Husbands are out of the year, and the wife in the family suddenly became pregnant and had a child husband: What did I do wrong?

In order to make the wife and children in the family have a better living environment, Chen Xiaohui, who worked in Xiamen, has never returned home for more than two years.

One night after class, Chen Xiaohui dragged his tired body and returned to the dormitory, lying on the bed to rest.

Suddenly the ringtone of the mobile phone sounded, it was the phone called by the wife Peng Qianyi in the family. The first sentence that the wife said was:

"I gave birth to a son, and the hukou needs to be under your name."

Chen Xiaohui only felt a thunderous thunder, blew in his ear, and the whole person was stunned.

I have never returned home for more than two years, and it is impossible to let my wife pregnant and have children.Obviously this child was carried by his wife with himself and lived with other men.

After a long time, Chen Xiaohui returned from shock. He clenched his fist hard, so that the blue tendons on the back of his hand were raised high, and said angrily: "Who is the child’s father?"

"Children are really not yours, but the hukou needs to be put under your name. I hope you can send your ID card."

Peng Qianyi admitted generously.

Because she and Chen Xiaohui are still legal couples, the child’s hukou must be placed in the name of Chen Xiaohui.If so, she would never tell Chen Xiaohui that she was pregnant and had children.

"That’s impossible." Chen Xiaohui rejected it in a bite. "Where are you now?"

Peng Qianyi didn’t want to meet Chen Xiaohui now. Seeing that he was unwilling to send his ID card and hung up the phone decisively.

When Chen Xiaohui called back, he couldn’t make a call from the other party.

Chen Xiaohui couldn’t care about the fatigue of his body. He bought a ticket overnight and returned to his hometown.Chen Xiaohui, who returned to his hometown, found all the relatives of Peng Qianyi again, and still did not find the whereabouts of his wife.

Just when Chen Xiaohui didn’t know, when he should do, one person ran over and secretly told him that Peng Qianyi might be in Zhang Tao’s house.

Chen Xiaohui rushed to Zhang Tao’s house.At this time, Zhang Tao and Peng Qianyi were not at home, only the second old man was.

"Is your son, with this woman? Did she give you a grandson for you?"

Chen Xiaohui took the photo of Peng Qianyi and questioned Er Lao.

At first, the second old man denied.In the end, under Chen Xiaohui’s repeated question, Zhang’s father acknowledged, "Yes, my son does be with her."

The next word of Zhang Father made Chen Xiaohui shocked.

"But what’s it? My son is single, she is also single, isn’t it normal for two people to be together?"

"I have not divorced Peng Qianyi yet, why did she be single?" Chen Xiao was stunned.

As soon as Zhang’s old man heard this, he was furious. He picked up the broom and kicked out Chen Xiaohui out of his house.

Chen Xiaohui, who left the house, did not go far. Instead, she squatted at the door and kept calling Peng Qianyi. After a call for nearly an hour, the phone finally passed.

"Let’s see it." Chen Xiaohui said when he opened the door.

Peng Qianyi just imagined the same time, decisively refused.

Just listening to Chen Xiaohui said, "I’m in Zhang Tao’s house."

Peng Qianyi agreed: "Okay!" After hanging up the phone for less than 20 minutes, Peng Qianyi hurriedly rushed over.

After the two sides met, Chen Xiaohui knew the beginning and end of the whole thing.

After half a year after going out, his wife Peng Qianyi called and said that she was not used to living in her mother -in -law. She wanted to return to her mother’s house and agreed.

After returning to her mother’s house, his wife Peng Qianyi took the child while looking at the county seat and found a job to work.During the work, she and her worker Zhang Tao looked right, and the two walked secretly together.

Chen Xiaohui was furious: "What do I do wrong, do you want to treat me like this?"

"What you are right is me. I shouldn’t have children with other men without divorcing you yet." Peng Qianyi lowered his head and acknowledged his mistake.

Immediately, Chen Xiaohui said many unpleasant words and scolded his wife Peng Qianyi fiercely.

After the resentment in his heart, Chen Xiaohui took the initiative to step forward and grabbed his wife Peng Qianyi’s hand and said, "Let’s go home together! The son is still waiting at home, he wants his mother."

It turned out that in addition to the son who had just shot, they also had a eldest son, who was five years old this year.

Chen Xiaohui chose to forgive Peng Qianyi because he didn’t want to see his child, and he had no mother since he was a child.

"I can’t go back! We can’t go back!" Peng Qianyi shook Chen Xiaohui’s arm away.

"Zhang Tao knows that I am not single and don’t want me! I am not human inside and outside." She said, like a puppet without a soul.

It turned out that when he had been with Zhang Tao at the beginning, Peng Qianyi was afraid that the other party knew that he was a woman who had a husband and left himself, so he lied and told Zhang Tao that he was single.

Now that Chen Xiaohui returns, Peng Qianyi’s lies have been pierced in public, knowing that Zhang Tao, who was deceived, immediately furiously divided Peng Qianyi.

Chen Xiaohui stepped forward and comforted: "This is not right. Take the child when we go home, I will treat him like a relative son."

Peng Qianyi not only did not accept comfort, but also filed a divorce.

Chen Xiaohui said angrily: "Divorce can, but you must, accompany me with mental loss."

"How much do you want?"

"100,000 yuan!"

"You see my worth is not worth 100,000 yuan, if you value it, take it directly." Peng Qianyi held his fist in his hands and roared hard.

The mental loss fee was not discussed, and Chen Xiaohui talked to her about her son’s support fee, so Peng Qianyi gave 800 per month.Peng Qianyi did not agree to only five hundred.

Chen Xiaohui couldn’t bear it and told Peng Qianyi to court.


At this step, Peng Qianyi made an unforgivable mistake.

But Chen Xiaohui is also responsible.First of all, he was abroad all year round, making his family a living widow.

A woman will choose to marry a man, in addition to the spiritual needs, there is also physiological needs.

Peng Qianyi is thousands of miles away from her husband, and the physiological needs are naturally unsatisfactory.

In this case, when Peng Qianyi met with a handsome and tall Zhang Tao, he would inevitably become crooked.

Secondly, Chen Xiaohui lacks concern for Peng Qianyi.

Women from pregnancy to production are not a matter of two days.In such a long time, Chen Xiaohui did not see the problem at all.

It can be seen that Chen Xiaohui cares about Peng Qianyi on weekdays.Peng Qianyi, who did not get her husband’s care, would inevitably be exciting after getting Zhang Tao’s care.

Having said so much, what I want to express is:

As a man, you must not only do your career well, but also take some time to accompany your family. Otherwise, the family will be stolen one day. All the efforts will become a joke.

At the beginning, if Chen Xiaohui was able to accompany his family -even if he came back to accompany him during the New Year, he would never go to such field today.

What do you think?

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