Husband derailment during pregnancy, do not ask for divorce casually, otherwise the consequences will be serious

The biggest tragedy in the marriage is that the child is born and her husband is derailed.

When Ms. Chen was seven months pregnant, she found me with red eyes, choked and said that her husband, who had always been honest, was derailed, and she was still a woman who was ugly than herself.

"During that time, my life lost her center of gravity. I was working hard during the day, and I licked my wounds at night. How many tears were wet the pillow towel late at night, and the whole person seemed to be in the abyss.

When I needed him the most to take care and care, he trampled on my feelings and trust fiercely. Do I want to forgive him? If you divorce, what should I do with the children in my belly?"

In fact, it is derailed during pregnancy. No matter how aggrieved and painful women are, do not choose to divorce immediately.

Because of the critical stage of this pregnancy, you have no energy and ability at all, and make various psychological construction and behavior of divorce.

My husband derailed to betray you during pregnancy. At this time, your enemy is not a junior or a husband, but your own demon:

1. You are afraid that you can’t take care of yourself after leaving your husband and raise your child who is born;

2. What should you do if you are worried that you can’t find a man who is better than your husband. What should I do if the next is not more reliable than my husband?

3. You are unwilling to lose your marriage to others, try so much for yourself, and send them together?

Faced with derailment during pregnancy, the blow to women is particularly serious. It is because of the reasons of the third trimester. The physical and mental and emotional value is at the lowest value. If the most close one is betrayed, the pain and grievances can be imagined.

Women are struggling in the torment of "whether to divorce" because your sense of security, belonging, and value are provided by your husband, so once you encounter a marriage crisis, you will be out of control.

From the betrayal of love, you have seen your low value and is not worthy of being loved.

This strong sense of weight will make you lose the basic reason and cannot think calmly. At this time, the divorce is definitely very unfavorable to yourself.

Divorce is not a way to solve the problem. Only after careful consideration, after weighing the advantages and disadvantages in all directions, we decided not to divorce to truly solve the problem.

Regardless of pregnancy or no pregnancy, marriage is betrayed, and no matter how wronged women are, they must be stable, quiet, and do not ask for divorce casually.

Because as long as men do not insist on choosing a divorce, once the woman considers it clearly and weighs the interest relationship in an all -round way, choosing to forgive not to divorce, the victory of the marriage is great.

Faced with the marriage crisis, men are more afraid of divorce than women. The marriage and family he has worked hard, involving members of the two families. He does not want to bear the troubles brought by the family after the marriage disintegration.

Marriage and family functions are very important for men. He does not want to lose a complete home.

When you really go to the step of divorce, most men do not want to. Even if the man is divorced, it is not what he wants, but he is tortured by his wife.

Therefore, in the face of my husband’s derailment during pregnancy, should you forgive or divorce, a woman must make a decision based on the premise of taking care of the body.

Many people feel that the marriage derailment crisis encounters the problem of emotional problems. It is not possible to find a solution for three words and pass the difficulty.

But what I want to say is: When there is a problem in marriage, all of us can have three options instead of impulse to divorce, let ourselves sigh and regret.

The first type: self -resentment, grievances, and even breaking the jar and breaking, one person to endure the three people’s parallel "fake" marriage, lived in pain.

The second: decisively leave the marriage, have strength and courage to face a person’s life, let go of the past, don’t think about it, and live wonderfully.

The third type: Find the essence of the breakdown of marriage, find the correct recovery method, resolve the marriage crisis, reconstruct the relationship to repair feelings, and live happily.

If you have no way to do the second one and don’t want to become the first type; then the third one must be traceable and can be done.

The marriage certificate is not an insurance policy, and the divorce certificate is not analgesic.

You can be painful or hurt, but there are no innocent people in a failed marriage.

Happiness will inevitably be lazy people.

Everyone needs your investment.

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