Husband has no fertility, but his wife is pregnant#Marriage

Her husband has no fertility, but his wife is pregnant.

Yesterday, one of my fans told me that her husband had no fertility and she suddenly became pregnant.And her husband said that the child was not him, and he returned to her mother’s house in anger.Now that the child is born, her husband tells him that he has no fertility.She knew that she was stunned in the future.

Juanzi is 32 years old and is a nurse. Her husband is 34 years old. She opened a restaurant in Changsha City. She has been married for more than three years and has never been able to go to her child.My fan friend, she thinks that her physical reasons are looking at Chinese medicine to condition her body everywhere, but she did not expect that it was her husband.

Her husband went to the hospital for examination, and the doctor told her that he was a patient.Her husband has never told anyone.But considering that Juanzi especially likes her children, her husband is very guilty. He usually wash clothes and cook at home.The friend around her was envious. Her husband felt that he would be better to his wife, and he would be down -to -earth. He always felt that he had deceived his wife and did not tell his wife that she had no secrets of fertility.

For a while, Juanzi felt that she had no strength, dizzy and nausea, and always wanted to sleep.She tested it before going to work the next day.When she knew that she had been pregnant for 7 weeks, she took the test sheet and went home happily, and quickly showed her husband.But his husband was unhappy after watching it, saying it was impossible, did you hear it wrong?Juan Zi took her husband’s hand and said: What are you talking nonsense?"We have been together for more than 3 years, and finally have their own children. I must give him birth. Her husband said that you have someone outside. I did not expect that I was so good to you.Such a big green hat.

Juanzi said sadly how can you say this?Since the two of us have married, I have never had anyone.The two of them quarreled.Juan Zi said angrily: I must give birth to this child to do parent -child identification, and see if the bottom is yours.Juanzi has returned to her mother’s house since then.Her husband was drinking and drinking every day. It felt like that the whole person was about to be decadent. He didn’t even call her wife, and he had never seen him.Eight months later, Juanzi gave birth to a boy, and the child was particularly cute.Her husband heard that she went to her mother’s house and found Juanzi.Her mother’s parents did not ignore him, but he pulled her hands to confess her hands in front of her father -in -law and mother -in -law. He said Juanzi, I’m sorry for you.In fact, I have one thing. Before I kept it from you, I found out that she had no fertility.When you told me that I was very angry when I was pregnant, I especially wanted you to kill the child, sorry, it was really wrong. Even if the child is not mine now, I will treat her as a biological life,I can not live without you.These months you are not by my side, I think life has no meaning to forgive me.After we bring our children to live a good life together?

Juan Zi was stunned after listening to her husband.She didn’t expect such a big deal. Her husband actually hid her. She said faintly after the child was full of the moon, we took the child to do a parent -child identification. If the child was not yours, I would take the child to leave the house with a clean.The child is full of moon.Her husband took the child to the identification. What he never thought was that the result of the appraisal was actually his own. Her husband kneeled in front of Juanzi’s begging her forgiveness.But when Juanzi thought of her pregnancy, her husband’s attitude towards herself and even suspected that she was derailed, it was very sad.She felt that her husband had no sense of trust in her, and her husband did not take care of her, which made her feel very angry.She is now struggling and don’t know if she should forgive her husband.What do you think Juanzi should do, should she forgive her husband.

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