eat processed foods (such as self -squeezing oil) that lacks quality control.

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6. Only professional athletes can be damaged by half -moon board

Rumor content: Moonboard injury is a problem that professionals who are very strong in exercise. Ordinary people do not have to worry about it.

Truth interpretation: The half -moon board is located at the connection between the thigh bone and the calf bone, which is located inside the knee joint. It has the effect of buffering and lubrication.There are two and a half moonboards in a knee joint.Because the knee joint itself is suffering from most weight, the impact of many movements to the knee often reaches several times weight.To make matters worse, most areas in the inside of the half -moon board are not available in blood, and it is difficult to repair itself after injury.In addition, often flexing knees and sudden knees, falling or collision can cause half -moon board injuries.Therefore, we should pay attention to exercise protection and do what you do.

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