Hunan Provincial Health and Health Commission Health Education Center: What should I do if I have a new crown during pregnancy?

Omikon’s mutant plant has a strong infectious power but weakened pathogenic force. After the infection, most people are mild or not -to -term.Suggestions: Anymal infection with home isolation conditions and light cases generally take home isolation.For the gradual liberalization of the epidemic control, as a special group of mothers, many pregnant mothers are anxious and worried. What if they have infected with the new coronal virus? What will affect the baby?Is the new crown be produced?What are the symptoms of pregnant women’s new crowns, is it serious?What are the cases need to see a doctor urgently?

The Hunan Provincial Health and Health Commission Health Education Center gave suggestions on the most concerned on pregnant women.

1. How should a pregnant woman do a good job of personal protection?

Pregnant women need to strengthen personal protection to achieve the following key points: go out, standardize masks in public places, and go to the place to gather places less; often ventilate at home or in the office to keep the air circulation; go back to wash their hands frequently.Promote two o’clock one line.

2. Is pregnant women more likely to infect new coronal viruses compared to ordinary people?

From the perspective of the overall population, the infection rate of Maternal Omircor’s infection and the approaching the general population, and the types of symptoms are close to the general population.There are symptoms such as fever, cough, sore throat, discomfort, headache, muscle pain, etc., and severe illness can cause shortage of breathing, dyspnea, hypoxia and even respiratory failure.In general, compared with ordinary people, infection does not have more impact on the health of maternal mothers.Maternal mothers with hypertension and diabetes should strengthen self -protection.Women with a pregnancy plan are best to vaccinate the new crown vaccine before pregnancy, enhance their own immunity, and try to adjust their physical condition and then get pregnant.

3. If you are diagnosed with a new crown during pregnancy, do you want to terminate your pregnancy?

Pregnant women infected with new coronal viruses and should not stop pregnancy blindly.At present, there is no evidence that the pregnant woman will spread vertically to the fetus after the pregnant woman is infected with the new coronary virus.Most pregnant women with non -basic diseases have a new non -severe new crown infection, which can be cured in the short term without harming the fetus.However, if pregnant women are old, overweight or obesity, suffering from basic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, etc., they may face the risk of new crown, and they must strengthen self -protection and frequency of birth checkup.If severe or severe complications are occurred, the termination of pregnancy should be considered if necessary.

4. Will pregnant mothers diagnose a positive infection, will it be transmitted to the fetus?

After pregnant women are infected with new crowns, the ending of newborns is usually good.There is no clear evidence that SARS-COV-2 can pass through the placenta and infect the fetus.Among the newborn born in the new crown -positive mother, more than 95%of them are not infected and have a good condition.

5. Will the new crowns infection during pregnancy cause children to produce premature, abortion, and congenital malformations?

Most of the cases will not.Only when pregnant mothers are severe and critical, will the risk of premature birth increase slightly.This risk is not higher than other upper respiratory tract infections; as for the natural abortion rate and congenital malformation rate, the incidence of new crowns is now higher than before the popularity.Mother suffers from severe, critical, and basic complications.

6. Pregnant mothers infected with new crown viruses. Should I have a cesarean section for giving birth?

Existing evidence shows that the vertical spread of the new coronary virus is very low, and most newborn infection is derived from the infected caregivers.Vaginal delivery does not increase the risk of new crown virus infections perinatal. Therefore, asymptomatic or mild new crown infection of pregnant women’s childbirth and childbirth methods must be determined according to obstetric indicators. It is not recommended to reduce the risk of virus transmission through cesarean section.However, it is still recommended to wear a mask correctly before childbirth, during childbirth, and postpartum, as long as there is no obstetric section of the obstetric section, it is not recommended to be blind if there is no obstetric section.Palace production to reduce the vertical spread of maternal and infants.

7. If the maternal is infected with the new coronary virus, can it still breastfeed?

At present, studies have confirmed that no new coronal virus was found in her breast milk when the mother was infected with the new coronary virus.Maternal infection with new coronal virus can be breastfeed, but during breastfeeding, you must wear masks, strictly do hand hygiene, avoid talking and cough, and cut off the risk of virus respiratory tract.Under the premise of strictly observing cleaning and hygiene, breast milk can also be used to feed on behalf of those who are not infected.Maternal is recommended to wash hands for at least 20 seconds before contacting newborns, breast pumps, and milk utensils.

8. Do those with no symptoms during pregnancy intervene in Chinese medicine?

Most of the asymptomatic infection during pregnancy can obtain different degrees of specific immunity, so there is no need to intervene in drugs, as long as "drink plenty of water, wash your hands frequently, and monitor self -healthy monitoring".But asymptomatic infection is a concept of time, including two types of people, one is the asymptomatic infection before the yin, and the other is the infected period of the incubation period.For the latter, there is a possibility of becoming a confirmed case.

During pregnancy, it belongs to a special physiological period of women. Although some infected people do not have obvious symptoms of new crown pneumonia, there are Chinese medicine syndrome, such as stickiness, abdominal distension, constipation, and thick tongue coating.To relieve changes in the condition and no longer continue to progress; the second is to promote the early turning of nucleic acids.

9. How to use medicine in the treatment of new crowns in pregnant women?What are the cases, do you need to see a doctor urgently?

For those with asymptomatic infections during pregnancy, most of them can obtain different degrees of specific immunity, so there is no need to intervene in drugs, as long as "drink plenty of water, wash hands frequently, and monitor themselves";Use, if the condition needs, strictly grasp the dose and time of medication. It is best to apply under the guidance of the doctor if used by prescription medicine.

Most of the new crown pregnant women do not need to see a doctor and can recover themselves, but need to observe their physical changes closely. If pregnant women have symptoms such as headache, dizziness, heart panic, suffering, or abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding or flow fluid, abnormal fetal movement, etc.It is recommended to seek the help of a doctor.

The Hunan Provincial Health and Health Committee Health Education Center recommends that female friends will reserve more scientific knowledge during pregnancy, relax their mood, improve their own immunity, do a good job of personal protection measures, and go through the entire pregnancy.

Correspondent Wang Hongyan Xiaoxiang Morning News reporter Xia Sheng

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