Husband earns money to raise two children, the second wife suddenly became pregnant, husband: I haven’t touched you

With the continuous changes in ideas, our attitude towards love and marriage is completely different from the 1980s and 1990s. In many people, feelings are no longer imprisonment and restraint, but unrestrained, freedom, so that many people are one.If you like it, you will be in love and live together. If you do n’t like it, you will break up and divorce, causing the current divorce rate to remain high.

Especially after the 90s, they regarded divorce as a fashion trend, and divorced when they didn’t agree with a word.Never thought that their temporary will not only hurt the person they once loved, but also hurt their children and three families.

The man with a dark skin and a beautiful appearance is named Xiao Jun. At the age of 30, after he married his wife Xiaomei, he had a 6 -year -old daughter and a 4 -year -old son.One day, his wife, Xiaomei Xiaomei, had disappeared suddenly in the middle of the night. Since this day, everything has changed.


The missing wife is pregnant and gets home, and she will divorce him

Xiaojun told us that after marriage, his wife Xiaomei died of his family, and he was also cared for Xiaomei, but he did not have a good time. From last year, his wife Xiaomei disappeared mysteriously, and it was not until Xiaomei returned this year.Xiaojun was shocked.

Xiaomei said to Xiaojun: "I’m pregnant!"

Xiao Jun stunned for a moment and shocked: "I haven’t touched you, how did I get pregnant?"

Xiaomei is very calm: "I betrayed you!"

Pregnancy, betrayal, these words are like a clear thunderbolt on a clear day, and the small army is put into the abyss of despair. He can’t figure it out, obviously he is so tolerant of Xiaomei.Still betrayed him?At this moment, he felt that the sky was going to collapse. He had a blank mind and didn’t know what to do.

But for the sake of love, for the family and the children, the little army was softened again. Xiaojun said that as long as Xiao Mei knocked the children in the belly, he had never happened.Discuss with Xiaomei’s mother, each of them took hundreds of dollars each, and asked Xiaomei to go to the hospital for surgery.

Xiao Mei gladly agreed to the approach of Xiaojun and mother, but what Xiaojun didn’t expect was that when Xiao Jun gave the money to Xiaomei, she once again went back and ran away with the surgery.trace.

Xiaomei left home again and made Xiaojun heartache. He said that he had repeatedly resolved, but in exchange for Xiaomei’s ruthless trample on himself, it made him helpless and painful.The little army who took the child could not find the right job, so that this original happy family was completely broken.


After Xiaomei left, how did Xiaojun live?

Facing his wife Xiaomei’s ruthlessness and departure, Xiaojun told us about his life with the two children.

Xiaomei suddenly ran away from home. He could only bring his 4 -year -old son to drive a tricycle to make money. If he was not a 6 -year -old daughter to go to school in his hometown, he would definitely collapse. He would sit in a small tricycle.To pull the goods and people, it can be seen how difficult he has passed, and then Xiaojun brought us to his residence with Xiaomei.

Through a narrow aisle, we came to Xiajun’s home. Two beds were crowded with a house of less than 10 square meters.But the days of the past were also happy, and now, his wife Xiaomei suddenly disappeared, which made the days of their family worsen and miserable.


Marriage with hidden dangers

His wife Xiaomei was not at home, which led to the family of Xiaojun into a pot of porridge. He was eagerly looking forward to his wife’s home. When he mentioned the reason for Xiaomei to leave his family, Xiaojun said that he did not know.The whole process of knowing, love and marriage, but until then, we discovered that the love and marriage between Xiaojun and Xiaomei have actually been covered with hidden dangers.

Xiaojun said that at that time, he was still doing clothing business, and he fell in love with Xiaomei at a glance. It belongs to the kind of love at first sight, but in fact, Xiaomei suddenly disappeared like now.Xiaomei disappeared without saying a word, but because the two were painted like paint at that time, even if Xiaomei disappeared mysterious from time to time, Xiaojun firmly believed that Xiaomei would return.Children.

But in this way, Xiaojun found a shocking secret.

As I got along slowly, Xiaojun wanted to marry Xiaomei, but three days before the marriage, Xiaomei suddenly told Xiaojun that she was not a single and unmarried at first, but she was married.Divorce, so in the face of Li Mei’s love and unwavering attitude, Xiaojun and Xiaomei found her husband together, and then the two divorced. On the third day, Xiaojun married Xiaomei.

During the seven years of marriage, Xiao Jun and Xiaomei had a 6 -year -old daughter and a 4 -year -old son.


In order to find a wife, Xiaojun takes his son to sleep in the car every day

In order to find his wife Xiaomei, in the early morning, Xiaojun drove the car and took his son to the door of Huaikou Public Service Center to prepare to find his wife.

Xiao Jun said that he was here to stay here to wait for his wife Xiaomei, who had disappeared for three months, because his wife Xiaomei received unemployment subsidies at the public service center at the first to 4th every month. However, his wife evaporated with the world.The same, there is no trace.

But when we saw Xiaojun’s approach to his son, he was shocked.

In order to find his wife, he slept in the car with his son every day in order to save money, and his son in the car was young and could not feel the dark tide between his parents.matter.

Yes, this life, his son has been used to it slowly, even every month, he has to sleep in the car for several days!

The staff of the subsidy station are no stranger to the small army.

It turned out that since his wife Xiaomei left home three months ago, Xiaojun came to the town’s service center every month to guard the rabbit.Wife, I told us a shocking news again.

Not only did Xiaomei disregard the young son, he ran away from home in the middle of the night, but also took away the identity card of the hukou book and the two, and broke his mobile phone card.How ruthlessness is Xiaomei. Even the 4 -year -old son ignores it, is there such a cruel mother in the world?

Seeing Xiaojun’s tears in his eyes about his helplessness, we were also very distressed, but what was confused was why Xiaomei was so determined?Why do you care about your husband and children?Even the identity card of the two is taken away?All this can only be found to find Xiaomei to completely solve the mystery and find the answer.


The wife’s derailment is straightforward, her son is crying, and she is unwilling to take a look.

On the third day, at 8 am, the service center was getting closer and closer, and Xiaojun’s heart became more and more embarrassed.

As Xiao Jun said, Xiaomei came to the public service center in the town. The stone in the heart of Xiaojun finally put it down, so what would his wife Xiaomei explain to herself?Let’s take a look together, maybe the end result is about to appear.

As soon as the two met, Xiao Jun and Xiaomei made red ears and red ears, and Xiaomei did not seem to have much maternal love for the son -in -law around him. Instead, he didn’t even look at the child.Even when his son rushed to his mother excitedly, he was pushed to the ground by the younger sister, without any mother.

This scene is chilling!

Faced with young children, in the face of her husband who asked to go home, Xiaomei was like eating Tie Chengyu. He was unwilling to go home with Xiaojun and his son. Instead, he spared no effort.And the child’s cry also attracted the attention of the people around him. As a last resort, Xiaomei slowly said her thoughts.

Speaking of his derailment, Xiaomei said to us, "It’s all harmful, he deserves it." This, of course, refers to her husband Xiaojun.

He was originally used to call strangers, but I didn’t know when it started, Xiaomei even regarded her husband as him.

With Xiaomei’s complaint, we slowly learned that in the seven years of marriage, Xiaojun not only played her ten times, but also drank all day long.The car was sloping. The reason why she left home that night was because Xiao Jun was drunk and couldn’t get up on the ground before she left.

Xiaomei’s remarks were confirmed that Xiaojun’s son also said that that night, his father lay on the ground and could not save personnel.

In Xiaomei’s complaint, we only knew that the performance of Xiaojun at home was not as good as what he said before. Perhaps he was embarrassed to say such a shame.

Xiaomei said that she also knew that she was not pregnant with others, but for Xiaojun, she had habitually chose to escape and chose not to face it. The day she had to face was irreparable, so she had that day that day.I couldn’t bear it, so I chose to leave.

But when Xiaomei left, did she think about her son?His father was drunk and his mother ran away from home. What should a 4 -year -old child do?

When we asked Xiaomei if he cared about the child, Xiaomei said that if her daughter and son were willing to follow herself, she would definitely take care of it, but when we saw that Xiaomei was obviously impatient when she was talking about these words.In my heart, I don’t care about the two children.

Xiaomei also said that she and Xiaojun were not easy to meet from each other. In fact, when two people were easy to walk together, Xiaojun did not cherish it well, hurting her heart.

Faced with such a righteous Xiaomei, Xiao Jun collapsed and tears was full of tears. He felt extremely aggrieved. He obviously made concessions and even faced his wife’s betrayal.

Seeing this picture, Xiaomei only said to Xiaojun: "Don’t cry, crying is useless, I often see your tears, you can see enough, and you can experience it."


Xiaomei’s true purpose

Xiaomei admitted that she took all the documents of Xiaojun for divorce. Not only that, Xiaomei also acknowledged that she had new feelings outside. Xiaomei said that she never hid Xiaojun because Xiao Jun’s bad habits and bad habits andThe tyrannical character made her unwilling to go home at all, and she would choose to be helpless. All this was caused by the small army. If she had to say responsibility, all the responsibilities needed the small army to bear it.

Xiaomei told us that, in addition to her husband Xiaojun drinking all day and playing himself, his suspicious attitude also made herself unbearable, but in the seven -year marriage, he had never been sorry for him, so Xiaomei thought that he was waiting in this home.It doesn’t make any sense to go down, and she can’t care about her young children. Xiaomei just wants to quickly break away from the emotional shackles of the man and stay away from the skepticism of the bottom of his heart.


Helpless ending

Looking at Xiaomei’s resolute attitude, Xiaojun finally realized that his love with Xiaomei came to an end, and saw that his wife was hopeless. Xiao Jun’s temperament changed greatly.Leaving home, disregarding two children, and complaining about her and others, and finally transferred the topic to mental loss.

Xiao Jun said that as long as Xiaomei gave him 10,000 yuan, he agreed to divorce. In the end, Xiaomei agreed, but the premise was that Xiaomei gave him 6,000 yuan first, and the other 4,000 yuan was given to him after finishing the divorce certificate.

In this regard, Xiaojun also agreed.

But when Xiaomei and Xiaojun went to apply for a divorce certificate, the incident was twists and turns, and the staff told them.Xiaomeai is pregnant and cannot go through the divorce procedures at this stage.

Because the law stipulates that within half a year of pregnancy, within one year of breastfeeding, the husband and wife may not divorce for any reason, and eventually lead to the unable to apply for a divorce certificate.The unfortunate marriage painting is not perfect.


The pain in the heart of the little army

Xiaojun looked at Xiaomei’s indifferent attitude and recalled everything, and he began to doubt all this is the calculation of Xiaomei.

In the seven -year marriage, Xiaojun thought he was not suspicious, because his wife Xiaomei never worked and did not go to work. For money, he moved between the men.After all, there was an ending, and he was relieved.

Xiaojun said that the reality is always so cruel and ironic. Everything in front of him is so familiar, as if he took Xiaomei to find her ex -husband to divorce, and this difficult love and marriage, Xiaojun did not have no lesson.Cherish, Xiaomei also chose to escape, and the two finally parted ways.

In this marriage between Xiaojun and Xiaomei, no one is right and who is wrong. Xiaojun drinks, beats people, suspicion, Xiaomei does not work, ambiguous with others, and pregnant with others.Woolen cloth?They all did it!

Xiaojun and Xiaomei are not winners in love and marriage. When they lose everything because they lose everything?

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