I am pregnant at the age of 12?Minors are pregnant early, and they are likely to encounter these three major hazards

Not long ago, a 12 -year -old girl claimed that she was followed and raped. Police found that this was not the case after investigating the case. In fact, it was a lie that the little girl met with netizens to meet early pregnancy.Essence

In recent years, similar news has occurred frequently. Due to lack of sufficient sexual knowledge, minor women are easily coaxed to make incorrect sexual behaviors, which will cause the phenomenon of early pregnancy.The correct sex education has a certain relationship. Of course, the girl’s early pregnancy is also very harmful to her body.

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1. Minor abortion is dangerous

When a minor woman is pregnant early, the first problem is how to deal with the small life in the stomach, and most people choose to abandon.The development of sexual organs for minor women has not been fully mature, and artificial abortion surgery and drug flow will cause great pain and irreversible damage to their bodies.

Because the uterine mouth of minor women is not enough, it is necessary to open manually, which may hurt the uterine and uterine muscles, which will cause sequelae such as habitual miscarriage, pregnancy bleeding., Fetal suffocation, hypertension, eclaitia, and pre -placenta are complications of early pregnancy.

It has nothing to do with the picture and text, just to match the picture

2. It is troublesome to give birth to minors

In addition to abortion, of course, there are other options, that is to give birth to the child.However, the age of under 16 years of age will be more likely to produce lacerations and bleeding after production, which will cause severe complications.In addition, the mental development of minors has not yet matured, and the premature experience will cause them to cause a lot of psychological trauma. Because both parents are minors, the child’s growth process is difficult to obtain correct guidance. In addition, the environment of secular ethics environmentEarly childcare will cause a series of social problems, and the girl’s life trajectory will also change sharply.

3. Us -sex sex with women who are most injured

Adolescent girl reproductive pipeline development is not yet mature, with short vagina and weak surface tissues. During sexual intercourse, major bleeding can cause severe tears and vaginal lacerations.At the same time, the lack of sexual knowledge of minors, and often uses wrong sexual intercourse methods, which will bring some pathogenic microorganisms or dirt into the vagina to varying degrees. In this period, women’s own defense function is poor, which can easily cause infections in urethral, outer pussy and vagina.Essence

Minor girls should raise their awareness of self -protection, do not do wrong because of curiosity and momentary impulse. At the same timeMinors have a good online social environment.Protecting the healthy growth of minors is the obligation of each of us. Only by working together can we reduce this situation.

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