I accidentally stir -foot fractures before giving birth, and the expectant mother can only be surgery after giving birth for a week.

The Yangtze River Daily Da Wuhan client on September 30th news will be born in October, but pregnant women have accidentally stomped their feet.In order not to affect the fetus, Ms. Wang, Ms. Wang, endured the ankle of the fracture until after childbirth.Recently, after careful surgery and care after medical staff in Wuhan Fourth Hospital, Ms. Wang was about to be discharged.The strong mother admired the medical staff. At the same time, the doctor also reminded expectant mothers: pregnant women must pay attention to protect themselves and avoid injuries.

"Finally, the surgery was done, and these days were too sins." On the morning of the 27th, Ms. Wang, 38, finally let go of the second ward of the ankle surgery area of Wuhan Fourth Hospital.In mid -September, Ms. Wang, who had been pregnant at 38 weeks, was planning to be hospitalized for cesarean section three days later.Unexpectedly, that morning, Ms. Wang accidentally fell at home. At that time, she had a pain in her right foot and could not walk.Feeling that the right foot injury was a bit serious, the family quickly sent Ms. Wang to the hospital for treatment.However, after admission, due to the particularity of pregnant women, conventional X -rays, CT examinations, and drugs, they may affect the fetus. Pain and transportation may cause contractions and induce premature fetal birth.

"Actually, I didn’t know that the feet were fractured at that time, and the child was about to be born immediately, there was no way." Ms. Wang said that at that time, she felt that she could barely walk on her right foot. In order not to affect the fetus, she decided to finish the child beforeTreatment of foot injury."It was painful after giving birth, because I had to get out of bed after cesarean section. I could only walk around with a crutch.

The doctor performed a fracture and fixing surgery for Ms. Wang.

On the 24th, Ms. Wang was discharged from the hospital after cesarean section, and was quickly taken to her family to Wuhan Fourth Hospital.In the ankle surgery of the hospital, Dr. Xie Wei, who was admitted to, found that Ms. Wang was swollen with severe right ankles, and she found that Ms. Wang had a right ankle fracture.According to Dr. Xie Wei, Ms. Wang’s right -foot ankle fracture is more serious. After injury, it is impossible to effectively deal with because of pregnancy.And after cesarean section, you need to get out of bed and walk, causing his injuries to increase further.At this time, Ms. Wang’s fracture has begun to heal. If she is not surgery in time, she may heal at the fracture, causing her to clap in the future.In response to Ms. Wang’s situation, the ankle surgery of the hospital has formulated surgical plans for it.After the swelling of Ms. Wang was swollen, the reset and fixed surgery was performed as soon as possible.At present, Ms. Wang is recovered well.

According to Director Fang Zhenhua in the second ward of the ankle surgery of the hospital, women are prone to ligament relaxation and muscle cramps during pregnancy. In addition, the body is not flexible after pregnancy, and it is easy to launch and fall.Due to the particularity of pregnancy, the injured pregnant women have more restrictions on both examinations and treatment, especially in the early stages of pregnancy and third trimester.Director Fang Zhenhua reminded the prospective mothers: pregnant women must pay attention to protect themselves and avoid injuries.When walking, you should slow down and pay attention to the pavement of the feet.In addition, if it encounters rainy weather, expectant mothers should minimize going out as much as possible, and they should be accompanied by family members when going out to prevent accidents from occurring.(Changjiang Daily reporter Wu Ye correspondent Chen Mengyuan Du Yuehui Wei Nian)

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