Husband derailed young accounting, Xiaosan was pregnant, and came directly to provoke the original match

Some people say that the derailment is only 0 times and countless times, and in fact, whether or not a person has been derailed, as long as he derails once, then he has violated the promise to betray the marriage.In this case, further derailment will not make things worse, because the fact that "derailment" already exists.

However, this does not mean that continuing derailment is acceptable or without consequences.

Zhang Hua and Cheng Yue have been married for many years. The husband and wife are harmonious, the family is happy, and a cute daughter.

Cheng Yue is very satisfied with her current life. Her daughter is well -known, her husband is gentle and considerate, and Cheng Yue almost lost her life when she gave birth to her daughter, so she didn’t want to experience such pain at all.

But her husband Zhang Hua is not. In fact, Zhang Hua always wanted a son and wanted to make his children double.Zhang Hua mentioned such an idea to his wife, but was rejected by his wife.Because of this, the two quarreled a lot, and Zhang Hua was dissatisfied with his wife’s heart.

The marriage between the two was at stake, but fortunately Cheng Yue was loved by her in -laws, and this marriage was barely able to maintain it.However, the contradictions in marriage have not been resolved, and sooner or later there will be problems.

A few years later, Zhang Hua contracted the cafeteria of the local elementary school. At the beginning, the scale was small, and the book could be considered clearly. However, as the business expanded, many accounts still needed a professional accountant to do it.

A female college student who has just graduated has successfully applied for the accounting of Zhang Hua Canteen. The girl’s name is Xiao Shuang. She was aggrieved and resigned from her hometown in the previous company. She just caught up with Zhang Hua and recruited accounts and went to apply.

Since working under Zhang Hua, Xiao Shuang has gradually had different feelings for Zhang Hua, who had a successful career.

And Zhang Hua will only quarrel with his wife at home, but a woman with a young and beautiful job around the work unit is attentive to herself.Zhang Hua’s thoughts were gradually taken away by Xiao Shuang, so two people came together.

However, this relationship was not maintained for a long time and was discovered by Cheng Yue.Cheng Yue was very angry when he learned about this, and immediately proposed a divorce. Zhang Hua’s mother was admitted to the hospital in a vigh.

Because he was very satisfied with his daughter -in -law, it was not an unreasonable person. Zhang Hua’s parents knew that his son was derailed first, so he stood on his daughter -in -law, reprimanded his son and Xiao Shuang to break the contact and live with Cheng Yue.

Under the pressure made by his parents, Zhang Hua promised to break the contact with Xiao Shuang, returned to the family, and lived a real life.

But this is nothing more than Zhang Hua’s surface work to cope with his parents. In fact, Zhang Hua and Xiao San have maintained contact.

At that time, Zhang Hua played her husband and gentle father at home. She also played with Xiao Shuang outside and Xiao Shuang. The two people’s improper love relationships maintained for several years.And taking care of the child has made Cheng Yue struggling. For the hypocritical response of her husband, Cheng Yue opened one eye and closed one eye, and was unwilling to make any noise.

In fact, as long as you do not involve the later things, Cheng Yue may keep pretending to be unknown.

One day, Xiao Sanxiao found that he was pregnant again.The reason why it is "again" is because Zhang Hua and Xiao Shuang already have a daughter, and now they are pregnant with the second child.

In fact, which Xiao San was willing to accompany the love husband without name, especially after having a child, Xiao Shuang was even more unwilling to be a little three to accompany Zhang Hua.She wants to marry Zhang Hua and let her child have a righteous father.

However, she also knew that Zhang Hua’s parents were very willing to have a daughter -in -law Cheng Yue, and it was impossible to agree to their divorce, and it was impossible to get herself to marry Zhang Hua.

But for her future and children, she couldn’t control so much.He rushed directly to Zhang Hua and Cheng Yue’s house, picked up his identity from Cheng Yue, and said that he and Zhang Hua already had a daughter, and now he was pregnant again. He wanted to marry Zhang Hua.

Cheng Yue was unable to be angry. He directly drove Xiao Shuang out, took his child back to his mother’s house, and told Zhang Hua and Zhang Hua’s parents to divorce Zhang Hua himself, and could no longer stand such a day.

After Zhang Hua’s parents learned of all the matter, they were almost angry with their son, but they still respected Cheng Yue’s decision. They also distressed Cheng Yue and agreed to let them divorce.And gave Cheng Yue 300,000 as compensation.

Love is not a tricky coax, nor a moment of joy. Love is to support each other through the bland, but the passion in the heart becomes peaceful!

In fact, 80 % of people after derailment will regret it!

After derailment and divorce with Primary Three, he found that he had just entered another cycle!It is transformed from passion to ordinary!

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