I am pregnant, Bao Ma ’s place is more“ meat ”in this position, do n’t ignore it easily!

After pregnancy, the pregnant mother’s body is changing every day. Some skin suddenly become dry, some tastes suddenly strange, and some may grow taller.Eye -eye changes, although most mothers have not taken it seriously. Bao Ma’s originally flat armpits "produce a piece of meat" after pregnancy, and many mothers think that it is a pair.Essence

Some mothers have a vice milk before pregnancy. Generally, Baoma may find that her chest may become larger than before pregnancy, and there will be some somewhat sub -milk. This is caused by changes in hormone levels in the body after pregnancy.So the question is, is it normal or abnormal after pregnancy?

Auxiliary breasts generally appear in adulthood. They are mainly common in women. Occasionally they are seen in men, and a small number of people will have a genetic tendency, but the chance is very small.

Auxiliary milk is actually a phenomenon of "returning ancestors" in female genes, but not everyone is president.About 50%of women’s presidential auxiliary breasts, although the chance is very high, it is a very normal phenomenon, so long -term milk during normal times does not have to worry too much about nervousness.

Generally, women with vice milk before pregnancy will not have special discomfort. Most of the auxiliary milk is in the hidden of the armpits. It is not easy to be found or generally not uncomfortable.After pregnancy, in addition to finding that her breasts become larger, many expectant mothers will feel the swelling of the axillary breasts under the armpit, and even the pair of breasts will have a small protrusions like nipples.

This situation does not have to worry too much. This is because after pregnancy, the hormone changes in the expectant mother’s body will make the auxiliary milk very easy to show. When the mother gives birth, the breast will begin to secrete milk.The full rise, then cause pain, and even secrete a small amount of milk.But don’t worry too much. After stopping breastfeeding, Mummy’s auxiliary milk will gradually shrink, and the pain and milk secretion will gradually disappear.

The auxiliary milk is only due to the additional effects caused by hormone levels during pregnancy. It will not affect the healthy development of the baby’s growth, nor will it affect the normal breastfeeding after the baby is born.So after pregnancy, if Baoma finds that her auxiliary breasts increase, don’t be too anxious and worried.

During pregnancy, the paramilk needs to be the same as that of the breast. In fact, it does not cause much trouble to health.Try to wear loose pajamas during pregnancy. Do not rub the massage force when the paramilk is swollen.If the swelling of the auxiliary milk after pregnancy is very serious, it is recommended to remind the doctor for examination for a paramilk during pregnancy to facilitate the discovery of abnormalities in time.

Some Baoma feels that the auxiliary milk is very beautiful. When wearing underwear, the auxiliary lactal is insisted into the underwear, but this method is very unpleasant.There is also a breast tissue in the auxiliary milk. If it is stuck in the underwear, if it is oppressed for a long time, it may affect the breast and even cause mastitis.

In addition, it is best that the Baoma in the third trimester should not frequently massage the auxiliary breasts. The stimulus caused by the swollen sub -milk is likely to cause contractions and even premature birth.If you are swollen and uncomfortable, you can use a wet towel to apply hot compress to relieve discomfort.

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