I always want to sleep after pregnancy, so I don’t sleep enough!Remember 3 steps to get drowsiness!

In the early pregnancy after pregnancy, due to pregnancy reactions, it is often sick to suspect life.When the fetus grows day by day, in the late pregnancy, many pregnant women are prone to sleepy, and they have symptoms of drowsiness.

Why is it susceptible to drowsiness in the third trimester?

The body is weak, the body temperature is high, dizziness, and drowsiness, etc. It is normal in the third trimester.

The baby in the belly is larger than the day and the energy of the demand every day. The pregnant mother’s body circulation is too fast, which will lead to the increase in body temperature.At the same time, due to the increase in the fetus, the mother’s abdomen was more serious, so I felt tired.

Another symptom is to get up in the morning.But how long I still feel sleepy!This is because the hormone in the body changes, and the lutein and progesterone will rise.

Coupled with the enhanced metabolic ability itself, insufficient blood sugar can lead to the symptoms of lethargy.As long as there are no other body abnormalities, you don’t need to worry.

How to alleviate the situation that always want to sleep?

1. First of all, ensure sufficient daily sleep

The daily schedule is arranged, and excessive activity should be avoided during the day. You can do some relaxation exercises before going to bed to improve the quality of sleep.

2. Sleep when you want to sleep

The workload of the body during pregnancy will increase. Mom can go to bed early, and you can rest moderately when you want to sleep to relieve sleep.

3. Develop the habit of sleeping at noon

There are also pregnant mothers who work in the third trimester, and they become very important.Even if you close your eyes at noon for 20 minutes or sleep for a while, it can play a great role.

Precautions for sleeping in the third trimester?

In the middle and late pregnancy, the fetus develops rapidly, and the uterus is rapidly increasing.If the pregnant mothers choose to lie on their back, the uterus will compress the blood vessels in front of the spine, hindering the blood back of the kidneys into the heart, which will affect the blood volume of the heart.

Long -term blood injection in the placenta will cause fetal baby hypoxia or insufficient nutrition!As a result, fetal growth is slow!

so.Normal pregnant women are better on the left side when sleeping. Sleeping on the left side can not only reduce pregnancy edema, but also prevent the occurrence of hypertension syndrome during pregnancy.

However, it is not required to keep this sleeping posture. After all, keeping the same sleeping position all night will bring physical discomfort.

At the same time, sleeping on the left is not a 90-degree left side, but the left side of the 15-30 degree.In addition, pregnant mothers with heart disease or chronic heart failure, pregnant mothers who are born to the left of the uterus are not suitable for the left!

There is physical discomfort after pregnancy, as long as you understand the specific reasons, you don’t need to worry too much.Therefore, it is very important for pregnant mothers to supplement the knowledge of pregnancy!

We will update professional knowledge during pregnancy every day. Diet, daily life, sleep, minor illnesses and small pains at all stages of pregnancy … Welcome to pregnant mothers to pay attention to support!

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