Huajia can not only stir -fry, but also the stew soup is delicious. It is really delicious with winter melon!

Speaking of winter melon, everyone must have eaten. Winter melon is a home -cooked dish with heat and heat. Especially in the hot summer, it is one of the essential home dishes for each household.But when eating winter melon alone, does it always taste too light and monotonous, and the taste of lack of taste can not stimulate the taste buds of appetite.

So the chefs began to think of the sweet and delicious soup with the sweetness of the flower armor with the crispy and juicy of winter melon.The combination of this dish can definitely be called the most perfect partner.The advantages of all aspects of the flower armor and winter melon are maximized, and the soup is fresh and delicious.

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Of course, winter melon nutrition is also very rich, beauty and beauty, lowering blood lipids, and controlling blood sugar.As a sea shellfish product, the unique freshness and deliciousness are loved by everyone, especially for cooking soup. After the shell shells are boiled, the seafood juice is penetrated into the soup.The taste is sweet.

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Main ingredients: 500 grams of flower armor, 300 grams of winter melon

Prepare seasoning:

3 grams of ginger, 100 grams of tofu, 5 grams of salt, 3 grams of monosodium glutamate, 3 grams of sugar, 10 grams of cooking wine

1. Select winter melon and flower armor:

When choosing winter melon, first try to choose the epidermis is not soft or rotten, and the epidermis is not injured. It is better to avoid incompletely selected scar epidermis.Secondly, you can pinch the meat with your fingers. The good melon meat is generally strong, and it is rich in elasticity and the meat.

The key points should be learned to choose flower armor. Generally, pay attention to the time of Shanghai products in the vegetable market. In the corresponding first time, it is better to choose fresh seafood just fishing.Choosing shell shells can stick back and retract, which means that the flower armor is lively.There is also the shell back must choose to be complete without damage.

2. Treatment of winter melon and flower armor:

When you buy it, wash the melon and then peel it. The middle is divided into two.

Remove the melon scoop and cut into a uniform block and place it aside.

After the flower armor is bought and washed, put it in a cold water pot

Put some ginger to fishy, then cook until the flower armor speaks and remove it.

Prepare a piece of fresh tofu and cut it into tofu.

3. Production steps:

Boil the oil in the pan, put some ginger slices, and fry it in the oil pan until slightly golden yellow.

Put the cut winter melon and fry the melon until slightly soft, when it is translucent

Add the water and then add the drained flower armor and the cut tofu pieces for a while.

When the water is boiled, start seasoning, add salt, monosodium glutamate, and a little sugar to raise freshness in turn, pour a little cooking wine, go to the fishy smell, and cook until the melon is mature.

A pure melon flower soup without excessive seasoning and ginseng is ready. Not only is it sweet and pure, but it is also made of fresh and fragrant large winter melon flower soup.

This sweet and delicious winter melon flower soup is perfectly released!Is it very appetizing if you look at it?Don’t roll up your sleeves quickly, it’s so delicious!Everyone gets up together to make a taste!

1. Pay attention to the fastening of the winter melon meat, full and elastic, and juicy. Pay attention to the selection of flower armor to choose a lively, complete, full meat and clean meat.

2. Finally, pay attention to cooking winter melon flower soup, do not add soy sauce. One is to ensure that the soup is clear, and the other is to avoid the original umami flavor of soy sauce.

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