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Summary: If you do a good job of contraception, you can’t eat this melon!

"Yes, we have a child."

On January 22, Hua Chenyu suddenly admitted that he had children with Zhang Bichen.

When brushing this news, the problem in his head was really not a two: when did the two get married?When is pregnancy?When did you give birth?

This year’s melon is too much to eat …

Subsequently, Zhang Bichen wrote a post telling the complete baby.

In 2018, Zhang Bichen found that she was pregnant unexpectedly, and the whole person was stunned. Although she was with Hua Chenyu at that time, she did not have a child to get married in the plan of the two, and at least a few years.

Therefore, she chose not to tell Hua Chenyu and decided to have this child in her life to prevent him from knowing what was pregnant.

Zhang Bichen said that in the case of Hua Chenyu’s completely unaware, she completed the birth and production alone and gave birth to a daughter.

Zhang Bichen, as her daughter grew up day by day, she felt that she deprived her children of her father’s rights, and also deprived Hua Chenyu as a father’s right to choose his child.

So she told Hua Chenyu …………

As for the child, Hua Chenyu was just stunned at the beginning, but at the moment when he saw the child, his eyes were warm and happy.

This accident is a bit big. Some netizens said: Isn’t this a plot only in the novel?The child who is pregnant with a male star is afraid of affecting the other party’s career, leaving sadly, giving birth to the child alone, and the realistic version of Jiao wife runs!

When I was accidentally pregnant, a person was giving birth to a baby, and he was alone during pregnancy and production … It was not easy to think about it.

But thinking about it, since neither people have planned a baby plan, why did they do not take contraception.

Just like a netizen said: girls still have to protect themselves. The two lovers who love each other accidentally get pregnant, which may be a surprise, and otherwise it may be frightened.

When it comes to contraception, we have to talk about those unreliable contraception methods. After all, the method is not equal to avoiding it.

The pregnancy was launched on Weibo yesterday, and the answer was very clear.

TOP. 1 Security period -the safety period is not safe at all

What mothers need to know is that the safety period is based on the stable menstrual cycle and speculate according to the approximate rules, but the menstrual cycle will be affected with the physical condition of the girl, the pressure, the mood, hormone changes, etc.Wait, these may lead to advanced or delayed ovulation.

If it is just that it happens to be advanced or delayed in the ovulation period, the young couple is still a safe period, and the pregnancy may come to knock on the door.

TOP. 2 in vitro -one of the most unreliable contraceptive methods

Look at the mothers who are recruited, do you dare to believe in the body?

Don’t believe in the nonsense of big trotters, I can control what, I ca n’t get in, do n’t believe it, even if the ejaculation is really controlled, the sperm in the early prostate fluid is enough for you to get pregnant!

TOP. 3 Wear -this must be the right way to open

Using condoms correctly, the contraceptive effect is about 98%, and the probability of pregnancy is still very small.

But … inaccurate use without condoms, the effect is halved. For example.. These methods are not advisable, don’t pursue stimuli.

If you are looking forward to pregnancy, it is surprise, but if you are not ready, the pregnancy will come, that is, there is joy and worry, and the pregnancy is still hoped: all expectant mothers are prepared.Two people are looking forward to the baby’s arrival.

So what kind of contraceptive method is reliable?Below is dry goods, the couple have to remember.

1. Aphrodisiac

The condom is also called condom. The condom is the only way to prevent most sexually transmitted infections and prevent pregnancy. It can be used on demand, without hormones, and it is easy to carry them. The focus is on men’s condoms.

【Effect】 82-98%

[Advantages] The best way to prevent sexual transmission infection, use on demand, no hormone.

[Disadvantages] If it is not used properly, it will tear or fall off during sexual intercourse.

2. Oral contraceptive pill

Knock on the blackboard, oral contraceptive pills are the one taken every day, not emergency contraceptives, and taking it on time is also a good way to contraceptive.

【Effect】 91-99.7%

[Advantages] Correct use is effective. If you want to slap at any time, and do not interrupt sex, some medicines can even reduce the pain and/or have a positive effect on acne.

[Disadvantages] It is necessary to persist and eat according to the dose. It is more troublesome to prevent sexual communication infection.

3. In -the -palace birthday (IUD)

Made of progesterone or plastic and copper materials, this is a long -acting and reversible contraceptive method. Depending on the type, it can be retained for 3 to 10 years.

【Effect】 99.2-99.4%

[Advantages] The validity of copper -containing in -palace in the palace is 99 %, while the effectiveness of the intrauterine in the palace -containing palace is 99.8 %.

[Disadvantages] In the first six months of the use, irregular bleeding and spots occur, and doctors need to be inserted and pulled out by doctors.

4, contraceptive ring

The contraceptive ring is a flexible plastic ring that constantly releases hormones. The ring will release estrogen and progesterone. These are the same hormones used in the combined oral contraceptives, but the dosage is low.

[Advantages] You can operate insertion or remove yourself. There are almost no side effects. You can control your menstruation. You can quickly restore fertility after taking out.

[Disadvantages] Women who are not suitable for taking estrogen -containing contraceptives need to remember to replace it in the right time and not prevent sexual transmission infection.

5. Ligatory

Ligation can ligates women’s tubal ligation and male demented pipe resection. It is very effective in preventing pregnancy.

If you have to use a ligation method, let men do better …

6. Emergency contraceptives

The final remedy measures, if you do not take contraceptives but do not want to get pregnant, or have a condom split during sexual intercourse, you can consider using emergency contraceptives.

[Effect] It can prevent about 85 % of the expected pregnancy. The sooner you take, the better the effect.

[Advantages] You can buy it at the counter of pharmacies or pharmacies without prescriptions.

[Disadvantages] Common side effects include nausea and vomiting, which may also lead to advance or delay of menstruation.

It should be remembered that no contraceptive method can ensure 100 % effective, but correctly take contraceptive measures to prevent most expected external pregnancy.

The last thing to say is that if contraception fails, what should I do?

After taking emergency contraceptives, it is still pregnant. Such examples are not uncommon. Can the babies in this case be needed?

The answer is: Yes!

The World Health Organization specially organized a contingent analysis and research. It was found that emergency contraceptives, such as Yuting, will not increase the rate of newborns, but increase the risk of abortion.

Therefore, after taking Yuting, I can get pregnant, but it is not recommended to protect the fetus. The time for emergency contraceptives to metabolism in the body is short, about 3 days.

It is best to let it go naturally, pay attention to regular check -up, and get pregnant healthy. What should I do?

① Eat the right food -eat less meals

Eat less meals and avoid overeating. The goal is to eat snacks every 3 hours to avoid eating too much for lunch and dinner at breakfast, and eat a small amount of foods consisting of lean protein, fruits and vegetables.

② Drink 8-10 cups of water every day

It is important to replenish water during pregnancy. Drinking plenty of water during pregnancy can not only fill your stomach, but also prevent constipation during pregnancy. Drink at least 8 cups of water a day and carry a bottle or a glass of water with you.Or cucumber slices.

③ Eat more fruits and vegetables

It is recommended that pregnant mothers eat 2-4 servings of fruits a day and 3-5 servings of vegetables a day. It is best to eat fresh fruits and vegetables, such as grapefruit, plums, pears, apples and oranges.Such as spinach or cabbage, carrots and broccoli.

A piece of vegetables can be 240 ml raw spinach, a fruit can be 240 ml of fruit juice, or a medium -sized fruit.

④ Exercise 30 minutes a day

If the physical condition is allowed and the doctor’s permission is also obtained, the pregnant mother can do mild exercise for 30 minutes per day per day. Exercise is good for mothers and babies.choose.

⑤ Be sure to do a good job on time on time

The birth checkup is important. It can ensure the health of mothers and babies throughout pregnancy. Do not ignore any production test, especially mothers who take emergency contraceptives, do not think too much, cooperate with doctors to do detailed deformed examination, as long as the fetal examination is qualified,Don’t worry too much.

Popular science is complete!

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