I am pregnant, dare not tell my husband

"I went to the hospital today, what are you doing?"

The man pressed the cigarette butt in the ashtray at will, extinguished fiercely, and raised a white smoke.

Looking at her eyes was also cold, she seemed to have no trace of feelings, but the star was cold in summer.

Hand, unconsciously hold the pregnancy test report in your hand.

The throat almost jumped out of his throat.

After a long time of strength, he stunned his lips and said: "I … Impatient menstruation, the doctor said that it needs to be conditioned."

In fact, she was pregnant and only went to the hospital to check it today, but she couldn’t tell Shen Matting, otherwise the child would not be able to stay.She has gained three times, and her uterine wall is weak, and she is difficult to get pregnant. Even if this one is exhausted, she may be pregnant again.Hand quietly clenched the pregnancy test report, and wanted to find a chance to throw it away, but his hand was suddenly held.Summer star’s heart almost jumped out.Want to hide, but was deducted by a man.His eyes staring tightly at her palm, trying to use her strength, and seemed to crush her hand."Don’t throw it, keep it, at least it’s your child’s thought."

"What do you mean?!" In the summer, the star couldn’t stop shaking."Don’t you understand? Do not understand." "Shen Matting!" Xia Xing looked at Shen Matting unbelievablely, and his lightly described tone seemed to have nothing to do with it."I don’t want it! Is this child dying like this in your eyes? Do you know that if the doctor said that this is no longer, I will never be pregnant again." "You can’t get pregnant …" Shen Matting repeatedly repeated, his eyes raised lightly, his eyes were eagerMicro, summer stars think that this man will have the minimum compassion, but who knows that he turns his words, but laughs, "What does it have to do with me?" It seems that in his eyes, all hysteria of summer star seems to be just a clown just as a clown.The performance is average."What do you say …" Xia Xing stared at him deadly, and couldn’t believe that the husband who had been married in front of him would be so cool.

But when I thought of all the three years, Xia Xing felt that it was cheap!Starting from a kidney that was placed on Han You’er, the man couldn’t wait for her to die.How can I care if she can still be pregnant?"You’er has no kidney, and his body is not good. I don’t want her to know the existence of this child, so I gave you an abortion surgery, just at night." The man’s good -looking eyes looked at her, without any waves, there was no wave.But what he said was stuck on the summer star like a nail, nailed her to death."I don’t want it! Shen Matting, this is also your child, you can’t be so vicious! She is less than three months, I beg you, you ask me to give birth to her, I ask you." Summer Xing collapsed and burst into tears, sheI don’t care if Shen Matting loves herself, nor does it care whether Shen Matting has always misunderstood that she asked Han You’er’s kidney. She only wanted a child with Shen Matting.When Shen Matting impatiently called the servant to drag her away, Xia Xing’s body was paralyzed on the ground.

The geological geology asked: "I just want a child, is it so difficult?" But the tears were not worthy. Her summer star’s tears were even more worthless, and even the fluctuation of Shen Matting’s eyes could not be replaced."It’s not difficult. But you are not worthy of summer stars." He stood up, ignored his clothes, and said faintly: "I have flowed three times, and you are familiar with the process, so don’t make me angry. Drag it away.. "Summer star who was taken into the car was like an angry broken cloth doll, shrinking in the corner, hugging his belly with both hands.Through the window, you can clearly see the man’s good -looking side face, and the summer star thinks of all the three years.Since she took Han You’er’s kidney, the surgery successfully replaced Han You’er into the Shen family. Shen Matting has always regarded her as an enemy. This family has always been that he wants to come and leave.He said that she had no dare to resist, obediently obedient, and took medicine.

He wanted to be good to Han You’er, and she used her relationship to find the best medical resources to take care of Han You’er.But in his eyes, everything she did was just guilty, but they were all tricks.He Shen Matting never believed in her.In his eyes, Han You’er was weak and simple, and he was pitiful.And her summer star is just a bitch who does not choose to live.At this time, Shen Matting’s mobile phone suddenly sounded and saw that the man left in panic, and Xia Xing’s heart sank to the bottom of the valley.That phone, she listened clearly -Han You’er disappeared.

That’s why the cool man drove away so panic and left.This is Shen Matting. When he forced his abortion, he was not shocked, but when he heard Han You’er angry, he panicked as if he lost his heart.It is clear at a glance.In his heart, there has never been a piece of land that belongs to the words "summer star".—— "Sir, the wife hurt the bodyguard and escaped." Shen Matting took the call from Han You’er in the car and got angry, and his face was dark.

Deliberately lowered his voice, and said coldly, "Grab it back! I personally put on the operating table in person!" Putting down the phone but saw Han You’er opened his eyes with his eyes open."How woke up? Don’t sleep much?" "Mo Ting, in fact, you can’t bear that child." The voice of a woman choked and the blood on her mouth sank Shen Matting’s complexion."I want to give you a child, but I’m so useless, I’m sorry … It’s my fault, it’s all I don’t have a kidney, it’s my inexplicable drunk driving lost our marriage, I’m sorry …"

The little woman cried with pear blossoms, but every word was reminding Shen Matting that the series of conspiracy three years ago, the biggest beneficiary was the summer star with pregnancy!Shen Matting’s face was very ugly, patting her shoulder lightly: "Good, this is not your fault, this is what they owe you, I will ask for a pen for you." Han You’er heard the sound and hid in Shen MattingIn his arms, the corner of his mouth laughed.—— "Summer Star!" The door was smashed open. Summer Star was stunned in the driving seat, surrounded by black cars. She also held the steering wheel in her hand, but the door next to her was broken.She … was still caught.When the wrist was squeezed vigorously and was dragged out of the car without the seat belt, Xia Xia Xing was shivering, and she couldn’t even feel that she couldn’t even feel the pain when she hit her belly.I only thought about how Shen Matting came back so soon. She hadn’t even had time to escape, and she was only one kilometer left from the airport.

"Want to escape, where do you want to escape? Summer star, I always know that you are poisonous, but I don’t expect you to have such a bottom line. You deliberately disclose the news of pregnancy to You’er, and she leaves the hospital to leave the hospital.On the edge of the internal organs, if it wasn’t for me to rush over in time, what would she encounter? Summer star, when can you be kind?! "Xia Xing heard Shen Matting’s words, forgetting that he was afraid."Shen Matting, are you crazy? Your Han You’er is so personal, and you can perform a drama running away from home.Can’t afford it! "Shen Matting couldn’t help but a little stunned.This is the first time in the past three years to see Xia Xing’s red face yell at him.But it was that this look of straightforwardness was even more annoyed.Three years ago, she also claimed so straightforwardly that it wasn’t a kidney that she wanted, and that car accident was not Han You’er designed.of."Summer star, you always do this, do the wrong thing, but look like a straightforward look, do you know how disgusting your appearance is now? If you have half of the kindness, maybe, maybe, the child in your belly, the child in your bellyI will let you stay, but unfortunately, you are not. I won’t let you regenerate a scourge. "The strength on the wrist suddenly strengthened, and the pain in the pain of summer stars burst out, and the seat belt on my body romed.She couldn’t breathe, but the man in front of him ignored it, as if he hadn’t seen it, and pulled her out of the car hard, stuffed it into the car and dragged it into the gate of the surgery.

When the backbone was pressed on the cold operating table, Xia Xing watched the person who had loved his heart for more than ten years in despair."Shen Matting, why, I also met for more than ten years, why do you only listen to her words? Why do you have to pay for her child’s life in order to give her an inexplicable anger!" The woman’s hysterical question, and herThe tears in the corner of the eyes frowned Shen Matting."Because you owe her! Those who owe her will be repaid!" Xia Xing smiled sharply.She opened her clear eyes and looked at Shen Matting: "Three years ago, Han You’er bumped into my brother himself. She just paid a kidney, but my brother paid for a lifetime! Shen Matting, you are blind, you are blind,I still ca n’t distinguish it when I am blind. Han You’er ’s kidney was donated only by her parents to calm my parents’ anger! ”She closed her eyes and poured back the tears in her eyes and murmured:“ My brotherThe excellent person, because Han You’er’s bump became a fool, and because of that hit, my Xia family’s industry was on the verge of crisis. But what about her Han You’er? Is it a silly person? Is it an accident?I still live well! Why do I have to pay the price because of her mistake! "" Shen Matting, you said I am not kind, but Han You’er who cheated you was kind?! What about your brain?! "

"…" A woman’s pale face asked like a soft needle buried in Shen Matting’s heart."Mr. Shen, Mrs. Shen has seen red, has a precursor to miscarriage. In addition, anesthesia is ready, and abortion surgery can be performed at any time." When he heard the doctor, Xia Xing’s body was trembling in fear. She was going to perform surgery.Is her child gone?Regardless of her strength, she still couldn’t control her tears.This is her child. This is her life. She may have only the last chance to be a mother … Shen Matting stood next to her, staring at the blood that slowly flowed out of the woman.

However, when the operation was about to cancel the operation, there were subordinates who hurried over outside the door and shouted: "President Shen, Miss Han was blocked on the way back to the hospital, and something happened …"I was shocked, I don’t know why my heart was not good, but Shen Matting couldn’t care about her and ran out.Doctors who are preparing to perform surgery are looking at each other. I don’t know if this should be done or not.Summer Xing responded quickly, and immediately sat up, left the operating table, and yelled at the people who were ready to press her on the operating table: "Mr. Shen did not speak, you dare to move me to try it!" Success! "Success!After stopping that group of people, the summer star gritted his teeth and left the surgery with a painful stomach covering the painful stomach. "When you see red under your body, there is a danger of abortion."A kind nurse reminded. But now the summer star has become a bird of shocking, and she just wants how to leave the surgery room, she dare not guarantee whether Shen Matting, who will kill her back, will press her to the operating table again,Forced her to remove her child.

But what are you afraid of coming.When Xia Xing just walked to the door, he saw Shen Matting rushing into the hospital, but his arms were full of blood, Han You’er, was shocking!Summer Xing was cold, but she looked up at Shen Matting, and she couldn’t wait to kill her eyes.The surrounding emergency doctors quickly pushed the stretcher and quickly gave Han You’er for treatment."Patient’s uterus has been severely damaged. Excessive blood loss has been shocked, and blood transfusion is needed." "But there are not many blood storage in the hospital, and the on -site personnel can only be mobilized for blood donation.The nurse was prepared with seven hands, but Shen Matting grabbed Xia Xing’s wrist and said coldly: "No need, smoke her."

Boom -Summer Xing’s body trembled, and he looked at Shen Matting in unbelievable.Even those emergency doctors were stunned.After looking at the summer stars that were buckled by the side of the side, especially the blood flowing blood between the other’s thighs: "But Mrs. Shen’s face pale, it may be a signs of abortion.Seeing that too much blood loss causes her face pale, and it is necessary to have a miscarriage. Now blood drawing is undoubtedly a dead body.But- "I said that pumping, just pumping!" "This …"

The doctors were all in place.Summer star’s feet seemed to be poured by ice water, frozen in place."I don’t want it! Why do I want me to donate blood for her?! Never …" "Pap–" He slapped heavily on the face of Xia Xing.

It was a little pale face printed on the pale face because of blood loss.Xia Xing’s eyes widened at Shen Matting.The eyes were red.But she didn’t even have time to say, and her neck was severely pinched in her palm.Shen Matting’s face was as frosty, and his eyes seemed to be able to devour the person in front of him."Summer star, to be honest, I almost put you because of the words on your operating table. But, you are not worthy! You deliberately irritate You’er.The uterus is broken, so that she can never be pregnant, just want to get revenge on me to abortion? Summer star, you are really good! I look at you. "He sneered, but the smile seemed to be in hellLike the climbing Shura, only the summer star feels desperate."You mean … Han You’er became like this? Shen Matting, will you not believe no matter what I say?"

The heart is dripping blood, but the knife is fiercely pierced by the person in front of him."What else do you have to say? It’s time to say, wait for You’er to wake up, you can repent." After that, he threw her in front of the doctor."Her blood type is type A. Pump!" "But Miss Han had too much blood loss, this … not enough …" "Then dry the summer star! She has blood! How much is it, you can smoke from her body, so you can smoke from her body.How much! "Hehe … how much you want.When I saw the thick needle tied into the blood vessels, the summer star bent the corner of her mouth and smiled.

She knew that Shen Matting was cool, but the cool person would eventually have feelings, but Shen Matting was not, at least he had only hate and affection for her.This time, she could see clearly.It was the next night when I woke up again.As soon as she opened her eyes, Xia Xing touched her stomach reflected, and felt that she was relieved when there was still a little bulge there."Fortunately, fortunately your child is still there?" The pornographic voice of the woman passed into Xia Xing’s ears, which made her excited.Turn around, it really is Han You’er!She was sitting in a wheelchair and was sneered at Xia Xing."Why are you here?!" "Come and see if your body is taking the time to take the blood is okay. Summer star, you are really hard, you can take three bags of blood, and you can survive.The evil species can stay. Do you say that I should be more ruthless and completely let your mother and son give your life? "

Han You’er looked at Xia Xing with a smile, his face pale, but the eyes could not see a little bit of weakness."You … are you intentionally?" "Yeah, otherwise, why do you think it is so coincidental that I will be blocked on the road and still stabbed the uterus?!" Han You’er seemed to be invisible a little when he said this.Conspicuous, but this reminds Xia Xing from head to toe.What kind of poison this Han You’er was, just to plant her, he even stabbed her own uterus."You don’t have to look at me with this surprise, just a useless uterus, or shouldn’t you be happy? I gave you a chance to leave your belly." Han You’er sneered and looked at it.Her belly."What do you mean?"

Xia Xing captured the key points, and after he froze, the light came out in his eyes.What she meant is … Children can keep it?"What do you want?" "Smart! It is indeed a good girlfriend who has been familiar with each other for more than ten years, or do you know me the most!" Han You’er nodded and praised, but the smile on his face was panicked, red lips were light, and red lips were light.Qi Xiao said: "Kneel down, please! I will let the children in your stomach, otherwise you know, as long as I am angry, Mo Ting has a means to remove the hybrid in your belly." "…" SummerStar’s lips pursed to death.She said it was right. For Han You’er, Shen Matting had already got rid of her three children. Indeed, as long as the woman in front of her, this one would be missed.

She slowly walked out of bed, pale, and the sweaty beans on her face kept falling.Summer stood in front of Han You’er with his strength.But when she was about to kneel down, Han You’er raised his hand to smash the water cup on the side and sprinkled the broken glass."Kneeling on this, please me!" "You!" Summer’s stars were widened, but the people in front of him were arrogant."Why? Unwilling? You can choose not to kneel, but you may not know that Mo Ting has found a doctor and waits for you to wake up and pull you to the operating table. How cold the surface of the operating table is, you last nightBut after feeling, this kind of thing … You have been going on for three or four times, and you don’t care, don’t you? "As soon as the words fell," Tongtong "sounded.Xia Xing’s eyes blinked and kneeled, and the sharp broken glass stabbed into her legs. She frowned, but she didn’t say a word.

"Ask me." Xia Xing knew that Han You’er had made up his mind to tear all her self -esteem, so she humiliated her so much.But for her children, she was willing to do anything. What did she persist for more than ten years?I opened my mouth and opened my mouth hard: "Please, let my child go." "Hahaha …" Han You’er smiled madly and saw the face of summer stars low -eye, his backhand slap and threw it with a slap.Go up.Summer Xing’s face was beaten, and then his chin was pinched hard."Summer star, you also ask me for a day. Do you know how your parents forced me to make a crime after I hit Xia Yan?How scared when I was sent to the operating table to dig the kidneys? "" Why is your Xia family’s life valuable, why do I want to give you a kidney, that’s what your brother searches himself."Then you’re relieved? Can you let the children in my belly?"

In the summer, Xing Hong’s cheek on his right half, staring at her deadly.Han You’er patted his hands and raised his eyebrows: "Of course, seeing you kneeling so much, I can let it go, but how to put it, it depends on Mo Ting." After speaking, she asked the servant to send her to leaveAs soon as people left, Xia Xing was paralyzed on the ground, and when he got up from the ground to sit back on the bed, he seemed to hear Shen Matting outside the door care about Han You’er’s voice.After sleeping for a while, Shen Matting rushed in, glanced at the broken glass on the ground, and stared at the summer star with cold eyes."I said, don’t provoke her anymore, why don’t you listen, knowing that she can no longer get pregnant, you have to use the child in your belly to stimulate her? Summer star, what is your heart in your heart, what is your heart?Do it! "Shen Matting raised summer stars from the bed, but the woman under her men was just like a soft flesh.Nowadays, the stars are only open.

Hearing Shen Matting’s words, I knew it with her toes. It was nothing more than that of Han You’er to throw the pot to himself in Shen Matting’s ear again.Perhaps her heart was numb, and she only felt that Shen Matting, who believed in Han Yier’s ghostly, was a bit ridiculous."I’m tired now. Please don’t get me trouble for me for such naive reasons, please, Mr. Shen." Shen Matting was not playing in a lot, and now Xia Xingxing doesn’t even shout, shout directly, and shout directly.President Shen?Is she wanting to clear the boundaries with herself?"Summer stars, don’t pretend to be dead. I warned you …" "Divorce." Xia Xing opened his eyes helplessly to look at him. There was pain in the small belly, and the broken glass in the knee stabbed her., But compared to the injuries on her body, Shen Matting’s care for Han You’er was even more sad.After persistence for more than ten years, and a three -year marriage, at this moment, it seems not so important.

After all, she loved wrong after all."President Shen, since I have never loved it, then divorce. In the past three years, I was wrong. I let you go, I just ask you one thing, this child, please … please stay …"When she said this, her eyes were clear, but Shen Matting could not see a little light.It’s like a pool of dead water.She just said … divorce?Shen Matting suspected that he had heard it wrong for a moment.The summer star that has been entangled for three years, will one day say the word "divorce" one day?But I do n’t know why, I obviously got the results I want, but some of them were not happy, but … annoying!

"Summer star, what means do you want to play? Do you think you will let you go now if you say divorce, I … Hey …" Shen Matting hasn’t finished speaking, the people under the men have closed their eyes and fainted.In the past, women face pale, and she was so hard to breathe so hard.Shen Matting’s cold eyes flashed a touch of panic without unprecedentedly.He reached out and patted her cheek: "Hey, what are you doing? What to pretend? Hey-" He pushed the person in his arms, but summer star was easily pushed away."Damn!" Shen Matting cursed with anger and immediately rushed out to call a doctor.The doctor rushed to quickly, lifted the quilt, and saw the blood of a large beach under the woman, Shen Matting first realized what panic was.

"Knee injury, plus the uterus multiple bleeding, I am afraid this time it would really be miscarriage." "Then miscarriage, Sister Tianxing’s body is not good to keep this child. Mo Ting, what do you say?" Han You’er’sSuddenly, the sound sounded behind Shen Matting, and the man’s body was mending.I do n’t know why, what he remembered was the stubborn when the woman was being killed. She said that the child may be the last one, and she even wanted to use divorce as an exchange condition for the child.Shen Manting frowned tightly, Shen Sheng said, "Keep the child, this woman is kept. If you can’t do it, you don’t need to open it in the future." The doctor was scared to be pale, quickly nodded, and arranged for rescue.Oxygen pipelines, plasma bags, ventilator, and can be prepared to be transported in the ward where summer stars are located almost in the shortest time.

Shen Matting was sitting on a bench outside the ward, smoking cigarettes impatiently, locking his brows.In my mind, the picture of Xia Xing’s being opened alone could not be controlled. The whole person was lying in the blood pool, watching the dropper into the red blood in her blood vessels, and suddenly felt funny.Blood was drawn from that woman.Yier lost so much blood and soon woke up, so what about her?Will you wake up?It is certain that the woman’s vitality is so vigorous, saying that there is kidney disease, but every time she is arrogant, it should be nothing to lose blood.Unde -view, Shen Matting’s cigarette’s hand trembled.After losing the blood of 2000cc, Summer Star finally woke up the next morning.As soon as I opened my eyes, it was Shen Matting, Han You’er, and the lawyers of the Shen family, and the divorce agreement.

The lower right corner of the thin page of the paper has already signed the three characters "Shen Matting", which stabbed Xia Xing’s eyes.She filed a divorce yesterday, and the divorce agreement was sent today.For get rid of herself, Shen Matting has always been impatient.In the summer, Xing Xing couldn’t help but stretched out his three words a few times, and his heart was sad.Even their marriage certificate was signed by the Shen family. The only place he was willing to sign with himself was probably this divorce agreement."Sign it." I don’t know why, every time Shen Matting saw Xia Xing’s look, she always felt that she was pretending to be in the champion, but she was making a show, and her chest was boring.But the number of boredoms is more, but such an excuse is that you can’t even convince yourself.He didn’t even know why. From yesterday, he saw the woman faint, and only her pale face was left in his mind.It seems to be just to prove that he has not changed because of this woman, so he continuously signed the divorce agreement.

"I don’t sign." The thin lips opened lightly, and the summer star suddenly spoke."You lie to me?!" "I want to make sure that Ping An gave birth to a child, I will sign it." Xia Xing looked up at Shen Matting, who had a bad face.I just want to keep my child, just … I hope you will give me some time again, let me stay with you for a while, so for a while … She stretched her hand slowly and stroked her belly, muttering in my heartEssenceHan You’er, who was standing aside, was furious. When she saw the divorce agreement, I knew how happy she was, but this summer is a strange scheming.How long do you have to wait!But- "Okay! I hope you will fulfill your promise at that time!" Shen Matting suddenly spoke, and everyone froze all at once, and even the summer star couldn’t help but widened.Shen Matting … even promised?It wasn’t until the man took a lawyer and Han You’er’s strode away, and the summer star reacted, and there was only one sentence left in his ears: "Give you seven months to raise a tire, everything is required to follow you."

Outside the door, Han You’er pushed the wheelchair to catch up with Shen Matting."Mo Ting, are you afraid that the divorce is stimulated until the summer star? But I’m afraid her …" Han You’er asked tentatively, but when he saw the other person’s ugly face, he already understood what.Hold the hand deadly, but his face still showed an understanding."Sorry Mo Ting, in fact, I’m just afraid … The Shen family needs a child, but I can’t conceive your child for you, I’m sorry …" "Don’t let me hear you say this, can you conceive, can you conceive, can you be pregnant?I don’t care. Even if the Shen family threatened you and stop me from divorcing Xia Xing, I will force her to divorce. You can rest assured that what I want to marry is always you. "Shen Matting stood up, looking down at Han You’er slowly slowlySaid.Han You’er’s mouth was grinned, and his hanging heart gradually put back into his belly, but the next second, he heard Shen Matting faintly: "I said, since you fought to save me three years ago, I will not disappoint you.Everyone owes you, I will ask for you one by one. "

Han You’er raised his hand to hold Shen Matting’s hand."Mo Ting, what do you mean?" "You are with me because … Three years ago?" She looked up.But Shen Matting closed her mouth without talking.Han You’er no longer asked, but his teeth almost bite the tongue to bite!Three years ago … Shen Matting has not fell in love with herself in the past three years. Is it because of her saving him three years ago?IntersectionHowever, what would he do if Shen Matting knew that he had saved him three years ago?Will you get back from himself to that person?

No -never!Han You’er pursed his lips and looked at the summer star in the ward.She will not give any opportunity for summer stars!Winners are destined to be her Han You’er!——The night after four months.Hot -sweat all over, and there is a breath that can’t breathe.There seemed to be gravity on the tall belly, and the summer stars were uncomfortable. They reached out and wanted to push away, but the eyes suddenly brightened, and the eyes opened uncomfortable, but they were shocked by the scene in front of my eyes.

She was red all over, and she was still pressing a man … but the face of that man was … "Summer Star!" Shen Matting’s cold voice pulled her three souls and six souls.She looked at the man who slept next to her, but the familiar face seemed a little strange this time, with traces of ?????, the person can see what happened in the end.Summer stars are like falling ice cellars.He was stiff and couldn’t even turn his mind.Her brother … Xia Yan … in her bed … "No … no, it’s not what you see … not …" She instinctively wanted to explain, but Shen Matting in front of her was mad.Holding her neck deadly, "Summer star, can you have a face, even if you want to roll out from the Shen family so, you don’t need to use such cheap means to force me."… you listen to me explanation. "

"Sister Tianxing, even if this time is a misunderstanding, that’s …" Han You’er frowned, her pure little face was tangled, and hesitated to throw the photos on her in front of her.In the photo, men and women are entangled with unbearable pictures.But without exception, every heroine on the top of the top is the face of the summer star!Even if the little tooth prints behind her ear are exactly the same."It’s not me, these are not me! Han You’er, you can’t be conscientious, find someone to frame me! Mo Ting … It’s really not me … These are fake, all of which are Han Yier’s design … you believe me …… "Xia Xing was panicked, desperately trying to explain."How do you believe it? Do you want me to see him buried in your body? Summer star, your shameless shame never disappointed me." The man said from his mouth one by one.Throughout her crime."After half an hour, I will send the divorce agreement and sign it."

Xia Xing’s tears suddenly fell out.Shock his head desperately: "No … don’t, my child hasn’t been born, you have no right to let me sign a divorce, you violate the agreement."Did you divorce? "" Yes! "Summer Xing nodded.This is her last line of defense.But she never thought that Shen Matting could say the next sentence without expression that made her fall as hell."Okay, anyway, the sin species in your belly has been seven months, and the birth of the body is not good, and my Shen family can’t afford it." "What do you say?" He meant- "Come, Let the doctor prepare a caesarean section. "" No -don’t! "

Xia Xing was scared.Tightly guarded my stomach, and the tears fell out.Grasp Shen Matting’s legs and begged him: "Mo Ting, don’t, she only seven months, I beg you not, this is our daughter, this is also your child, I ask you, don’t want to, don’t want… "But she was right to look at the eyes of scarlet."Summer Star, I think of letting you give birth to this child well, but my Shen Matting hates me the most, you are the only one who dares to do this! Don’t consume my patience anymore." Stretch out his hand, take a root, take a rootsOpen the fingers holding his trouser legs tightly."Shen Matting, you listen to me explanation, really not me, I didn’t lie to you, I beg you, don’t do it …" Xia Xingxing shouted desperately when he was pressed on the operating table, but Shen Matting was cold with a cold faceThrow the divorce agreement sent by the assistant to her."Sign." Summer Xing was nodded all over, behind the cold operating table, the dazzling lights were in front of him, and he was wearing a doctor and nurse who was preparing to make a caesarean section.

At this moment, every pore of the summer star is revealing fear.The pale lips kept snoring, leaving only prayers."Don’t, don’t … I can’t sign, I beg you, I believe me, I and Xia Yan and I have no relationship. This is a stolen. I have never loved others, I beg you …" "Sign!" Shen MattingWhen I heard the word "Xia Yan", my eyes became more red."Open her fingers and press the handprint directly." Shen Matting said coldly.Xia Xing widened his eyes, and his tears sprayed out. The assistant had stepped forward and opened her fingers hard, but Xia Xing held his palm deadly, but he refused to let go. The assistant did not work.Three big men, around her, pry open her fingers tightly.When the painful fingers were stained with the blood of her child under her child, when she pressed it on the divorce agreement, Xia Xingxing was like a person who was about to drown, and eventually lost the straw she saved.When the divorce agreement pressed on the handprint was sent to Shen Matting’s hands, the other party disdain at a glance, leaving only one word coldly."Clicked!" Pain!

The pain of life is better!The pain brought by the sword on the lower abdomen made Xia Xing wake up from the coma.The first reaction is to touch the stomach, but there is no seeing the child there, leaving only the empty skin, reminding her that the nightmare before the coma is really!Shen Matting really cut her child.Summer sitting fiercely, looking around with her eyes madly: "What about my child, what about my daughter?!" "Sorry, Miss Xia, your daughter has been taken away by Mr. Shen.It is said that you live here until the knife is healed. It is responsible for you. Miss you don’t need to worry about it. "" That’s the daughter who was born in seven months of pregnancy, why should he take it away! ", Pulled out the bit of the back of my hand, and when I got up, I wanted to chase out, but as soon as I walked to the door, a middle -aged woman walked on the face, throwing a slap on her face fiercely.With a "snap", the whole face of the summer star beating all over, and his ears rang.

"Summer star, you are shameless bitch, your brother has already lost his life for you, do you have to kill you to be willing!" Xia mother looked at the person in front of her resentful, if not behind him,Father Xia was pulled, and she couldn’t wait to rush up to strangle Xia Xing.Xia Xing covered his face, his eyes were red: "Mom?" "Don’t call my mother, Xia Xing, you know, you have never been the daughter of our Xia family. We are delicious and good for you.You should be raised as your own biological daughter, and are afraid of falling in your palms, and you are afraid of it in your mouth, but what about you, Xia Yan you hurt is hit into a fool, and now it hurts him.Get away. Summer star … "Xia mother turned her head and looked at her. The elegance and noble in previous years were no longer there, leaving only her eyes and kneeling on her knees" 咚 "."Mom?" Xia Xing was anxious to pull her up, but was blocked back.

Just listening to Xia’s mother slowly begging: "It’ s a mother for you, okay? Please bring Xia Yan back. I also ask you to leave our Xia family and let our family live a good life. We … can’t afford to toss."Boom -Summer Star stiffly stared at the mother who shouted for more than 20 years in front of her.Indeed, she knew that she was not born from the Xia family.I know that Xia Yan is not his brother, but the warmth brought to himself in this family is the most precious in this life.The half -life of her brother changed her kidneys.The second old man of the Xia family gave up 30%of the shares just to pave the way for himself and let himself marry his own heart.They are good, they have always remembered their hearts, and they dare not forget.

Ah … greedy is used to happiness, and he is always reluctant to leave.But … but she couldn’t help her.Summer star stepped back, slowly bent down his knees, kneeling on the ground.With a "bang", his head touched the ground, and three noises."Dad, mom. Thank you for so many years of love, Tian Xing Yong keeps his heart, it is your daughter to live up to you, I will definitely bring my brother back. You two, please take care. Forgive your daughter’s filial piety." Xia Xingxing again heavilyAfter nine sounds, he had been bleeding with his head.The second old tears of the Xia family fell.I wanted to pull the summer star, but I didn’t get this hand in the end.They are old and can no longer bear more disasters.Bar box.

The singing and dancing inside, the star in the summer was stinging outside the door with the pain of the knife mouth."Let her come in." After a long time, it was dark in front of the summer. When I couldn’t persist, I heard what the people inside came, and stabbed my thighs fiercely and followed.As soon as I entered the door, I saw the noble man sitting in the center of the crowd.Take a deep breath, stand in front of Shen Matting, and begging: "Mo Ting, I want to ask you and let my brother. Even if you hate me, you hate the Xia family, but these have nothing to do with Xia Yan.I am stupid, I beg you, let him go. "" … "The people around could not help looking at Xia Xing’s voice.The look and ridiculous look of the tricks projected on the summer star like a needle.Shen Manting’s face was extremely dark after hearing what she said.Aside from her wanting to grab her hand tightly, and sneered: "Summer star, you are really infatuated, and you will come here to ask me. Why, you can’t wait for Xia Yan to go back to satisfy you now just after cutting the birth?If you are lacking in a man, there are some. "Shen Matting raised his eyebrows and looked at her. The bottom of his eyes was like a hard ice edge, as if he could break the heart of the summer star that had already been sore.The lips were tight, and the palm of his fingers was already bleeding.

"Please, let go of Xia Yan." She repeated over and over again, but Shen Matting’s anger was getting bigger and bigger.Squatting down, pinching Xia Xing’s chin, a bad smile: "Summer Star you want me so anxiously to let me put Xia Yan, in fact, just to find a man to satisfy you, okay, it is not impossible to let him go.As long as you serve the men here, please please them! I’m happy, I will let him go! What about you said?! "" … "The eyes of the men around me were shining in an instant, but summer stars were unbelievableLooking at the man in front of him.The man in front of her had a pair of deep eyes, and her eyes made her add to her for more than ten years, but she never knew that there was such a cruel heart hidden under the eyes.

Summer star laughed.Looking up at him.Thin lips lightly."Okay, talk about talking?" Shen Matting never thought that he turned out to be a woman’s face with a smile. She didn’t even have a little fear.The summer star in front of him has stood up, walking in front of one of the men, not even paused, and began to unbutton the button on his chest.She had just come out of the ward, and her blue -and -white vertical patient’s service had no time to change, her face pale, but at this moment, the beautiful smile on the woman’s face became the best makeup, and she couldn’t see it."Sir, what service do you want?" She pulled away her placket, revealing her white shoulders, like a veteran of Fengyue.The man in front of him had already changed from frightening to greedy expectations. He couldn’t help but want to hold her shoulders, but was dragged from behind.Shen Matting’s face was so dark that he could drip ink.

Griting his teeth and looked at Xia Xing, and yelled at the people around him: "Roll!" The people around him rolled out in scared.As soon as people left, Shen Matting pulled Xia Xing’s wrist fiercely and pressed her on the sofa of the box.The fierce in those eyes almost crushed her."Summer star, are you so cheap? For a Xia Yan, are you selling your body at all?!" He was so angry that he was mad, his eyes were bloody, staring at the white shoulders exposed by the woman, biting it fiercelyGo down."His-" Summer Xing painted tears, but he was still stubborn in his mouth: "Now everyone runs, can you just let my brother only get the man in Shen Shen?" "…" …… "Shen Matting paused before reacting that she was pointing at the agreement, and the heinous anger almost extinguished his whole person.

So far, what she thinks is the Xia Yan!Her ruthlessly holding her neck."Yeah, please please me, you didn’t say you like me in the past, please me to go to you? Now I give you a chance, you come!" Shen Matting has completely forgotten the restraint.Surgery, he only hates now.Is it only Xia Yan in her eyes that is the most important thing? When she was waiting with him in the past three years, she thought about Xia Yan in her heart.Xia Xing once said that he loved him in a vivid manner, it was fake!What just want to leave a child for him is fake!Summer Star, you scammer!——The body is deep and floating, and the sore lips of the summer are bitten, and the man stopped until Shen Manting’s mobile phone rang."Hello?"

Shen Matting continued to the phone impatiently, but when he heard the response from the inside, his face suddenly changed, and he looked at the summer star like a broken doll on the sofa, twisted his brow, and said, "The convener went out to go out.Look, I’ll get it in a while. "After speaking, I was going to leave.Xia Xing has nothing to do with what he said on the phone, but listening to this tone is nothing more than Han You’er happened again."She disappeared again? Hehe ~ Why not go to me this time?" "Summer Star!" "If you want to go, please keep my brother in accordance with my brother, you have to go to your Han You’er, I don’t, I don’t wantWill stop. "Xia Xing reluctantly sat up and looked at him. From the perspective of Shen Matting, he could see the blood and scars between the women’s legs.Shen Matting said what to do. "A irritable one turned the coffee table and got up and left.As soon as people left, the summer star finally seemed to be collapsed and collapsed on the sofa.Looking at the ceiling, the tears in the corner of the eyes fell down.She knew that all she did today in Shen Matting was extremely cheap, but other than that, she had no other way!

—— "You don’t want to know what Mo Ting walked so hurriedly for me?" Suddenly, a sharp voice rang in his ears, and Xia Xing didn’t need to see who it was -Han You’er."Sure enough, is it your trick again? It’s addicted to pretending to leave home?" "Do you think too much, I don’t need that need now, after all, we will get married in a few days. Why should I go for this?I just want to tell you kindly. The reason why Mo Ting went out is because … your daughter is missing. "" What do you say! "" But do you know, your daughter is missing, but it is …Mo Ting planned? "Summer Xing heard his words, stood up sharply, and looked at her with red eyes:" Han You’er, what are you going to fight? You want to lie to me! "" After listening to this passage, you want to think aboutI think I am lied to you. "Speaking of Han You’er, I turned on the phone and turned on a recording. I saw the familiar male voices that came out in it-" Can you conceive, I don’t care.Divorce with Xia Xing, I will also force her to divorce. You can rest assured that what I want to marry is always you. "

The familiar sound, the familiar tone, like the burning smoke, falling in the heart of summer stars, hot holes one after another!"I heard, in fact, those artificial synthesis photos, and you and Xia Yan are lying on a bed, do you think Shen Matting is so stupid to think you really sleep with your brother?The means of divorce. The daughter who takes you away is not because of the child, just to not fall into the population. All of this … Do you understand all this? "Han You’er said, seeing blood.Shen Matting never believed in himself, wasn’t he not believed, but all planned?Lemon organizing a video in front of the summer star when Han You’er was in front of the summer star, and it was exactly that Shen Matting stood outside the door of the hospital and watched the man take off Xia Yan to send it to the summer star bed.

At this moment, she knew that she really lost.Between them, they did not believe it.Some are just scams."Why … why do you do this?" "It’s just for the Xia family’s 30%of the shares. The car accident three years ago was just one of them." "…" Xia Xia Xing was a bit standing a little on the whole person.I couldn’t stop, her body shake slightly, her eyes scarred at Han You’er, and she desperately told herself that this was just the word of this woman, which was not enough to testify, but the bloody facts were in front of herself.She thought that all the crimes she bears was the strategy that the man had carefully calculated, all of which were just for the property behind her, and forcing her to leave!"Hehehe … hahaha …" Xia Xing couldn’t help laughing, but smiled and laughed with tears, and his heart had been broken into a film."Take me to my daughter. I want to see my daughter with my own eyes!" "No problem! It’s okay at any time." Han You’er raised his eyebrows.

The knife mouth under the star in the summer has long collapsed, and the blood stained with the patient’s clothes, the whole person is almost crazy, but she seems to be able to feel the pain, and she can no longer feel those strange eyes hitting her.Seeing it.Just like the beggar walking in the ice and snow, there is only one living hope, her daughter.But nightmares are far less than that.When Han You’er took her to the disappearance of her daughter, she just saw Shen Matting’s assistant holding the little, just born child.But when Xia Xing rushed over and grabbed in his arms, the child had no temperature on his child."No-" Summer Star screamed.Hold the child desperately, "Don’t, baby, don’t, please wake up, look at your mother at a glance …" Xia Xing shook the child in his hand almost crazy, but the child was already out of anger,Little face is green.

She held the little palm in the palm of her hand, and the cold temperature came between the cold.Her hope, her daughter, that’s it … no more … haha … no … this is her dream of so long.When the child was still in her belly, she was fantasizing what she would be like.Is it like you more or like Shen Matting’s ice face?She even thought about it. Even if Shen Matting didn’t want their mother and daughter, she would not say that the person was not at all.She wants to put her good -looking boots, want to put her on a small princess, and want to make her all kinds of hair.Even if she had no Shen Matting, she and her children could still live happily.She only wants the most love for her daughter to make her the happiest princess in the world.But … all of this is gone …

Her child, her little princess left only a cold body, and she would never breathe anymore.I will never come over like someone else’s children, calling my mother … "Hahaha …" "Hahaha …" Xia Xing hugged the child and laughed at the corner of his mouth, but his face was on his faceTears dripped on the ground."Mrs., the little lady had no breath when we arrived, yes … the kidnappers were alive … The kidnappers were there, we were waiting for the police to come over." The assistant followed the explanation.Summer star was silent for a long time, and then looked up at the kidnapper kneeling on the ground.The eyes were empty, but a frightening paranoia was born.He picked up a fell knife from the ground and rushed to the kidnappers.When Shen Matting and the police arrived at the scene, they were all bloody.Everyone watched the summer star holding the dagger, and tied to the kidnapper again and again.The woman squatted on the ground, her hair erupted, holding her children in one hand, but she was stunned to the corpse of the kidnapper fell on the ground with one hand. She splashed her blood, like the devil crawling out of hell, and only mechanically repeatedly killed.

"Summer Star!" Shen Matting wanted to rush in madly.But Xia Xing looked up at him.Suddenly, a bright smile raised, crazy to terrible, beautiful!She slowly lifted her hand, and the just pulled out of the knife was still with warm blood, and the ticking dropped on the ground."Shen Matting, I’m killing, you, are you satisfied?"

"Summer Star!" Shen Mating wanted to take the knife down.But the woman turned to look at him, and the hand holding the child’s body gradually tightened."Shen Matting, you hurt me like this, are you still satisfied?" She repeatedly asked about this sentence, but Shen Matting couldn’t even answer. He didn’t know how to answer, but only felt that the current summer star was wrong.No right!But before he had time to stop, the woman turned his knife and tied him fiercely at his body.The knife hurts the body, but the summer star feels only the pleasure of liberation."No!" Shen Matting stunned his eyes and rushed madly, holding the man in his arms.

"Don’t want to ~ Xia Xing, are you crazy? I don’t allow you to die!" But the man in his arms was tears in his eyes and looked at him with a smile."Shen Matting, I liked you for more than ten years. Do you know how happy when you know that you marry you as a wife? I thought the night when I saved you three years ago, what we made can finally be realized. But you cheatedI. "The woman was flowing, and Shen Matting stunned to cover her wound.But the warm blood still came out of the fingers.Obviously such a thin body, why have there so many blood.

"Don’t talk, I will take you to the hospital now, don’t die." Shen Matting was so scared that he took the person to take the car and ordered someone to drive quickly.But the people in their arms laughed, dragging the man’s hand to the direction of his kidneys. Shen Matting looked at his fingers, and seemed to be able to enter the body of Summer Star and touched the warm organs."You … say me with a mouthful, I … I owe Han You’er’s kidney, people like me … cough … I do n’t have to use a means to live." "So now … this kidney, I don’t want it.You. "" Don’t say anymore, please, don’t … "Shen Matting’s eyes blushed, I couldn’t wait for the current summer star to close their mouths, but the voice of the other party murmured was like a magic sound."Shen Matting, since then, I no longer owe you anymore. But … in this life, you will never know … Mine …"

"Shut your mouth! Don’t say anymore, I beg you, don’t talk about it!" The man blushed her eyes tightly in her arms, but the person in her arms slowly closed my eyes … "Fast quicklyA little bit, faster. Fuck you, hurry up! "Shen Matting kicked the driver fiercely, unbuttoned his clothes and hugged people in his arms.Cold, she couldn’t get cold, he wanted to cover her heat.She is not good at body and has always been afraid of cold.On the day of the marriage, it was June day, but she wrapped herself tightly, saying that it could not be frozen.He didn’t want her to be cold when she left.It was not her … when he rushed to the hospital, the people in her arms had long lost their consciousness. Shen Matting hugged the summer star and hugged all the way. When she was numb when she was at the entrance of the hospital, even the doctor would take her from herself from herself.When he took it away, he didn’t feel at all.

"Mo Ting ~" When Han You’er chased over, he saw Shen Matting leaning on the wall outside the operating room, even sitting and forgot to sit.She has seen this scene twice!I can’t help but flashes jealousy."Mo Ting …" "You’er, what do you look like when you lose blood?" "What?" Han You’er stunned and didn’t understand what Shen Matting meant.But the man in front of him seemed to be talking to her, as if he didn’t talk to him, and said to himself: "When you have so many blood, will you be afraid, will it be cold?There is no feeling of consciousness … what is it like?! "

"Mo Ting, what are you talking about? I … I don’t understand …" Han You’er looked at him and wanted to soothe.However, Shen Matting waved his hand and followed the wall, squatting tremblingly on the ground, his eyes emptied.This is the first time Han You’er has seen such Shen Matting.Why?Why?Is it because the rescued woman is now in it?"Mo Ting, you can rest assured that Sister Tianxing wouldn’t have anything to do. She was also like this last time. Has it? Sister Tianxing has always been strong, you can rest assured …" Hearing the word "strong", Shen Matting’s mind appeared in the mind of her mind. She was obviously not good since she was a child, but she always had a pair of stubborn eyes.What about it?Summer star …

Will it be strong like a hedgehog?IntersectionAll day and night, how long the lights were on, how long Shen Matting waited outside. The doctor changed the batch of batches. Even the Xia family came, and he did not leave half a step.Even he didn’t know what he was waiting for, and he hoped what he could wait.Until because it was too long, he almost fainted and was shouted by Han You’er to take some things to eat, but when he came back, he found that the lights in the surgery were finally destroyed.Shen Matting’s blood -filled pupils couldn’t help shrinking, and stepped over."Doctor, what’s it? What about Xia Xing?" "Mr. Shen, Ms. Xia, you have woke up, there is no danger of life, and now he has been taken away by the Xia family." Hearing that Xia Xing was in danger of life.At the time, Shen Matting froze, and then the corner of her mouth suddenly raised.She … didn’t die.Hehe … she didn’t die.

Very good.Summer stars are still there.She is still alive.He knew that Xia Xing’s unable to die will not yield so easily.She will definitely live well."Thank you, doctor." I couldn’t help but thank the doctor with a smile, but the doctor couldn’t help but shook his hand again and again, his face was quite ugly.Han You’er, who has been behind Shen Matting, can’t help but hold it. For so many years, I have never seen Shen Matting who will say thank you for a day, do this … Is it for Xia Xing’s bitch?IntersectionThat bitch was hurt like that, but he hadn’t died yet?Intersection

Why didn’t she die earlier!Han You’er gritted his teeth and followed Shen Matting back to the car.Since Xia Xing’s bitch is okay, he must hurry up to become Shen Matting’s wife, let Mo Ting marry herself as soon as possible. Only when she married, she became the grandma of the Shen family, and Xia Xing would not have the opportunity to take advantage of it."Mo Ting … Since Sister Tianxing is okay, then our wedding three days later … What should I do? Actually, I know that your mood must be bad, but because of the one after another, I have a bit of it because of the one after another … I’m afraid of draggingWill you … "Han You’er looked at him with a pitiful look.Shen Matting twisted his eyebrows.Shen Shengdao: "As the wedding is always, what I talk about will be done." Han You’er was about to be happy, but listened to Shen Matting: "But now the more important thing is to settle the first child first, she is frightened." "First? "

Han You’er stunned.His face changed sharply."What are you talking about Mo Ting? Chu Er … No death?" How could it be!Even if she had never seen the child, she obviously arranged someone to steal the little hybrid and kill it. It just happened to take this opportunity to stimulate Xia Xing, that is, she hopes to murder her.It’s okay now. Summer stars have been forced to commit suicide and have fallen off a murderer, but that small hybrid has not died?IntersectionHow can it be possible!"The first child didn’t die, I found it." "The child who was dead was not the first child. I would contact Police Officer Song to find out, and …" Shen Matting paused and suddenly said, "Why is the scene where the summer star is killed,Only the tied kids and her and the dead baby, who led her to the end. These … I will find out clearly. "Even if Xia Xing has not died, he will definitely not allow anyone to dare to dare to dare to dare to dare to dare to dare to dare to dareFake it under his eyelids.Hearing a man’s ruthless sound.Han You’er was panicked.She had already arranged for someone to delete the video surveillance of the summer star in the bars, and even all the traces about her at the killing scene were cleared, but in case Mo Ting would find it, it would be found.Intersection

No, it will never be found. There is no clues, even the police will not find out that the case is related to her.This matter has nothing to do with her!It was her Xia Xing who had nothing to do with her with a knife herself!—— Three days later, the Shen family was married, and the bride was the Qianjin of the Han family, Han You’er.Han You’er hid in the corner with the mobile phone sneakyly, and the people who rushed to the other side shouted: "I don’t care, the summer star kills, if you don’t deal with it clean, you don’t think about the money anymore.Maybe you will be trembled, so you do it yourself. "Hanging the phone, turned his head and saw Shen Matting standing coldly and looking at her.Han You’er’s body stiffened and laughed: "Mo Ting, why did you come down? I just …" But Shen Matting looked at her quietly, and then shook her head and settled her mind.He even regards Han You’er in front of him as a summer star.Thinking of that woman … I don’t know how she is … "If you have any trouble, you can come to me at any time. From today, you are Mrs. Shen, and you don’t need to be polite to me with money." "… Okay …"

Han You’er heard that Shen Manting had not heard what he said, so he temporarily put his heart back into his stomach."Mo Ting, the ceremony is about to start …" Han You’er looked at Shen Matting’s arms with a shameful face and walked towards the red carpet, full of happiness.When the two were about to embark on the red carpet, the surrounding guests stood up and cheered. Han You’er was even more embarrassed, but when Shen Matting was in front of a group of people, he heard an extremely uncomfortable voice."The Shen family really had a face to have a wedding. The Xia family did not attend. It seemed to be troubled." "How to attend, but the Xia family is now doing funerals. Could it be a black attending the wedding?"Funeral … Shen Matting suddenly paused, his eyes suddenly cold, staring at the other party:" You say it again, the Xia family funeral … Who’s? "The man was a little stunned on the spot, but Shen Matting froze to death.In his eyes, he could only reply to: "Xia … Miss Xia, Xia Xia Xing’s." Boom -Shen Matting’s whole body was soft and almost paralyzed on the ground.Miss Xia family’s funeral of Xia Xing?How can it be!He didn’t believe it."Who will giving you your right to curs her?!"

Shen Matting suddenly shouted, but the man’s face changed."I didn’t curse her, it’s true … The Xia family is preparing the funeral now …" Before he said, Shen Matting turned to leave, and his face was cold."Mo Ting …" Han You’er hurriedly caught up and pulled Shen Matting’s sleeves. "Our wedding has just begun, you are gone now, what should I do?! Mo Ting … Don’t go, okay?" But she didn’t knowThe current Shen Matting has completely lost his mind, pushing away her hand relentlessly and running out.He had only one message on his head, and the star died in summer.

How can it be?How can that woman die?The doctor said that she was in danger of life and was brought back by the Xia family.Isn’t it just gone?Isn’t it just that there is a kidney?She will not die.He hasn’t died yet, why can she leave first?IntersectionIt must be fake, and the man must be lied to him.Summer star, I know this must be a small means you want to lie to me. You must not die, you just don’t want me to get married, isn’t it?IntersectionYou wait!The car drove quickly to the Xia family, and Han You’er chased out could only see the man who drove the car and left.Emperor gritted his teeth.Summer stars, you’d better die, otherwise I will not let you go. Even if you do n’t die, I will let you pay the price for me today!Intersection

The wedding car stopped at the door of Xia’s house, but Shen Matting felt cold, and no longer had the energy to support him to drive the door."What are you doing here! We don’t welcome you!" Father Xia just saw the dazzling wedding car when he sent his relatives and friends who had traveled to and from, and his chest was undulating.When he heard Father Xia’s question, Shen Matting slowly raised his head, but his eyes were dark.He stabbed his heart pain.After a creeping several times, the lips slowly spoke: "She … is she …" "Isn’t it better than that of Mr. Shen, we are blind in this life. Please also drive your wedding car and leave your wedding car.A little farther, so as not to sleep in the ground underground. "Father Xia calmly faced.Pain … it is no pain.It seemed to be in his heart from the soles of his feet, and he couldn’t move his whole person."I … can you go and see her …" "Get! Are you embarrassed! Do you know what the star has done for you! Shen Matting, why do you still have a face to get angry!" "I’m sorry … I’m just I’m justWant to see her … ask you! "

Shen Matting slowly got out of the car, respectfully begging.Father Xia couldn’t help but stunned."Let him come in." Xia Mu couldn’t see it, so he let him go in.After getting married, for three years, Shen Matting has never been to the Xia family, and even knows that the door is straight to a green grass, and the end is the hillside that Xia Xing likes from an early age.She said that it was the most beautiful place in the Xia family."Mo Ting, one day in the future, if I die, please ask me to return me back to the hillside of the Xia family. I know you are unwilling to be buried with me. When I die, I will fulfill you and Han You’er."What would she feel uncomfortable when she was thinking about this when she said this?Will there be tears in your eyes?Why did he only remember that she said that she liked herself. She said that she had to walk behind her in this life, so that she could see herself at all times and run with her footsteps.Yeah … So in the past three years of marriage, what kind of result he gave her.Every time, Shen Matting felt that the blood was flowing back.

Knowing that it was that result, but he just refused to die."It’s here, but please raise your hands high, don’t make the star unsightly." Mrs. Xia looked at the tombstone, the girl’s photos, and her eyes were red.Shen Matting’s entire back was stiff. She looked at the tombstone that was built in front of her, and carved a string of characters on it -the tomb of the love girl.This is … her grave.She … I really died … "She has paid enough for you. Even before dying, she was still thinking about you." Shen Matting’s hanging hand kept shaking, slowing for a long time, her eyes were slightly slightly, her eyes were slightly slightly, her eyes were slightly slightly, her eyes were slightly slightly, and her eyes were slightly slightly.Move: "What did she … say?" Mrs. Xia shook her head sighed. "She said, don’t tell you when she died, let you be alive, she still can’t help you owe her. What she wants is to live well. "Boom -Shen Matting’s straightened back trembled slightly, and her tall figure could hardly stand up, as if she could fall in the next second.Want to live well yourself?

So … she didn’t even plan to inform him even her funeral.Summer Star … Are you really desperate for me?But don’t you say that even if you die, you will not leave me?You said you are going to be entangled until I like you.You also said that the only person you want to marry in your life is me. You have to live desperately to prevent other women from getting closer to me.Why are you … eaten?Liar … Summer Star, you are a big scammer.You lied to me again … – Han You’er waited for a long time in the Shen family and finally waited until the drunk Shen Matting came back.Today, she really has enough vision, and never knows that Shen Matting will be so disagreed."Mo Ting, you drink too much." Han You’er wanted to help Shen Matting, but the other party took her directly and vomited- "Ah!"

The vomit fell on Han You’er’s body, and made her a well -known silk pajamas embarrassed, and her body was disgusting."Boil me a bowl of sober soup, put less sweet, I don’t like too sweet." The man fell asleep with his eyes closed."…" Han You’er was so angry that this was clearly treating her as a summer star. She didn’t expect that even if the two got married today, Shen Matting thought about summer stars?She can’t wait to raise a slap now, fan on the man’s face, and let him look clear, who is standing in front of him now.Han You’er ordered the nanny to feed Shen Matting after getting the sober soup. After drinking, he took a bath, and then spent the power of nine cows and two tigers to drag people into bed.Looking at the drunken Shen Matting, Han You’er was so angry that it was their wedding night tonight, but because of a summer star, they were all stirred. Isn’t it just dead?What’s the big deal!Han You’er smiled coldly, unbuttoned his clothes, and posted it on Shen Matting."Mo Ting, don’t forget that today is the day we get married, you … don’t you want me?" Han You’er hugged Shen Matting as a snake.Shen Matting rolled over and pressed her under her.

Han You’er was suppressed and his heart was jumping. Sure enough, men would not think of others at this time.But what she didn’t expect was that the people on her body suddenly looked like, biting it, and biting her neck."Ah -hurt …" Han You’er covered her neck painfully, and her eyes were red and glared at Shen Matting: "Mo Ting, what are you doing …" Shen Matting blocked his eyes and whispered: "I go to the guest room to sleep, you, youSleep well. "After speaking, he was going to leave, and Han You’er’s face became irony.Stand up sharply and grabbed Shen Matting’s hand deadly, "What do you mean, what do you mean to sleep, do you know what day is today!"When the begging, a little angry face, suddenly seemed to see another person.This is the same, standing behind himself, begging: "Mo Ting do you know what day is today, even if you love her anymore, but please give me a little time? Just a little, okay?""Star …" The man murmured."What are you talking about?" Han You’er stunned.What did she just hear …

Sky?He watched his face shouting the name of summer star?"Shen Matting, see who I am, I am Han You’er, not your summer star, the bitch is dead! She is dead!"superior."Since she has gone, please remember not to scold her again, Han You’er, she owed you to pay off!" After that, the man didn’t return, and left her hand and left.Han You’er was in place.Shen Matting hit her!He even hit himself for the dead man of Xia Xing!She suddenly remembered that Xia Xing said."Shen Matting is a cool man. When he wants to love you, you are the treasure that holds him in his palm, but once he doesn’t like you, you are his eyes avoided!" No …Mowing

No, she will never let Shen Matting dislike herself, and she will never leave Shen Matting.The alive summer star did not win himself, just a dead person, how could it still occupy the man’s heart?The lemon was sorted out and on the other side, Shen Matting went to the guest room, but could no longer sleep.He sat quietly on the bed and watched a drop of the room.He remembered many times when he came back and didn’t want to see that woman, she always felt that she would sleep here automatically.He had never glanced at her, and even had not even stepped on the cold room as frozen cave.Is this like this here?He couldn’t help but reach out and stroke a brocade quilt. Here … Is that the place where the man used to sleep?He heard the servant report that Xia Xing didn’t even enter the master bedroom because he did not come back all the year round. Only when he wanted her, he would sleep there.She is really a silly woman … She is obviously the hostess of this house, but she is not as good as a person.

What a fool.But the fool was scolded in his mouth, but Shen Matting knew in his heart that the humbleness of Xia Xing was given by herself. When did the former Miss Xia family be humble?Shen Matting fell on the bed, and the tip of his nose sniffed the taste of that person.Obviously, I had already drank a lot of wine, but my mind became more and more sober, and she missed that person more and more.He is probably … crazy.A month later, the Shen’s Group, the president’s office."Mo Ting, you haven’t gone back for two weeks. Let’s take a look at you, and look at our daughter by the way." She laughed and put the insulation bottle on her hand on the table, turned to look at Shen Matting and hugged it in her handLittle guy -Shen Ruchu.Shen Matting and Xia Xing’s daughter.The little guy was only a little bigger a month, but he was taken by Shen Matting every day. Before he was on a business trip, he arranged a hand -to -person photo. He never let Han You’er touch it.Opportunity.Even, until now, Shen Matting has only returned to home twice. Until now, their physical relationships have not happened. Every time she wants to do something, Shen Matting is always looking for opportunities to avoid!Whenever he thought of this, Han You’er couldn’t wait to drag Xia Xing out of the grave out of the grave!

"Mo Ting, don’t you take a break, just hold it, there is me to boil the soup over there, you try it." In fact, the soup in there was not herself at all, but in order to please Shen Matting,She forced herself to learn how to become gentle and gentle like summer stars, so she ordered the maid to imitate the taste of the summer star cooking, and she sent it in person.Shen Matting frowned and pushed Han You’er’s hand that stretched out: "No need, first recognize the birth, just hold the child, you can sit." He said lightly, holding Xiao Chuer,While opening the lid and drinking soup, watching the little guy in his arms blinked and looked at herself, Shen Matting couldn’t help laughing, and picked up a little bit with a spoon to feed her to drink.Spit it out.Han You’er was so angry that his eyes were red.This small hybrid dared to embarrass her in person.But Shen Matting laughed."This little guy’s mouth is quite picky, is it not delicious? Indeed, it is a lot worse than the soup made by your Mummy …" When it comes to summer stars, Shen Matting’s hands with a spoon can’t help but pause a bit., Once that person always changed his tricks to himself, but he did not appreciate it every time.

It is now discovered that that person has long been penetrated into his own aspects.Summer stars, summer stars, you are really pervasive.Just like what you said, you owe me, it’s over … but I owe you, but this life is still unclear … Shake my head, sigh, and cover the soup: "Take it, these laterDon’t send it anymore, you are you, she is her, you will never become her … "" … "Han You’er’s face was embarrassed.But I was unwilling: "Mo Ting, I don’t understand, it is us who love each other obviously, but why do you always remember summer stars at all times, are you falling in love with her? But she is dead!What do you have done sorry for you, why can’t you remember? Obviously she betrayed you first, and it is like Xia Yan. Now why do you seem to have amnesia?Is she dead? "" Bang! "The thermos bottle was smashed on the ground fiercely, making a fierce loud noise.Han You’er’s scared body was a little stiff, but he saw the man’s face with iron appearance, and then said faintly: "Don’t mention these things in the future. Prepare, go to the honeymoon tomorrow, you set the place, I let the secretary arrange it." Go out. "

Han You’er pursed his lips and was unwilling, but he was helpless.After leaving, as soon as the door of the office, Han You’er’s mobile phone rang.As soon as she saw the call from her father again, Han You’er’s face became quite ugly."Han You’er, when can you get that money? Do you know that Shen Matting has begun to investigate the case. His assistant kept calling to harass me.Thirty millions of blocked his mouth, the dead is us. "" Expressive, you know that I want me to ask for money, where I am now the money, and I am married to Shen Matting, but he is still thinking about it in his heart.Summer star, what can I do. Three years ago, you lost your own money, and now you know that you are staring at me to urge it! "Three years ago, the Han family’s fiscal crisis was suppressed by the Xia family at that time.Her father witnessed the Xia family, forcing herself to replace the credit of Summer Star to save Shen Matting, and hook up the summer star, so she promoted the engagement with Shen Matting.However, in order to cut the grass and remove the roots, the Xia family completely defeated the contradiction between the Xia family and the Shen family.Grandma, the Shen family will naturally come forward to protect her, but she did not expect that Xia Yan was not dead, and her parents also temporarily changed their hexagrams, counseled, and afraid of being retaliated, so she took the initiative to askSummer star, to calm down the anger of the Xia family.Even the Xia family was difficult for this, and forced the Shen family to change her fiancee with 30%of the shareholding rights, replaced her from Xia Xing.She has always been a victim of her parents.

No one has always considered her!Parents don’t!There is no Shen Matting!Obviously she had sacrificed so much for Shen Matting, and even a kidney was given, but why did Xia Xing die, and that man is still the dead now?IntersectionWhy!She won’t give up, all this belongs to her, she wants to take it back one by one!"Don’t worry, I will definitely give you 30 million yuan. Tomorrow and Mo Ting will go to the honeymoon. At that time, I will transfer money to you! Don’t bother me anymore." – After Han You’er left, after leaving,In the office, the secretary stood respectfully in front of Shen Matting and reportedly reported: "President Shen, the air ticket you want has been set. In addition, we have found the whereabouts of Qian Qian. Some people say that I have seen him at the gate of the Han family. YouDo you want to check it? "

"Which Han family?" "Grandma’s home." Shen Matting coaxed her daughter to fall asleep.Squinting.Assistant Qian took the initiative to resign the day before the accident in the summer, and then there was no news of him again.Why is a good relationship and disappeared at the door of Han You’er’s house.What does it have to do with Han You’er?Shen Matting opened the dark grid of the drawer. Since the summer star died, there has been a photo in it -summer star.The woman above smiled Qianqian, and there was no half -half.The man’s hands were stunned, wiping distressed on it, for fear of falling a slightest dust on the clean smile.The woman shouted at her in her ears."Han You’er bumped into my brother himself. She just paid a kidney, but my brother paid for a lifetime! Shen Matting, you have blind eyes, but you still ca n’t distinguish it when you are blind. Han You’er’ s kidney is just her parents.In order to calm down my parents’ anger, I donated it! "" That hit, my Xia family’s industry is on the verge of crisis. But what about her Han You’er? Silled a person, did it go to jail? Did you happen? Don’t you still live well alive?! "" Why should I pay the price because of her mistake! "

"Do you believe it no matter what I said?" Her voice questioned, he never believed it, but now … he is a bit dare to believe it, he is afraid … she is what she said is true…. If it is true … summer stars, I will never be clear.The next day, on the car to the airport, Han You’er excitedly held Shen Matting’s arm with excitement, and said happily: "Mo Ting I really didn’t expect you to take me to see the Aegean Sea, I am really happy, thank you …" Shen MattingBended his lips and said nothing. The woman was too lazy to take care of the woman along the way.Suddenly, Han You’er took a buzzing mobile phone in his hand, and when he saw the information on the mobile phone- "When to make money, I can’t wait. If you don’t make money, you will believe it.All the scandals you do, including you left the hospital to find someone to stab yourself, plant stolen and framed summer stars! I promise that it can be sent to Shen Matting’s mobile phone in minutes. "

Han You’er’s face changed color.The person who sent a message this time was not her dad, but assistant Qian!At that time, I just wanted to buy people around Shen Matting, which increased credibility, but now I did not expect that he was caught by him, and he wanted to thread her!Cold eyes.After calculating it, I turned my head and looked at Shen Matting with a smile, and slammed my mouth and coquettishly: "Mo Ting ~ When I go to the honeymoon, can I see those luxury jewelry or something, I want to buy one or two pieces for meMom, and those good sisters who have been playing from childhood, they all envy me to marry you, you say these gifts … "" Yes. "Han You’er jumped and continued:" ButI am afraid that you will be troublesome when you go shopping with me. Can you give me the money first, and I will go out for a while? "

"How much do you want?" Han You’er almost laughed, never expected that Shen Matting would speak so generous."Not much, 30 million." Shen Matting raised his eyebrows calmly.He didn’t know when he was so big that his wife was so big.He became more and more curious, what exactly what Han You’er wanted to do so.Is it really just buying jewelry?Give her the black card with her body."There are exactly 30 million, you can brush. Don’t report to me." "Really? Thank you! Mo Ting!" Han You’er excitedly took the card over.I found a time before boarding, left a bit, and transferred the money of the card to the account of the Qian.When he saw the four words successfully transferred, Han You’er finally fell into a big rock.I called the phone: "The money has been transferred to you. After receiving my money, I have to close my mouth. If I let me know what you dare to say everywhere, I will let you make this mouth.Open! Don’t look for me again! "After that, I pulled the card in the phone and threw it into the trash can.But once, the face was on the face.

"Who would call?" "I am me …" Han You’er panicked the six gods."Mo Ting, how can you be here, just a harassment phone, I just called it." "Really? I don’t know when my assistant has harassed you, since this is the case, why don’t you tell me about me?What? "Shen Matting looked at her with a smile on her lips.But I don’t know why the cold light shot from those deep eyes made Han You’er feel scared."It’s not that, not …" Han You’er tried to explain, but the next second was pinched by Shen Matting’s neck fiercely.The men’s eyes became blood red, the entire handsome face was covered with cold, and the strength on his hands continued to increase, and he almost cut off the delicate neck in front of him.

"If it weren’t for me to investigate, when did you want to hide me, Han You’er!" "I … I didn’t hide you …" Han You’er kept waved his hands to struggle to justify, but Shen Matting’s next second action wasShe thoroughly put her into the death penalty.I saw that the mobile phone on his hand was placed on the screen of the phone, and he answered her call after being controlled by the assistant of Qian!In other words … Assistant Qian has been controlled by the police, and Shen Matting has just been waiting for himself!"He has already explained clearly. On the day of the accident, the person you ordered the first child would stole the first child, but the assistant Qian had never seen the child, so he stole the wrong. After you killed the child, he found another person again.Pretending to be a kidnapper and induced the summer star to kill people. "" There are still three years ago, everything is just because the Han family wants to target the Xia family, so the conspiracy created.The Shen family’s hand suppressed the Xia family, is it like this?! "Suddenly, Han You’er’s whole person was like a ice cellar, his face was pale and terrible, and his lips were stunned:" It’s not that, no … I don’t, these are not what I do to do what I do… No … "" These are all my parents, it is their conspiracy, it has nothing to do with me, these have nothing to do with me. "

"Mo Ting, I beg you, don’t drive me away, I’m wrong, I am wrong, but I ask you, but I love you, even if I have mistakeI love you. I still saved your life, you can’t catch me … "" If it wasn’t for that, you will not appear here now, Han You’er, roll it. "Shen Matting leaned her coldlyOn one side.Han You’er fell to the ground.The whole body trembled.What a very angry, this time he was really angry."Before I change my mind, quickly disappear!" Han You’er stunned, running away evenly."President Shen." As soon as people left, the secretary followed closely, looking at the man who seemed to be angry at once in front of him, "What should I do next?"

"Acquired Han’s, don’t give any chance to resist." "Yes." The secretary nodded, but when he looked at Shen Matting, he was a little hesitant: "Mr. Shen, then you are now …"Go back. "After speaking, he waved his hand and walked forward trembling.At this moment, he felt tired of unprecedentedly.After all, he was still here.Xia Xing said nothing wrong.It was never summer stars who cheated him, but Han You’er.She said it was wrong.He was blind.The true and false of the facts are unclear, and now he deserves everything, and he deserves that the person to leave him. These are all found by himself. He can’t complain about others!The car, I do n’t know where to drive. The city A, who did n’t think it was big, now became a little strange, a little empty, as if there was nothing here.

He Shen Matting everything.When the car stopped at the gate of the Xia family.Shen Matting wanted to go in to take a look at the man."After waiting for a long time, no one came." In the past, the Xia family, who was famous, even seemed to be caught in an ashamed at this moment, and even the person who watched the door was gone."Sir, who are you looking for?" "I want to go in and take a look, Miss Xia’s tomb." "But no one is there in the Xia family, Mr. Xia has long moved away." "Moved? That tomb?… "" That tomb is still there, but no one seems to see it. Maybe the Xia family and the old lady are hurting. If you want to see it, go through the wall directly …Anyway, no one cares about it … "The uncle sweeping the street left shaking.

After all, Shen Manting still did not turn over the wall.He didn’t want the Xia family to hate him again.Just look at it from a distance … Five years later."Daddy, I want to pull the rap." On the conference hall, a tender voice sounded, and the little girl blinked a pair of big eyes and looked at Shen Matting. The grievance’s face was cute.The high -level seniors around him seemed to be accustomed to it. He silently stopped his hands on the keyboard and waited for the Supreme Director of the Shen Group to wipe his baby daughter in person.Since the sensational divorce of five years ago, Shen Matting suddenly became a golden single man in the entire city.Although divorced twice, after all, the appearance and net worth are there.

The money that wants to marry into the Shen family is one after another.However, Shen Matting is like a sudden not interested in women, and even the outside world still has many rumors that Shen Matting will transform and like men, otherwise they will not be in a man’s pile all day.All the secretaries of the Shen Group were replaced by a man, making senior executives from all over the company.There is a tiger in the house to watch, and it is easy to want to make a beautiful little secret to appreciate it outside, but the entire company is a male secretary.The boss couldn’t bear it, but he couldn’t bear it.However, in the past five years, the cause of the Shen Group has been booming. It has already become the largest group of Huaxia State and has almost developed into a major chaebol.In addition, Shen Matting’s pet daughter is also famous.Regardless of whether it is a business trip or a meeting in the company, even if you go out and attend the banquet, as long as Shen Matting is at, there will always be the little guy.That’s also a common thing.Shen Matting’s pet daughter was outrageous, but helpless.Not to mention, how many people are envious of Shen Ruchu’s young age but have been spoiled.

The little guy on the toilet was grievance.Shen Matting saw this distressed, and squatted down and coaxed patiently: "What’s wrong?" "Daddy, I’m sorry … I didn’t want to disturb you at first, but I couldn’t help it …I have any opinions on you … I’m sorry … "Listening to the little guy’s apology, Shen Matting felt that his heart had gone.Outsiders said that Xiao Ru was spoiled to the sky, but who knows that this child is so sensible. The reason why she spoils her to the sky is just to make up for her inner guilt.Hearing the little guy said that, Shen Matting was not a taste in his heart."Rest assured baby, no. Nothing is more important than being with you. You are the most important thing now!" "But if Mommy is there, you don’t need to work so hard. I know Daddy EarthDon’t worry about giving me to others, but if Mummy is there, Daddy, can you rest assured? "Shen Matting was silent for a long time, and asked for a long time," Do you want Mommy if you want Mommy?Is it? "The little guy didn’t squeak.But Shen Matting saw that no matter how good he was, the growth road of the little girl always needed her mother to accompany. If the star is there, the first child will have a happier childhood.

Unfortunately … the man had left them … Everything he could give to the existence of that person after all.Sky … If you are there, how good it is."Daddy, look at there, wow, so beautiful, look …" Xiao Ruchu pointed out of the yacht excitedly, the dolphins in the blue ocean yelled.When I saw a smile on my child’s face, I couldn’t help but bent my lips.Shen Ruchu is five years old. In the past five years, she has never mentioned her mother, but he can see that the child’s increasingly grows up, and after all, he needs his mother’s companionship. Perhaps, he is also time to let go.

Over the past five years, every time he reached her taboo day, he couldn’t help but look at the door of the Xia family secretly. The photo of the dark grid in the office drawer has also been grinded by himself.But the man couldn’t come back again.He could leave her position to her, but the first child could not wait."At first, Daddy finds you a mummy? What do you like? Wait, do we see Miss Li?" The face of the little guy changed instantly, and turned to look at Shen Matting:"Daddy, do you want to find my stepmother for me?" Shen Matting looked at her with a headache, and I don’t know who said the word in front of her."Baby, not looking for a stepmother, you need a mommy, I want one more person to take care of you, you, unhappy?!" "Don’t!"

Shen Ruchu suddenly yelled, "You take me here to travel at all, is it because Grandpa wants you to come and find a stepmother! I don’t want it! I don’t want it! My mommy is only summer star! It’s just summer stars!"The little girl suddenly mad, making Shen Manting a little stunned.He thought the child had only needed a mommy to accompany him, but he did not expect that she knew Xia Xing."Daddy, do you think I just want a mommy? I can accept a person I never know, but how about you, can you treat that stranger as a mum?!"Falling down.Shen Matting was silent.She is right.He can barely accept the stranger, but what about himself?"I … but you need a mom …" "What I want is a mom that can make Daddy happy, a mommy that can make Daddy open up, Daddy, I don’t want you to be wronged because I am wronged youI know you are waiting for Mommy to come back … "

The little guy suddenly rushed into Shen Matting’s arms and hugged him tightly: "Daddy, if you are happy, I can accept it …" Shen Matting sighed lips, sighed, and kissed her forehead: "OkayDon’t talk about this, go to sleep. "" Um. "Shen Matting held the little guy in his arms and brought back his room.On the road, the little guy hugged his father’s arm tightly and whispered: "Daddy, I hope you are happy." Shen Matting moved a little and bent down on her forehead and left a kiss: "My first child,I also hope that you are happy. "-The front feet go, and a group of people walking on the rear deck. It is a new couple, wearing a white wedding dress, and a beautiful beauty photographer behind him."The two are standing on the deck, yes, that’s it. The groom is closer to the bride. We use the stars of the sky as the background. Yes, your eyes look at her and the stars of the sky.The Missricht who is together with hand hands. Yes, it is good! "" Click ".The shutter fell, and the bride and groom rushed in excitement.

When I saw the photos in the hands of the photographer, I screamed excitedly: "Ah, Miss Xia, you are really great, this is so beautiful! You are really an excellent photographer." SummerXing humblely shook his head: "It is the two -position face saving my technology. I am also very happy to witness the two happy moments on such an occasion." Xia Xia Xing looked at the photos in his hand, I do n’t know why, I do n’t know why, I do n’t know why, I do n’t know why, I do n’t know why, I do n’t know why, I do n’t know why, I do n’t know whyIt is a very happy frame, but my heart always feels a sourness.It seems that I have experienced such a grand wedding, just … a wedding that is also very sad and not blessed.Holding her head gently, Xia Yan said that she hurt her mind five years ago, and she didn’t remember many things. Even … she touched her back waist, there was a kidney without a kidney, and she also forgotten.Why is it gone?"Miss Xia, we must come tonight, we must come. At that time, there will be beautiful balls. By the way, do you have a boyfriend now? If not, maybe it will be on our wedding.Meet Miss Xia, Mir · Right. "The bride smiled blinking.

But summer stars blushed with some embarrassment."Thank you for your kindness." When the night fell, Xia Xing took the invitation card, put on a mask, and entered the party. Sure enough, the banquet was really extraordinary, and almost everyone on the yacht received an invitation.The people who come and go are beautiful, and everyone has a variety of masks on their faces.And summer star chose a silver feather mask that was not very conspicuous to cover the first half of the face.She had no interest in wiping her shoulders with strangers, but she sat quietly and watched the men and women in the ballroom in the dance hall."Ms. Xia, why are you sitting alone. Go and play together. By the way, I have a few good brothers to introduce you to know you. They are all handsome guys." The bride said with a blink of an eye.Xia Xing wanted to refuse but couldn’t hold the bride’s strength, and dragged her away."Hey? Why are you a few of you? Shen Matting?" The bride swept the people in front of him with a little dissatisfaction.

One of them snorted: "People are not intending to come to your wedding, but just take your daughter to travel. You don’t know that Shen Matting’s personality, not interested in women, all his interests on his baby daughterIt’s on my body … Who is this girl? "The man looked at Xia Xing curiously, and when he touched the face, his eyes were on, but it was a bit strange:" Strange, this lady, this lady, this lady, this lady, this ladyHow do you look familiar? "" You really see anyone familiar. Ms. Xia ignore him. This person and every girl are talking about this rhetoric, so don’t care about him. "Xia Xing was a little embarrassed, it was a bit a bit a little bit embarrassing, it was a bit a bit a bit.I couldn’t help but pumped her hand out of the bride’s hands."I’m sorry, Miss Zhou, I think I am still a little uncomfortable. I still have something to deal with. I will leave first, thank you for your hospitality." She smiled slightly, and turned her head to leave, but the action range was too much to turn around too much.But he hit the people behind him, and even the champagne in his hand could not be retracted, as if it was sprinkled on the man."His-" "It’s over." Those who standing were widened for a while.Incredibly looked at Xia Xingxing and the person behind her.

"Sorry, sir, I am not intentional, I can’t afford it …" Xia Xing’s face was a bit red, and hurriedly put the wine glass aside. He took the paper towel from the waiter and wanted to give the people in front of him.Wipe it, but his wrist was tightly held in his hand."Sir?" Xia Xing raised his head a little bit, and his eyes faced the deep eyes of the man through the mask.Four eyes are opposite, but I do n’t know why, but summer stars have a familiar feeling.This person … "What is your name!" "Uh?" Xia Xing looked at the person in front of him puzzled him, and could feel that he grabbed his wrist, and there was a trembling that was not easy to detect, but out ofPolite, Xia Xing did not break away."Shen Matting, don’t make such a big fire. You will scare people’s little girls like this. Miss Xia is a photographer I invited. You have to leave me a little face." The bride stood up the round, but Shen Matting held it.The power of summer stars has not changed, and it still maintains such actions."I’m asking you, what’s the name …" His voice couldn’t hear his anger, but the resoluteness and irresistible tone were unable to resist.The bride looked a few times and looked at Xia Xing.

I was a little painful … "But the summer Xing just finished speaking, but the people in front of me grabbed her wrist, pulled it hard, and took her into her arms again, holding it."Is it you? Tianxing …" "…" Xia Xing froze.Even the people standing around were froze, and they looked at the scene in front of them. Is this the situation?IntersectionUntil the person who felt a little familiar with Xia Xing slowly said, "No wonder this name is familiar. Mo Ting’s ex -wife seems to be Xia Xia Xing." "…" Whoever said more about his ex -wife knows.And Shen Matting even clarified that Han You’er was not even qualified to be his ex -wife.

He acknowledged the only one.It was also the only pain in his life…. "Uh … sir, do you recognize the wrong person? I’m sorry I don’t know you, do you treat me as other people, do you want to see it?" Xia Xingxing was held for a while beforeSlowly remind you.A little unhappy in my heart, who is this?Didn’t they know well at all?But the people in front of them did not move.Hold her tightly in her arms."…" When the star couldn’t bear to push him away, the man in front of him suddenly said slowly: "Your name is the same as her, and his voice is the same …" The man’s voice is very low, summer starIt was very close to him, and almost all could hear the sense of loss and choking of men from it.She felt a little incredible.What kind of talents will make such a man feel sad?

"Uh … that’s really honored. But sorry, I’m not." Xia Xing still chose to speak and pushed people away.She looked up at Shen Matting, "I don’t know what happened in you, but I believe that that person must be your heart love, but also a very good woman.I am very happy, but I just persuade you, those who are in the past, and the birth of the lives. "She took out more than a thousand yuan from the bag and stuffed it into Shen Matting’s pocket:" This is my compensation.Sorry. "After that, he bowed seriously and turned away.Shen Matting lowered his eyes down, looking at a bunch of red tickets in his pocket, some couldn’t stand.Isn’t it?It’s really not her … "Mo Ting, don’t think about it, that person has gone for five years, and you should let go …" But when people just finished speaking, Shen Matting turned out.In the summer, Xing Xing went out on the deck. As soon as she took off her face, she suddenly stretched a hand behind her, caught her wrist to turn her around.But when he saw the face, Shen Matting was a little stunned."you……"

This face is different from summer stars.It’s different anymore. If you have to say that there are similar places, the outline of the face is very similar, and there are almost the same eyes.The same is clear and transparent, like the stars in the sky."Sir, what else do you have?" Shen Matting was a little loosened."It’s okay …" He thought too much.Not her, after all, it was not her.

Yes, that person has gone for five years.How could it be her.Shen Matting, should you really let go.The pace of a man turned back to the yacht warehouse seemed a little trembling.Summer star stunned.Suddenly I felt painful heart.In fact, since contacting this man, his heart seems to be bewildered by something, beating from control, sourness, numbness, pain … so you will come out.After coming out, her feeling swept again."Sir!" Shen Matting stood up and turned to look at her.

"Excuse me, do we know before?" Xia Xing asked the courage to exit.Shen Manting paused for a moment: "I know, but I know summer stars, not you." How many summer stars in the world, but the only summer star that belongs to him, saying that I will always love myself, I will always love myself, I will always love myself.Xia Xing is gone.Hundreds of billions of stars, but there is no one, what’s the use?"…" Xia Xing looked at him for a few seconds, and finally shook his head.It seems that Xia Yan is right. Since it is, it is definitely not important that she is forgotten. Why should she be so restrained in the past instead of looking forward.——The top floor of Dia Restaurant, the most luxurious restaurant in country Y."Hello, Mr. Shen, I am Li You, you can call me You’er." Shen Matting looked up and saw the face a little bit froze. The person in front of him … looked like summer stars!The woman noticed his gaze, smiled with her lips, and sat in front of the man generously. "Mr. Shen saw the beauty of the beautiful woman so lost?" "No."

Shen Matting shook her head quickly and laughed: "Sorry, I thought I saw a deceased, hello, Miss Li." "I said, Mr. Shen can call me You’er." "But I don’t like this title,I still call you Miss Li. "Shen Matting answered carefully.The opposite Li You’s face became a little ugly, and his hands unconsciously grasped the tablecloth hanging in the corner."Okay, Mr. Shen, can we start ordering?"

Li You smiled slightly, gentle and generous. After getting the permission of Shen Matting, he shouted to order the waiter, but when he became more incredible, Shen Matting felt a little incredible."Do Miss Li usually like to eat these?" "Yeah, I like every dish very much. When at home, Daddy will also ordered someone to make it to me. Why does Mr. Shen not like it? If you mind, I can change it. "" No … "Shen Matting shook his head.Just looking at the stream of dish name, my heart was slightly sour.He remembers that these are all loved by Tianxing … It turns out that there are so many people in the world, obviously there is no blood relationship, but it can be like this. It can be the same as the sound.It can also be the same … a meal is over.Li You took the lead: "I don’t know if Mr. Shen is still satisfied with me?"

Shen Matting nodded: "After a while, I will come to the door to come up, and I will agree with your father’s request, but one thing that needs to be directly told by Miss Li is. After marriage, I will not have any physical relationship with you.I won’t have children with you, but you can’t be bad for your first child, otherwise you don’t have any qualifications to be Mrs. Shen. You need a mother at the beginning, I hope you can take care of her. In addition, you enjoy Mrs. Shen’s identity.I have everything. "" What do you mean?! "Li You’s face changed instantly, and he looked at Shen Matting incredible."I mean it is very clear, you also know that I will agree with you to marry, just because of your face!" "You!" Li Youqi had to be crazy, but the man had left long ago.For a face, did he marry her for this face that was exactly the same as Xia Xing!Li You, shouldn’t be said to be plastic surgery. Han You’er, who changed his identity, was so angry that he wanted to kill Shen Matting.

She never allows this person to insult herself again and again!It is also for a dead man!For this face, she suffered how much she suffered. Since she was caught by Shen Matting five years ago, she left only the young and beautiful face.Going to country Y, went online with the Shen family, and even went to the door to re -enter the door of the Shen family!Okay, since Shen Matting is for her face, she will let Shen Matting pay the price he should pay!

But the matter is far from the case. It didn’t take long for Han You’er to go back. Shen Matting sent someone to send a wedding dress to be worn. The old man Li was so happy that he held Han You’er and kissed him.Touch it.Han You’er was disgusted for a while, but did not dare to resist.The old man Li laughed and opened the flower: "Oh, little baby, you can really do it. I didn’t expect that Shen Matting really looked at you for five years. Why do you say your charm is so great?Even the old man is willing to die on your body, hahaha … as long as you think of Shen Matting’s marrying a woman, I used it by my old man, so fucking a bit cool … "Han You’er’s face couldn’t see the extreme, toleratingI continued to say: "Okay, godfather, let’s take a look at the wedding dress first." After speaking, the people took the wedding dress, but when it was unfolded, Han You’er couldn’t help screating: "AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhShen Matting! "

She never expected that Shen Matting would do this extent. The wedding dress he gave was turned out to be a wedding dress that Xingxing married him in the summer!Let her wear a wedding dress that she is worn to get married, what is he who is in the end!—— "It’s not good, President Shen. After knowing that you go out and see Miss Li, Ms. Shen ran out and disappeared …" Shen Matting received a call from the subordinates on the way back to the hotel, and his face immediately looked.After changing, the pressure of the whole person sank instantly."What do you eat, even a child can’t see it, mobilize all the forces to give me a day I want to find the lady!" Shen Matting who put down the phone was shaking.This is the second time!Chu Er disappeared from his side!The last disappearance was the death of summer stars!This time … he dare not think …

"Little guy, I have said it many times, I’m not your mom, it’s better to call me auntie Auntie …" Xia Xing looked at the little guy in front of me helplessly, a bubble princess skirt, very cute, hair, hairRolling slightly, it looks like a small princess who came out of a rich family.But I do n’t know what’s going on on the square. She took her well and took her and bought her. I did not expect that the girl would rely on herself, and she shouted that she was a mum.She is a single dog, where is such a big daughter … "Little guy, what about your daddy, where are they? Are you going to scatter, what is your name? Auntie takes you to the broadcast station to broadcast it to broadcast it., Help you find your family. "

"I don’t have Mommy, only Daddy … Mommy left very early …" "…" Looking at the little guy’s grievance, Xia Xing was a little distressed.Yes, if there is a mom, it will never let her come out to play alone."Then what is your name, I help you find your father, do you remember his phone? I can call him …" Shen Ruchu blinked his eyes and shook his head."…" "What about your name?" Continue to shake his head.Summer Xing is helpless. Do you really do n’t know his name, or pretend to be stupid here."Then the aunt had to take you to the police station, you disappeared, your father will be very anxious." "Don’t!" Shen Ruchu suddenly excited!Tightly grabbed Xia Xing’s hand: "Don’t! Mommy, don’t catch me away …" "…" "I really don’t have your mommy …"

But no matter how the summer star explains, the child just depends on himself, sitting on the ground and splashing. Many people around you stop watching the mother and daughter, and even some people think that Xia Xing wants to abandon himself.The children are going to take out the video of the mobile phone.A scared summer star hurriedly begged for mercy."Little ancestor, what do you want?!" "Do you take me home, okay? I promise, I will tell you the number and address of Daddy tomorrow." "…" Xia Xing looked at the cunning in front of himSuddenly, if he feels that he is not enough, he will be calculated by a five -year -old girl.Child, your IQ is so anti -sky, do your parents know?Along the way back, Shen Ruchu jumped happily.Fortunately, in addition to the square splash, the little guy is very sensible, and even made a lot of delicious food for himself. Summer Star can’t help but feel that this child is so smart and sensible.There is a distress.

If she has a child, will it be so big?The thought flashed, and the summer star couldn’t help but stunned. Why did she have such an idea?Why did she feel that she had a child?Shen Ruchu is very sticky. No matter what the summer star does, she will keep up with her, as if she is afraid that she will leave.When lying on the bed at night, the little guy also held his arm tightly. Summer Xing shook his head helplessly: "Little guy, aunt, you must tell you, can you not know this in the future? If you are abducted by the bad guy,What to do if you sell it, your father will be sad. "" But I want mommy … "" … "

Xia Xing was stunned and didn’t know how to speak to comfort the five -year -old girl this year."Actually, Daddy is very good to me. I take me wherever I go, but I still hope that there is a mom. Dad has always hid the photo of Mummy in the dark grid of the drawer. I can see Dad several times several times.Looking at the mother’s eyes in the photo red. I want Mommy to come back, but I know … she will never come back. "" Daddy asked me, do you want a new mommy, I refusedAlthough Daddy feels that I am unreasonable and ignorant, but I just want Daddy to know that what I want is not a mum to grow up with me. I want to be happy.With the new mommy, then we will be happy. I don’t want to see Daddy’s sacrifice for my happiness for me. "The little guy leaned closely next to Xia Xingxing and said slowly.The sentence is very long, but the child is fluent. It can be seen that the child’s emotional intelligence and IQ are very high, but the child’s talent is high, and there is a pity that there is no perfect family."Aunt Tianxing, your name is the same as Mommy. The taste on you is the same as Mommy, so I will entangle you back. Can you … promise me, be my mummy for a day, I want to tryA moment, the feeling of being with Mommy. "The little girl’s almost begging made Xia Xing red eyes.It was the second time that someone said that they had the same name as others, which was really a fate.

"Your surname is Shen?" Xia Xing couldn’t help asking.Shen Ruchu stunned, stood up from the bed and looked at Xia Xing."Auntie, how do you know my surname?" "Your father is Shen Matting?" She should be the name if she remembered that the bride was called that day."Yes, yes, Shen Matting is my daddy, my name is Shen Ruchu, and Daddy said, my name is the meaning of the name, I hope to return to the original appearance, everything is as good as the beginning.Over my father. "Shen Ruchu was happy.Xia Xing couldn’t help laughing.The father and daughter of Shen were really in their hearts.She and her father and daughter seemed to be too deep."Well, I have seen it, and your dad also mistakenly thinks that I am your mom, but it’s a pity."

"Well … if you are really my mother, it would be nice." Shen Ruchu sighed.Suddenly his eyes lighted up, and he looked at her excitedly: "Aunt Tianxing, or I introduce my father to you. He has more money and handsomeness, and he is very gentle.The woman wants to enter our house one after another, but I tell you that they are not good enough. Only when I agree can it become the grandma of the Shen family, but you are different.You, your status will definitely be above my father. Would you like to be with my father? "" Well– "Xia Xing couldn’t help laughing, this girl is really a small living treasureWhat do you think?"Sleep, little baby … don’t care about this kind of adult’s affairs, I don’t have this idea yet." Xia Xing will hold Shen Ruchu in the warm quilt, bow your head in the warm quilt, bow your head inHer little face kissed: "Baby first, can you sleep well?" Shen Ruchu sighed like a little adult, hugged Xia Xing’s neck, and kissed her face: "Good night, Mummy. "" … "

Xia Xing was a bit pantonic when he heard the word "Mommy".This is how long this child hides in his heart that he wants to shout.The word "Mommy" may be a common word in life for ordinary people. It can no longer touch the soul, but the only five -year -old child in front of him wants to shout once, but because he is afraid of himself because he is afraid of yourselfToo much eager to cause his father’s sadness.Xia Xing couldn’t help but touch the little face of the fell asleep.This child is really not easy.But what about her own?Summer star was sitting on the bedside, and it was a bit difficult to fall asleep.Since waking up five years ago, she has asked herself countless times. After waking up, she had no memory.She always feels that she is waiting for, but who is waiting for, she doesn’t know.I couldn’t help but touch my chest and questioned myself countless times. In this place, what kind of person was hidden in this place, and why, she chose to forget.

In the early morning of the next day, Xia Xing was awakened by the sound of knocking on the door. Opening the door, a neat row of bodyguards stood outside the door and waited, and the familiar person also stood outside the door.EssenceWhen Shen Matting saw Xia Xingxing, she couldn’t help but be stunned. I never expected that it would be her!"You … how can you be here?" "This is my home. The first child is still sleeping inside. If you come in, a little bit." Xia Xing smiled with his lips, and went to the kitchen to bring the breakfast and brought out the breakfast.When I returned to the restaurant, I found that the bodyguard outside the door had gone, but it was strange that Shen Matting did not enter the room to see Shen Ruchu but sit in the living room with cigarettes, one after another."Don’t you go to see your daughter? Are you not afraid that I am a bad person and how about her?" "You are not the kind of person." Sudden trust made Xia Xing stunned.I do n’t know why, just to simply trust, she feels a bit incredible, as if this person should not believe people as easy as it is now.He should …

The indifferent, selfish, ruthless … hissing -summer star couldn’t help shaking his head."What’s wrong?" "It’s okay, just a little headache, old problem." It seemed that there seemed to be any clip that slipped from his head, but before he could capture it, he disappeared.Xia Xing hasn’t tangled much. In recent years, there have been such things in recent years, but Xia Yan also said that the loss of her memory is only the result of automatic choice of brain body. It should be remembered sooner or later.She will never think of it in her life."Breakfast." She handed the plate to Shen Matting. The man was not polite and took it over to eat, but when he tasted the taste in his mouth, it was almost a moment of time."What’s wrong?" Summer Xing stunned and asked.

"It’s okay." Shen Matting shook his head: "The taste of this side dish is very similar to my wife, already … I haven’t eaten it for several years." "Is it the lady who is the same name as me?I didn’t expect that we were not only similar to their names, but even the crafts! "Xia Xing smiled down, but Shen Matting, who was opposite, sank."Yeah, if a person even has the same name, the same skills, and even the same temperament, how coincidence is it …" His hand holding chopsticks couldn’t help shaking.What he didn’t say was that he had just seen a photo in the inconspicuous position in the living room -the current summer star and Xia Yan.Yes, Xia Yan!He didn’t see this man for too long, he almost forgot the face’s face, but now he will appear here.He didn’t doubt it.But after eating this meal, the doubt became more affirmative!Holding the chopsticks’ hands couldn’t stop shake, even the eyes were reddish.Xia Xing looked at Shen Matting strangely, and seemed to feel whether the person in front of him had any problems.

How can I eat Parkinson for a meal?"Um … you can take Xiao Chuer away after eating. She said a lot of things you last night. This child is very sensible. She is also afraid that she will cause your misfortune because she is too thirsty for mother love.Such a daughter is really happy. "" Yeah, very happy. If there are no children in the past five years, I may not be able to support it. "Shen Matting said with a smile.His eyes looked at Xia Xingxing: "In fact, if you want, she can also be your daughter." "…" Xia Xing returned to the taste and almost did not buckle the bowl on Shen Matting on Shen Matting’s head.EssenceShe remembered what Xiao Chuner said last night and introduced her dad. Now this Shen Matting has a joke. The two are really pro -father and daughter."Mr. Shen, I don’t like such a joke very much, so please converge. You can wake up the first child away."

Who knew that as soon as the star dialect fell, Shen Ruchu’s voice rang from behind."Mommy …" The little guy looked at herself with a pitiful grievances, "Mommy, don’t drive me away, I don’t want to leave you …" "…" Xia Xing wanted to crazy, when will she changeCheng wants to drive her away … Is her biological father here, wouldn’t she go here?And the "Mommy" shouted in the summer blushing and heartbeat.This child really shouted.

I can’t help looking at Shen Matting: "Mr. Shen, I want to make Qianjin stay here, you …" "Isn’t it good? I think it is good. I can see that the first child likes you very much.I was also busy for a while, so please ask Miss Xia to help take care of my daughter. You can rest assured and pay for it. "After speaking, I ran to Xiao Ruchu.Hold your baby daughter.Quietly: "Look at your mommy." As soon as I heard this title, Xiao Ru smiled at the beginning, and whispered: "Do you also see Daddy?" "Well, can you have a mom?Look at your performance. "The little guy was pace with an OK gesture."…" Seeing that the two whispered there in front of themselves, Xia Xing really wanted a white eye to turn over."In this case, I have troubled Miss Xia in the past few days. I still have something, so I go first. At first, I come to see you at night."Watching Shen Matting left, and throwing his baby daughter on her side.Are they all fake?If I am a trafficker, do you don’t want your daughter anymore?

Summer Xing’s vomiting blood has all.But it is undeniable that when he saw Shen Ruchu still staying with himself, he had an inexplicable comfort in his heart."Mummy, are you angry?" The little guy stared at her in awe -inspiring.Xia Xing sighed helplessly and touched her little head: "Don’t worry, I don’t feel angry with you." "Can you be my mother?" "…" Xia Xing still couldn’t help turning it overBlack eyes.Shen Matting, do you teach your daughter like this?Do you want to teach her a small rogue?Intersection

Outside the door, Shen Matting threw a hair to the secretary, and Shen Sheng ordered: "Investigate, what is the relationship between this hair DNA and the lady, and check the trace of Xia Yan." The secretary heard Xia Yan’s wordI couldn’t help but stun."Xia Yan?!" "Master Xia family, but wasn’t it stupid eight years ago? Later, we also investigated that Xia Yan had left with the second old man of Xia family five years ago. Now this is …"Hehe … Moving to leave? Maybe it is just to cover people’s eyes. Five years ago, the stupidity was not necessarily stupid now." Maybe everything five years ago was done by Xia Yan.The secretary nodded thoughtfully, and suddenly remembered one thing: "President, there is still a matter of not being able to report with you yet. Miss Li, Li You, we have a result." We already have a result. "

Shen Matting frowned, his eyes were glory: "Okay, they want to play with them!" "Secretary Yu, I want to know what your husband meant, why did you pass a few more time after several times?Haven’t you come to talk about getting married? "Shen Matting’s inquiry about the Li family has been avoided, and even Shen Matting’s mobile phone number Li family has not been harassed on the head of the secretary.Sentence: "President Li, you don’t have to worry. Our husband has its own degree, but now the time is still immature. When you are mature, you will naturally marry your lady." As soon as he hung up the phone, his face became difficult to look."Damn, the timing is mature, when the time can be mature, and I can’t get the funds of the Shen family. I can’t eat it here." I was so angry that I took a sip of cigars."Godfather, don’t worry first, I will help you find a way …" But who knows, Han You’er’s words fell as soon as the opponent slapped."Sluts, it’s all your bitch, don’t you say that everything is lost? Why don’t the Shen family tip now not mention the stubble with you, if you can’t enter the door of the Shen family, you will walk to me.Look! "

After speaking, leave your hand and leave.Han You’er was so angry that he didn’t dare to say anything to his old man, and could only break his teeth and swallow."Sister You’er, you want our trace of Mr. Shen Shen. We found out that these days he has frequently involved in a community. This is the surveillance information." Han You’er looked at the screenshot of the monitoring. When he saw the figure,Stand up at once."This is …" How could this person look so similar to that person?IntersectionNo!It must be wrong by myself.It may be just that the temperament is similar, and it will not be that person …

She has been dead for five years, why would she still appear?Intersection"This is the woman who has been very close to Mr. Shen recently. I will help you discuss it. This woman’s name is Xia Xingxing." "What do you say! Summer Star?!" Han You’er shouted, Xia XingxingWhy is it called Xia Xia Xing … the same name, the same temperament … this person … "You go to help me find out!" "Yes!" Until the next person left, Han You’er still had a little back to God.Come, if the woman really returned, what should she do … No, this person can’t stay, whether it is summer star or not, as long as it is called this name, no one can live in this world!Intersection

The hotel suite, after the secretary hung up the phone, received the appraisal report from the appraisal office."The president’s report has come out, but the news of Xia Yan has not yet been. It is estimated that it will be time." When he handed the report to Shen Matting. When the other party saw the five characters above, his pupils shrank, and his mood could not help speeding up."Okay, let’s put it there first, just go out first." "Yes." After the man left, Shen Matting’s body could not help but stand on the sofa.Several times I tried my fingers to take a look, but every time I reached halfway, I shrank back.Even Shen Matting himself felt a little funny.He has never been afraid of it, and he will have shrank to this way one day.But……

Will that person really her?Tiantian … Are you really alive?Shen Matting took a deep breath, took the thin two pages of paper, took it over, and the moment he lifted the first page, he almost closed his eyes, as if he was appreciating it, and slowly opened it again.Open your eyes.The sight went down all the way, and finally saw a line of results identifying: "Similarity -99.9%, result: yes", Shen Matting almost jumped up.turn out!She is really the mother of her first child!It’s really summer star!She is really!In the past five years, Shen Matting felt that the blood on her body was still flowing.It was not until now that he felt that he could breathe!Crazy ran towards Xia Xing’s home.

He wanted to hug her, and he wanted to hold her tightly in her arms.He will not leave any excuses.Summer star, you big liar, I won’t let you go anymore!"Who is she?!" The rough voice sounded in a small space, and Shen Ruchu was afraid to hide behind the summer star.Xia Xing’s face was a little embarrassed. She did not expect Xia Yan, who had always been gentle and good, would face her face because of Shen Ruchu’s appearance.But when she saw such Xia Yan, she would be a little scared in the subconscious. I don’t know why, she always had a fear of Xia Yan."Xia Yan, don’t look at her like this, it will scare her. She is still young and can’t stand it." "I ask again! Who is she!" "…" Xia Xing pursed his lips."She is the daughter of a person I know. He has been a bit busy recently, so putting her daughter in me for a few days. You can rest assured that the daddy of the beginning will soon pick her up."

"Hehe … Shen Ruchu? The daughter of Shen Matting, the daughter of Shen Matting?" Xia Yan suddenly asked.Xia Xingxing was overwhelmed, "How can you know … Shen Matting? Do you know him?" But Xia Yan’s face became ugly, avoiding this topic: "This child is not suitable for staying here, you are now away with me.Let’s go immediately when we clean up. "Speaking of Xia Xia Xing’s wrist to pull her away, but was shaken away by Xia Xing:" Xia Yan, do you have anything to hide from me?Because I once knew Shen Matting? "" What are you talking about? "Xia Yan’s eyes flashed in a touch of panic.But in summer, the stars seemed to be determined to speculate: "I said, did I say it? Five years ago, I met Shen Matting, right? But you, why should you hide it from me?" "Even if you know,What about it! "Xia Yan roared suddenly, his face was ironing, his dark eyes stared at Xia Xing."Everything five years ago was forgotten by yourself, don’t you understand? Do you have to be injured again by yourself? That person is a disaster for you, why don’t you understand?Do you know what he sacrificed for that man five years ago? You touch your back waist, summer star, do you still lose a kidney for that person! "

The person in front of him is holding his own palm, from childhood to a big treasure, but it is just a cheap product that is not worth it in the eyes of others, and is randomly practiced.Every three years when she thought of her loss of mind, she was insulted, and Xia Yan couldn’t wait to take the man for thousands of swords."…" Summer Xing was silent, and his hands slowly touched his back.The empty place has been the pain of her heart for five years. She doubted herself countless times, what kind of person she used to be, so she lost that kidney. What kind of past she had?State that I don’t remember now.Is this true?This kidney is for that person … "Shen Matting said, her wife is Xia Xingxing, is it … I …"

The dull voice sounded for a long time. Xia Yan tightly stretched his lips and didn’t know how to answer."Yes." "That’s the first … my daughter?" Xia Xing asked slowly, and asked slowly.Xia Yan closed his eyes tightly. He knew that his current defeat was very embarrassed, but he couldn’t help it."You are very smart, I know I can’t hide how long you can, but Tianxing, you believe me, I am protecting you, no matter when you can believe it, you can only be me! Only my love for you is the purest.No matter when I will stand on your side, protect you, avoid harm! "Xia Yan grabbed Xia Xing’s shoulders with powerful hands, and his dark eyes seemed to be able to look at her eyes.But the people in front of them did not give her any chance.This situation is not once.In the past five years, after the summer star woke up, she could only rely on Xia Yan.She has no memory, but does not mean that she has no IQ. What Xia Yan is thinking, she can see.

Hand slowly put on Xia Yan’s hands, pushed it away, and took a step back. Looking at the man in front of him, he said, "Sorry, for so many years, I am grateful for you.Really, Xia Yan, I can only treat you as my brother, you are excellent, but I, I can’t match you. "Xia Yan’s face suddenly changed, almost crazy down the bedside cabinet, making a fierce sound."What kind of brother, I have never been your brother, Xia Xing, why you just don’t want to look at me with your eyes. From eight years ago, you know that you are going to die, but you still fight for that person.Why is there only him in your eyes! Why can’t you see me who has been standing behind you! We know more time than he Shen Matting. "" But you have always surnamed Xia, always the brother of the summer star. "The male voice suddenly rang.Xia Xing and Xia Yan were all stunned. They looked up, and didn’t know when Shen Matting stood behind the two, and was watching Xia Yan’s faint opening.Summer star’s face was a little embarrassed.She looked at Xia Yan a little surprised: "Are you me … brother?"

In the past five years, Xia Yan has never mentioned the relationship with her, but just claims that they are old friends, and they happen to be Xia Xia.Every time she calls his brother, Xia Yan can’t help getting angry. Is this behind this?"Sky … don’t misunderstand …" Xia Yan hurriedly walked towards Xia Xing, wanted to explain, but the other party frequently retreated, and looked at him with some incredible way: "Don’t, you don’t want to …" Simple words stabbed fiercelyIt hurts Xia Yan’s heart.She is resisting him!Whether eight years ago or now, she has been resisting herself, just because of this damn brother and sister!Xia Yan turned irritable and raised Shen Matting’s collar, and said fiercely: "We are brothers and sisters, but I have no blood relationship with Xia Xing!What about you, Shen Matting, what can you do for summer stars?! You never love her, what you love is that Han You’er, you will only bring her endless harm! She has been dead for you, why you have you, why do you youStill don’t let her go! "" Yes, you are right, I just don’t let her go. In this life, I just want her. I will not know the summer star in this life, but I still have the next life, the next life, I want to be with her with her life. Five years ago, you took her away, and even in order to prevent me from finding her, you did not hesitate to change her, but we still encountered it, no matter what she looked like, this life, in this life, in this life, in this life, in this lifeI won’t let go! "

"You!" Xia Yan fought fiercely on Shen Matting’s face, but the other party could not avoid flashing, and he took the punch."If you vent for my previous behavior, then you continue, no matter how much, I suffer, these are all I owe the star." "You!"

Xia Yan was so angry.The "bang" was fisted again on the opponent’s face again.After a few punch, Shen Matting’s mouth continued to take blood, but Xia Yan didn’t stop, and Shen Matting never shouted.Chu’er stood aside and scared and cried."Enough!" Summer Xing suddenly roared, and finally stopped Xia Yan’s fist."Brother, you feel bad for me, I know, but now, I don’t need you to vent for me like this." Xia Yan’s hand suddenly trembled slightly.

As if he suddenly saw his energy, he dangled beside him.In a short sentence of summer stars, he had already aware of what kind of decision of the other party. He has known each other for 29 years. After eight years of dedication, he is still not as good as the person in her heart."Okay, I understand." He nodded weakly, and wanted to smile for this "sister" who had loved him for so many years when he left, but … he couldn’t do it.In summer, Xingxing watched Xia Yan with red eyes.She knows how much the other party has paid for herself. In this life, she owes a lot of Xia Yan, but no matter how much she owes it, she does not want to bear the emotional debt. She really can’t afford it …Dry, the smile on the top is Shen Matting’s face, and there are still a lot of blood in the corner of his mouth, but the man was like not seeing it. The hippie smiled and looked at her: "Wife …" """"

Raising his hand and caught Shen Matting and Shen Ruchu’s father and daughter."Hey … wife, star, you let me go in, OK, I will love you for a lifetime, no matter if you still remember me, as long as …" Suddenly, the door was opened.Summer Xing’s face appeared, and Shen Matting just laughed, but the man returned coldly: "Give you three seconds and immediately roll me!" After that, the "bang" sounded again."…" "Daddy, I think you hate it a little." "I think." Xia Xingxing now feels like Shen Matting feels so painful, but this guy is very cheeky like the same.I took Xiao Chuer to squat at their door on time on time. What I knew was waiting for someone. I didn’t know. I thought that her squatting robbers came."What do you want to do?"

No matter where the summer star goes, this guy follows, and finally he can’t stand it. He roared out, but Shen Matting seemed to be wronged. He pulled his head and looked at her poorly: "You are my wife, I don’t follow you, who am I followed? "" … "Ke Nima followed, who followed like you, and there was a idiot -like smiley face at any time?IntersectionSummer Star is amnesia, but since I knew that she was the summer star and had a relationship with Shen Matting, she went to Shen Matting’s information, but why did they find all the men?The coldness, how to lead the Shen Group to glory in five years.What about cold?What about domineering?What about your belly?Why is there only a stupid look in front of her.Is this … the same person?

In addition … Xia Xing found one thing.During her five years, Shen Matting donated 100 billion to the Charity Foundation and established hundreds of schools named after her name.The memory of five years ago, you are just a little familiar stranger for me now, it is useless to entangle me like this. We are very strange. "Xia Xia Xing looked at it.He said lightly.The smile on Shen Matting’s face gradually solidified."So do you want to refuse me?" The man’s tone was a bit low, and he was a little uncomfortable to listen to Xia Xing’s ears.Since the appearance of Shen Matting’s father and daughter, she thought a lot of nights, and every time she sat from night to Tianming. She wanted to know why she would choose amnesia and why she now became like this.The mentality.But one thing, Xia Yan was right.Since I chose to forget, then I must have been greatly hurt at that time, otherwise it would not be the case.

Then this person is no longer worth relying on himself.Sir, please don’t entangle me anymore. "" What about it? "Shen Matting asked suddenly.Holding her hand tightly, her eyes were hot."We have been separated for five years, but do you know that in these five years, my here has been waiting for someone. You said you don’t know those stories, don’t know that it’s okay, we will still be long in the future.The way to go, there are many stories waiting for us to create together. "" You said you are just a little familiar strangers, so what about the first? "At birth, do you know what the price you paid for her birth. Do you really bear to let the first child know that his mother is not dead, but can’t you meet? Diaoxing, do you really bear it? "Shen Matting stood in front of him and asked.Shen Ruchu, who was standing by the two, seemed to be aware of what, raised his head and looked at Xia Xing pitifully: "Mommy … Do you don’t want to be your first."

"…" Summer Xing bit her lips dead.It is undeniable that Shen Matting really knew herself. Indeed, even more, but at the moment that Shen Ruchu was her own flesh, she lost.Blood is thicker than water.This child is unable to let her go anyway.But … she is really scared … "The first child is always my daughter, I won’t throw her down, no matter when she wants to come to me, I welcomes it, and even if Mr. Shen is willing, I alsoYou can raise your first child. But Mr. Shen, you are really sorry … "She smiled slightly, took a few steps back, and pulled out her hand from Shen Matting’s hand and turned away.Shen Matting looked at the empty hand, and could not come back for a while.Looking at the man’s back, he murmured, "What do you want me to do? What should I do, you can return to me again."

"Daddy …" Xiao Ruchu hugged Shen Matting’s thighs."Daddy, don’t be sad, mommy will forgive you, the first child will definitely help you, don’t you be sad …" Shen Matting squatted down and held the little guy into his arms.Can’t help but kiss the forehead of the little baby.Chuer was the baby he gave him to him."Thank you, first." —— Summer Star left quickly, found a wall of the alley, leaned, and covered the position of the heart tightly.But get up.At the chest, the pain was tight.After saying something like Shen Matting, the heart pain made her almost unhappy.It seems that there is something to come out of the inside, and I can’t control it if I want to control it.

Why … a Shen Matting has so much influence on himself. Why is his head hurt so much?Summer star slowly fell on the body of the wall, and the whole person was like drying his strength, squatting slowly on the ground, holding his head tightly, and the fragmented clip appeared in his mind, but when she wanted her to wantI couldn’t catch anything when I tried to see it clearly."What the hell is …" "What did it happened five years ago?" "Oh ~ I want to know what happened five years ago, I tell you." The woman’s voice suddenly made Xia Xing stunned, but there was no yet.Looking up, he was hit on his neck, and his eyes were dark and fainted.At the airport, Shen Ruchu looked at the luggage of Daddy’s big bags and small bags a little lost: "Daddy, do we really want to go back? But once we leave, what will Mummy do?? "Shen Ruchu’s tender voice sounded, and Shen Matting couldn’t help scratching the little nose that the little girl wrinkled."Afraid … how can you not be afraid. But there are still things in Daddy in China. We must go back to China first. After dealing with things, I will take you back here and stay here until Mommy’s heart turns?""Really? Great, Daddy, you didn’t give up mommy! It’s great! You can rest assured that your first child will chase Mommy back with you!"

The little guy vowed to hug his father.Shen Matting shook his head with a smile. The child was really a ghost.But the two took their luggage and received a call before the security check -Xia Yan’s."The star is missing." "What are you talking about?" Shen Matting stopped instantly.Ask coldly."I did not pick up her mobile phone again yesterday. I investigated the surveillance nearby and saw someone away." "Who found out?" "There is no exact evidence, but there areA candidate. "As soon as Xia Yan said, Shen Matting reacted.

Yes, there is indeed a candidate, and he has been forgotten.Hold up tightly.Han You’er!Why did he determine so that this woman would not follow himself and find summer stars, how dare he dare to put the star in the Y country in his own heart.What do that woman want to do!"Daddy, isn’t Mommy happen? Did the bad guy catch Mommy away?" Xiao Ruchu was so anxious to cry after he knew that Xia Xing had trouble.The ground will definitely find Mommy, don’t be afraid. "He rang when Xiao Ru, who was crying in tears, rose into his arms and took the car.It is the secretary’s phone."President Shen, Li You came to the news and asked you to go to the abandoned factory in the suburbs. She said that he was waiting for you there. But you can only go alone."

Shen Matting’s cold eyes: "Okay, I know." Finally, can I still want to make a shot now?Han You’er, what else do you want?Shen Matting’s face suddenly became extremely terrible.Five years ago, Han You’er could make Summer Star commit suicide. What do she want to do now?But no matter who it is, just who dares to move the summer star, he will definitely give that person to pay the price that he can’t afford!Wow -the cold water was poured on his face, and the whole person in the summer kept snoring, but he couldn’t stop shaking when he saw the person in front of him."What do you want to do?" "Do you see my face scared when you see my face?" Han You’er sneered and touched his face that was exactly the same as the former summer star.She said that everything she lost had to be taken back.Those who bear her, she must also ask for a pen!

Shen Matting once promised his own things. If he didn’t do it, he would do it himself."Who are you and why are you like me before?" She had seen photos of her own on the Internet.Shen Matting said that Xia Yan re -costed herself after leaving her fake death, so she was curious about what she had grown up, so she went online to search for photos.But why did the man look exactly the same as before!"Oh, you really have amnesia, I don’t even know it? Ah, … I heard that you lost too much blood five years ago, causing damage to the brain.Part of the memories that make you pain, right? Summer stars, you are really lucky. But do you want to know what happened between you and Shen Matting five years ago?Go to the memory?! "Han You’er looked at her with a smile.Xia Xing frowned.

memory?Five years ago.The person herself didn’t remember, but the words she said poked her heart.Yes, she wants to know what happened five years ago.She wants to know why she and Shen Matting look like now.Why does Shen Matting’s face be ugly as long as they mention the previous things.Not only him, even Xia Yan, he did not want to restore his memory and accept the previous things.In Xia Xing’s heart, those thoughts that were difficult to be pressed down and now began to rush out.She wants to know!She really wants to know!Want to know everything before!Want to know who you are!"Can you tell me?!" "Hahaha … I can tell you of course!"

Han You’er laughed.After a beating, a huge light curtain suddenly appeared on the wall in front of the stars in the summer of the summer, and it turned out to be a frame of blood on it. She had a miscarriage.She was holding a dagger in her hand, crazy about the people who were already bloody on the ground.She … killed?IntersectionThose dazzling photos are like movies, and they are played in front of their eyes, silently telling everything that happened five years ago."No, no … These are not me, these are not me …" Xia Xing widened his eyes and looked at everything in front of him.Eye scarlet.But she couldn’t control her wanting to watch. Those photos kept playing in front of her eyes and told herself that those are her!Everything that happened above really happened.

It’s just that she forgot … she forgot.pain.The head hurts.There is something out of the deepest.Countless pictures flashed, telling her that these are true and real!The person in front of him did not lie to her!The past of her and Shen Matting is true!Shen Matting … Shen Matting … and that child … "Mo Ting, do you believe me, you believe me." "Mo Ting, I didn’t lie to you, the person I love was always you." "Mo Ting,Please, leave this child for me. "" You … say me, I … I owe Han You’er’s kidney, people like me … Keke, cough …This kidney, I will give you back. "" Shen Matting, since then, I will no longer owe you. But … in this life, you can no longer be clear … Mine … "

It turned out that her kidneys were so gone. It turned out that she was so humble in front of that person. It turned out that he once deceived her, lied to her, and hated her!"Shen Matting, since then, why do you want to disturb my life again!" Xia Xing shouted painfully, hugging his head and fell to the ground with a sterilizing body.Han You’er looked at everything in front of him with his arms."Shen Matting, if you want to return to the summer star, then look at your feelings that have been defeated by the pain!" Han You’er laughed, looked at the information on the phone, his eyes lit up.She beckoned and tied the tied summer stars.——Hang Matting rushed to the suburbs.But there was no figure around the surroundings, as if the whole place was just a desolate, there was no so -called abduction.He almost doubted whether Han You’er was playing with what he wanted to play with him!As soon as I was about to call, suddenly, a person slowly came out of the dark corner.When he saw the person’s face, Shen Matting’s eyes were bright.

"Star." He walked excitedly, carefully looking at the situation of the person in front of him, and determined that it was really a summer star. She was really fine!"Star, how can you be here, you have nothing to do, should I take you back?" He reached out and pulled the person over, trying to hold it tightly in his arms.But … ah.Shen Matting froze, only felt bitter pain from the abdomen.Low your head.However, he only saw a dagger in his hands in his hands, and pulled her into his abdomen with his ability to pull her."You …" Raising his hand was a knife again.Well -Shen Matting’s mouth kept flowing blood, but humming didn’t hum.He stared at the person in front of him.It finally realized that the low eyes of the summer stars were wrong.

The pupils trembled slightly, hiding huge hatred.He thought she was scared, but it turned out not … "Shen Matting. Did you not expect that I would survive in the past five years?" Xia Xing looked up at him.The eyes are red, and the eyes are clear and there is a cold backbone.She couldn’t control the hatred in her mind, and Han You’er’s words were circulated in her mind over and over again.It is because of Shen Matting because of the person in front of him.That’s why my brother has lost his wisdom.Her daughter will die!She will kill people!Become a murderer!All her pain was brought to herself in front of her!If it weren’t for him, she would not live so tired, her daughter would live well, and she would still have a sound body now!"Shen Matting, why do you hurt me so much! Where am I sorry for you, why do you do this!" Now the summer star seems to have no soul, like a zombie who only snarled empty.Shen Matting’s abdomen was flowing, but she was not angry. The corner of her mouth raised a warm smile. She put her hands on the woman’s hands, held her, dragged the dagger out, and inserted it fiercely."you……"

Summer stunned.The scarlet eyes seemed to restore a little glory.Don’t dare to look at the person in front of him."What are you doing!" "Well–" It was another knife.Shen Matting was already hacking in front of her eyes, but she was still laughing.He raised his bloody hand, carefully touched his face in front of his eyes, stretched her hair, and looked very devout. It seemed to want to look at everything of this person before he died.A strand of hair, a eyebrow is something that he wants to engrave his heart."You think of it." It was not a question but an extremely affirmation.If you don’t think of so many unacceptable memories in a short time, people will not change like this.She must be difficult to afford those pain now.The gentle tone pulled back the dead summer star from the edge of the collapse."You can remember it, although I never want you to remember those bad things before, but this is also good." He smiled and said what he wanted to say."You said, you owe me to pay off, but what I owe you is still unclear." "I have been regretted these five years. Five years, more than 10,000 days, I don’t miss you one day.Sky, you don’t know how happy I am after you have not died. I really feel that God cares about me and send you to you again … "The man said weakly.The restless emotions in front of him were gradually rampant, and the numb heart seemed to restore a little anger, raising his head to look at him."Do you know? How are I forgot about the painful memories?" "Do you know again? When I saw Xia Yan staying with you for five years, how jealous is my jealousy?"

"When I saw Xia Yan’s life for you, how scared I was, I was afraid you would really go with him like this, and I couldn’t go back to my side again …" "Keke, cough …" The man saidTalking about the strength of the whole body.The people in front of them finally fluctuated.Husk’s voice: "Don’t say anymore, you are flowing blood." "My life has already owed you." He watched his bleeding wound, and he couldn’t help but emerge.Picture."I have been thinking about how much it hurts when you put your knife into your body in the past five years. Now, now, I finally know, it really hurts … But the star, please promise me, no matter what happened in the future, no matter what happened in the future, no matter what happened in the futureDon’t do it anymore, don’t you hurt yourself anymore. "" You shut me up! You will be bloody now! "Xia Xing said anxiously, reaching out to cover his wound, butThe people in front of them were as if they were not afraid of death, holding her hand tightly.

"I’m sorry, I lost you five years ago." Shen Matting breathed a sigh of relief, the weak opening, and the tall body finally couldn’t support it in the summer arms because of too much bleeding.Summer star quickly dragged people, his eyes gradually returned to normal, covering his wound a little panic."Don’t, don’t die, I beg you … Shen Matting, you haven’t finished everything that owed me, you can’t die, I don’t allow you to die, don’t you say you will owe me for a lifetime, this life is stillSo long, how can you die first! You can’t talk or not! In this case, I will hate you, I will hate you for a lifetime, Shen Matting, you can’t die! I heard no! "Xia Xing shouted in scaredness,Just, as long as she thought of the wound of Shen Matting’s body, she stabbed in herself, and she trembled in fear.What did she do!She didn’t really want this person to die."Don’t die, we have to be together, how can you die. Shen Matting, I ask for you, okay, you have to be good, we have to live together." Xia Xing’s tears in fearDrop.Shen Manting laughed with her lips, trembling her body to wipe out the tears of the people in front of her, but she couldn’t raise her hand.

"Okay, I just forgive me …" Han You’er stood aside and watched the two holding together, and his eyes became red."It’s really touching. Now I can still hold and kiss me and me. It seems that you are really more affectionate than Jin Jian!" She didn’t expect anyway, Xia Xing wantedKilling Shen Matting will even contribute to the true confession of two people!But fucking irony."Since you love each other so much, you will die together." Han You’er sneered.Raise the gun in your hand and pull the trigger."Well–" Xia Xing opened his eyes wide, and there was only gunfire in his ears, and he turned around, as if it was only 0.1 seconds, and the scene in front of him suddenly changed.Everything seems to become a static state.Everyone’s movement seems to be a comic comic in her eyes, a frame frame, a scene.

The head is blank.There seems to be nothing in front of me.Only the face that was already familiar with the bones was left, and he almost had to stick to his face. He clearly flowed so much blood, but he could show his smile on himself."Fortunately, I can still block the last bullet for you." The man looked at her with a curved lips.But this fatal blow finally made him unable to support it anymore, and he fell heavily on the summer star.Summer Xing stunned her fingers to touch the person on her body, but when her fingers touched the sticky blood, she couldn’t move her stiffly.From her perspective, she can see the blood flowing from the gun cave that was shot by the man behind the man.Like the wound that she just stabbed with a knife.It ’s all blood …" Sky! "" Sky! "Xia Yan rushed to the scene to send someone to subdue Han You’er’s uniform and saw Shen Matting, who had fallen on the ground.The two became bloody people.When I approached, I found that Shen Matting was stunned with blood.

"Summer Star! Wake up!" Xia Yan dragged Shen Matting from the ground and sent his subordinates into the car brought by his subordinates, and immediately went to the hospital for treatment.But Xia Xing was still lying on the ground as if he had lost his soul, motionless.When Xia Yan wanted to bend over to hold her up, she finally moved.The eyeballs turned to Xia Yan and said slowly: "Brother …" "You!" Xia Yan looked at her a little unbelievable.Summer star restored memory?Why is it now?"Are you okay?" The people on the ground shook their heads.The stiff face suddenly pulled a smile, but exuded very much."He died …" "Who?" "Shen Matting." "…" "Do you know who killed it?"

"…" "I killed." The woman said slowly.Xia Yan has realized that something is wrong and persuaded: "It’s not what you did, it’s Han You’er’s gun, and it has nothing to do with you." "But the four knives on his body were stubborn! Hehehe … I stabbed him, I will be the knife, I willHe was stabbed on him! Why did I do this, why? Brother, why do you say I hurt him! I never reluctant to hurt him a finger, but why would I pick up the knife and want to kill him! Why! "Summer Xing was crazy and grabbed Xia Yan’s collar roaring.

The eyes are red.Xia Yan couldn’t bear it, but didn’t know how to comfort."It’s not your reason, it is Han You’er, everything is done by Han You’er, it has nothing to do with you, you don’t need this, star, you calm down …" "I can’t calm down. What should he do if he dies! He died!What do I do! It was me who killed him, it was me! That bullet should have fallen on me, but he blocked me! How can you calm me! "Summer stunnedCovering his eyes, curled up on the ground, trembling."But you cry here are not useful now! Even if he is dead, he won’t want to see you like this, you are exchanged by his life!" Xia Yan suddenly yelled and dragged people from the ground, Drag to your car.

The lights of the operating room have been on, and the summer stars are waiting outside the door of the operating room.Hold himself tightly, curl up, waiting for the person who came out of the operation."Five years ago, President Shen also waited for a day and one night outside the operating room without eating or drinking, just want to wait for you to live from the inside."Slowly open.The stars were low in summer, and the godless eyes moved.She knew what the secretary Yu pointed out, when she had an accident five years ago."At that time, President Shen thought you were alive, but he was taken back to the Xia family. He was a little relieved, but at the wedding with Han You’er, he learned that the Xia family gave you a funeral.Stopped, I finally could see you, but I have forgotten how to speak in front of your grave. "" President Shen has never been a strong person. I have followed him for many years.A sensitive person is also a very promising person. But for you, he violates his promise. "Xia Xing looked at him puzzled."The reason why President Shen married Han You’er was because he thought he had dragged him back from the ghost gate eight years ago after eight years ago.Promise, he will give the person who rescued him supremely, and he will marry her as a wife according to his promise. So he is good for the world. So he will not have the bottom line to satisfy Han You’er’s wishes. But for you, he gives up his insistence on his persistence.Three years of promise. "

Hearing that Xia Xing was froze.Eight years ago … After life and death … she looked up at the secretary, but the other party had red eyes."It’s ridiculous, so I found out that it was you who really saved Mr. Shen, not Han You’er, but he couldn’t bear to tell him. I don’t know how much it should be self -confused if it is.In five years, he can only work crazy, and even after the recovery of the first lady. He will put all his thoughts on you on the body of Miss Chi. "The secretary recalled the crazy five of the five.In the year, I couldn’t help feeling."I have followed the President Shen for more than ten years, but for the first time, I saw him hurting like a person." "He can not talk to anyone all day, only holding his first child, you can sit in the office all night, onlyGoing with your photos. You can stay at the door of the Xia family at your festival and watch your grave for two days and two nights. You can also find someone similar to you with human resources.Take a look at it in person, is it you? "" Obviously I have identified you that you have died, but he still has not given up. If it wasn’t for a serious illness two years ago, he may never wake up. "ListeningSummer Star had been crying in the past that Secretary Yu said.

How proud Shen Matting is, she is more clear than anyone else.She never thought about what extent Shen Matting would do for herself.He used to be high, and he was humble.But I did not expect that I was loved by myself.In his mind, he couldn’t help but meet his first encounter with him five years later. He regarded her as a person he loved deeply.This is probably … from you, since then, everyone I love is you.So stupid … "Miss Xia, I know this is also my selfishness, but I hope, if you still love President Shen, please, stay. He can’t bear it again."Summer star, standing in front of her, bowed respectfully.Summer Xing shed tears fell, covering his face.Suddenly -the lights in the operating room are destroyed.Summer stood up in Xing Mo, but he wanted to approach but dare not approach.

"Which is the family of Shen Matting?" "I!" Xia Xing walked over, but the doctor pushed the glasses and wiped the sweat, just like selling Guanzi."Don’t be excited. He is fine, just need to stay in the recovery room for two hours, waiting to wake up." At that moment, Xia Xing’s tears couldn’t control his face.He is still alive … he is really alive!Holding the doctor sharply, trembling excitedly: "Thank you, thank you, thank you …" The doctor also shook his head and smiled: "But he is very virtual, and he should pay attention to the support in the future." "Yes, I know."Intersection

Three months later, the corner of City A Airport.A man in a phenomenon in a wheelchair and a little girl beside him probed the brain, and the man and a woman who stared at the security checkpoint."Are you sure your Mommy just came to send Xia Yan’s bastard to leave?! Instead of wanting to go together?" "Daddy, are your courage so small? What can you do if you can go out brightly?I can’t say hello to my uncle, send him to leave … "" Hey … your little asshole, how do you grow your heart, who do you all the way, help him help his biological father?! What is unhappy? He is an old bastard who wants to snatch your mummy. "" Hum! Now that it is not unhappy, how could it be provoked before, Xiayan is the surname Xia no matter what, and it will always be the surname Xia, and it will always be the surname Xia, and it will always be.Is Mummy’s brother, never have the opportunity to be with Mommy?! Xiaoqi, forgetful! "Shen Ruchu stood aside and turned his eyes."…" Shen Matting’s sentence will not come out. God knows who this little bastard is from who is from the true biography. This tip of the teeth is profitable."In the future, adults talk, children are not allowed to listen!"

"Then you take me out!" "…" Fulled!Shen Matting stared at him with anger, but when he turned his head, the two people at the airport were holding together."I’m”! "On the other side, Xia Yan held the people in front of him tightly in his arms.Summer stars also arbitrarily let him hold him.After a long time, this hug was separated."Thank you for being willing to let me hug you." "I should thank you, if it wasn’t for you, I don’t think I would let it go so easily." "But if it wasn’t for me, you and him may not miss it for five years."Xia Yan laughed at himself.In the end, the five years of spending more than the summer stars had been stolen by himself.Xia Xing smiled awkwardly: "Then do you plan to settle in country Y now? Don’t you come back?"

"Do you think I am stimulated at your wedding? I spared me." Xia Yan smiled helplessly, and his heart was a bit sour: "The career of the country Y is just starting, and my parents need to take care of it.Maybe … I won’t come back in the future. "Xia Yan looked at her affectionately.Summer stars are moving.She also knew that Xia Yan had persuaded the Xia family’s second old gang to conceal the sea to hide the sea in order to leave with herself."If you have a chance, I will go to see my parents." "Welcome at any time." Xia Yan touched her head with a smile and looked at the time: "It’s not too early, I should go." "Um. "The man paused for a while before nodding slowly.Take your luggage to security check.Before leaving, I suddenly asked: "Star, if we are not the same surname in the next life, can you give priority to me?" Xia Xing stunned, but before she answered, the wind and fire behind him rushed over a limp.People, shouting to hold Xia Xing beside himself: "Impossible! You have no play in your next life, there is no play in your life, and there is no play in the next life.

"…" Looking at someone’s unreasonable look, Xia Xing couldn’t help shaking his head, and slowly hooked his lips when he looked at Xia Yan: "Happiness does not need to wait until the next life, I hope you can find your true happiness in this life.. "Xia Yan’s face froze, and then he nodded.Turn around and leave.It wasn’t until Xia Yan had boarded the plane, and even the shadow was gone, Shen Matting finally let go.Xia Xing looked at him with funny way: "You are really getting naive recently, worse than the first." "I am not just being jealous with the first day!"In his arms, he whispered.At the huge airport, the summer star was holding Shen Ruchu, Shen Matting was sitting in a wheelchair and followed by the two."Summer Star."

Suddenly, Shen Matting yelled."Huh?" Xia Xing looked at him puzzled."Please teach more for the rest of your life." The man said with a smile and looked at her with a smile.Time seemed to return to more than ten years ago. When she first saw him, he laughed and said, "Summer stars, hundreds of millions of stars are not as good as you? It sounds good."Since that day, I have been in love.Low his eyebrows, slowly hook your lips and laugh.

"Okay. Mr. Shen, teach more for the rest of your life."

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