I am afraid of gaining weight to eat carbohydrates during pregnancy, you don’t know the benefits of them.

Many expectant mothers are influenced by the fitness people. They cannot consume staple foods and can not eat carbohydrates. They are afraid that these things will make them fat. In fact, the proper intake of carbohydrates during pregnancy can promote their health.It is because the baby starts to store glycogen and fat in the liver and subcutaneous in August. If the expectant mother still insists on a few unsuitable carbohydrates at this time, it will cause protein deficiency or keto acid acidThe phenomenon of poisoning appears, so expectant mothers should ensure the supply of calories in August pregnancy, and pay attention to replenishing carbohydrates.So what are the benefits of replenishing carbohydrate during pregnancy?What does carbohydrate contain?

Carbohydrates can be converted into glucose, and provide sufficient energy for the fetus. It can also prevent pregnant mothers from keto or keto acid poisoning caused by fat metabolone body.More than above, proper intake of carbohydrates during pregnancy can also protect the development of early fetal brain and nervous system.

The average daily intake of about 400 grams of grain staple foods per day during pregnancy can ensure the heat supply and save protein. It can prevent expectant mothers from being hungry at night, and the carbohydrate contains rich dietary fiber and sugar.Class, although dietary fiber cannot provide sufficient nutrition and directly providing nutrition for expectant mothers, but it has increased gastrointestinal motility and promotes the breeding of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, can increase the volume of feces, promote feces to soften, effectively help effectively helpThe problem of prevention during pregnancy prevention during pregnancy, and can also effectively prevent the role of digestive diseases.

Of course, in addition to supplementing enough dietary fiber during pregnancy, the carbohydrate also contains sugar, which can effectively avoid. The expectant mothers have adverse symptoms such as weakness, hypoglycemia, dizziness, and palpitations.There are more sugars in food:

Rice, wheat, corn, oats, sorghum and other grains, as well as sugarcane, melon, watermelon, banana, grapes, red dates and other fruits, as well as carrots, sweet potatoes, potatoes, lotus root, lentils and other vegetables.Converted into sugar to maintain most of the energy and regulating cell activities needed by expectant mothers to improve the human body’s immunity of expectant mothers.

If the expectant mothers have a hungry experience at night, you can try to drink a little porridge or eat two pieces of biscuits, or dried milk tofu, or beef, you can consume enough carbohydrates to relieve the hunger in the abdomen.

Although expectant mothers can consume carbohydrates during pregnancy, grains are foods with the most sugar in all foods. Therefore, in order to avoid excessive growth, the quantities of the daily intake of expectant mothers are based on their own weight.To increase and adjust, you must not eat staple foods during pregnancy, nor can you take the staple food excessively.And expectant mothers are eating alone during pregnancy. Two people are metabolizing and using, so if you are deliberately diet and weight loss, it can easily affect the health of the expectant mother and affect the development of the baby. If the baby is born low, it is low.Weight is likely to be caused by these bad eating habits of expectant mothers during pregnancy.

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