I always urinate frequently, what happened?You may have this disease!Please collect the treatment method

Some netizens left a message: I always can’t hold my urine. I always want to go to the toilet. When I go out, I find the toilet everywhere. I get up four or five times a night, and sometimes I can’t hold it up.IntersectionI am very troubled.

In fact, once the situation of frequent urination, urgency, and urination can not be used, it is likely that it is suffering from over -dysplastia.

The so -called exposure to the bladder, in popular terms, is a dynamic disease in the bladder, manifested as a sudden, strong, and difficult desire to be delayed.Features of syndrome.

At present, there are many such patients.Data show that in the United States, there are more than 17 million patients with overly dysfunction, which is equivalent to one patients in each 6 adults.It can be seen that the disease has a certain universality.

There is currently no clear cause of bladder activity, and the pathogenesis is unclear.Various reasons such as urinary tract infection, mental anxiety, psychological stress, sleep disorders, and endocrine abnormalities may cause excessive bladder movement.

Many patients with overlaid dysfunction have to go to the toilet frequently, which seriously affects normal life and work.Therefore, people with overly dyspnea must realize that this is a disease and requires treatment.

So how to treat it?

In terms of treatment, if it is an acute infection, antibiotics are generally selected.If psychological pressure or behavioral habits are induced, you can relax your spirit, relieve anxiety, improve sleep, and assist psychotherapy and application sedatives and anxiety drugs if necessary.In addition, you can also consider installing the pacemaker of the bladder to regulate the bladder, sphincter, and neural reflection of the basin.

Those who do not have a clear cause can generally be improved through behavioral training, and under the guidance of professionals, bladder training and pelvic floor muscle training are performed to achieve the purpose of delayed urination and regular urination.

Some special patients can also consider the treatment of bladder irrigation drugs, neural regulation, biological feedback, and local injection of botulinum alkali.

In addition, due to pregnancy and production, women often cause the pelvic floor muscle fascia and ligament to relax, and the bottom organs of the pot are swollen, which causes a series of urinary problems.The bottom of the basin can be repaired through the bottom of the basin, and the pressure of stress urinary incontinence can usually be relieved or resolved.

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