I am afraid of heat after summer pregnancy, and sweat on my body, why is my belly cool?

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A mother once consulted me like this: After pregnancy, her husband did not cover the quilt and sleep, and I had to cover the quilt.No air conditioning at noon, and simply open windows can sleep.But why is my belly always cool?When I heard her problem, I remembered that I had this situation when I was pregnant with Erbao. Although my body felt hot, my belly was cold, and I thought it was a baby!

After pregnancy, mothers are generally afraid of heat. Although it is already summer, the pregnant mother will feel hot. Others have not wearing short sleeves. They are put on them first, but sometimes the abdomen is cool.In fact, this is related to the particularity of pregnancy.

✦ Basic body temperature rises

In fact, the basal body temperature during ovulation will increase, and the temperature will increase by 0.3 ~ 0.5 degrees after pregnancy. In order to ensure the normal development of the fetus during pregnancy, the body temperature of the pregnant mother will continue to be high.In this case, the belly is a bit cold, the temperature of the abdominal cavity and pelvic cavity is also low. Under the effect of temperature difference, the pregnant mother will feel that the abdomen will be cold.

衡 Dietary uneven

Pay attention to nutritional balance throughout pregnancy. It is recommended to be more than 15 kinds of foods daily. Usually eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, and supplement enough protein to supplement the body to avoid insufficient blood supply due to lack of nutrition.The phenomenon of cold belly.

PS: You can eat more meat, beans, fish, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.

✦ uterine enlarged

With the continuous development of the fetus after pregnancy, the uterus gradually increases, the blood vessels are stressed, which affects the blood circulation of the abdominal wall.Makes abdominal blood operations not smoother than other places, and the pregnant mother will feel cold.

✦ Water segmentation is lost too fast

After pregnancy, the mother needs a large amount of water to maintain normal body operation, coupled with the increase in the amount of amniotic fluid and the loss of water caused by frequent urination. Therefore, the body will be particularly dehydrated, and sweating during pregnancy will be more than one loss.After the pregnant mother sweats, the sweat of the body will also take away a part of the water, so the abdomen will cause cold.

The fetus is protected from amniotic fluid in the uterus, and amniotic fluid can adjust the temperature of the uterus. Therefore, even if the pregnant mother feels cold, the temperature of the fetus in the body is suitable.

Is the baby feel cold during pregnancy?In fact, only the belly is cold and there is no other discomfort, such as bleeding and abdominal pain, which generally has little effect on the fetus.But pregnant mothers should also pay attention to keep warm.

Cover the quilt while sleeping at night, especially the abdomen.Nowadays, the weather is hot in summer, and many people do not cover the quilt, but the pregnant mother should pay attention to it, or cover the abdomen with a small blanket.Usually wear long style to wear clothes, which can cover the abdomen and avoid cold.

Parenting Parenting Message:

In short, in view of the special nature of the body during pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay more attention to their own situation. If the abdomen is cold, it is recommended to consult the doctor in time to explain the situation.Be sure to do abdominal care in daily life.

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