I am pregnant for 5 months, but my parents still do not accept my African mixed -race black boyfriend?

The boyfriend is the son of a rich man in Tansenia, Africa. He is not only mine at home, but also an uncle as a ministerial official in the government. Their family is also a wealthy family in Tansenia!

We have known each other for more than a year. During this time, we lived together because of love. After I was pregnant, I officially determined that the relationship between love and marriage (I know that time is a bit short).I have been pregnant for more than 5 months now …

I go to college in other provinces, and my boyfriend also lives in the city where our university is located. Here we know each other and love each other, walk into our hearts, and have the crystallization of love during the cohabitation period.On vacation, I went home.

I usually tell my mother that the mother of my predecessor and boyfriend’s mother in the holidays once loved and invited me to go to Tansenia for this holiday.I!But I think that we have not been together for a long time, and I know that my parents must be worried that I am alone and ran to the other side of the earth, so I declined.

Later, my boyfriend proposed to go to my hometown to spend the Spring Festival with me. If there is any difficulty, I would like to ask him to work with us at the embassy of the Chinese embassy in the Chinese embassy.If you promise your boyfriend, you will inevitably have a frank relationship with your parents. I think it is time to mention his existence with my parents, so I told them.

Who knows, my mother collapsed directly, saying that she would never agree with the relationship.

First of all, in her philosophy, Africans have no sense of responsibility. Some of them are the soul of romanticism and freedom. They are doomed to have a stable and bland life with them. In the future, when he doesn’t like me, it is impossibleHis sense of responsibility was reluctant to stay next to me.

Secondly, the cultural differences can never overcome.The polygamy of the African tribes could not accept them. A mixed -race black grandson came out in a lifetime. Parents felt too shameful and their parents had a good face.Originally, our family was also a famous family. Grandpa was once the official to the general. The mother even saw the face bigger than the sky.

In addition, after I graduated, my mother hoped that I would return to my hometown, and his future development cities and even the country have great uncertainty.

In the end, her mother was worried that he was just lonely in China, trying to rely on a beauty, and deceived a period of emotion to play.Nympho

My heart is really extremely suffocated now. Although we have not been together for a long time, I really take this relationship seriously. The problem of cultural differences is not that I have not encountered it, but we all tried to discuss, understand each other, and moderate.Comparative compromises have been perfectly resolved every time. As long as they are different individuals, there are inevitably three obstacles. Why can the Chinese try to run in, and the blacks cannot be like this?

If you say bad words, is there still fewer scum men in China? Can avoid finding foreigners to avoid unsightly people?After knowing that his mother was uneasy about his work, his boyfriend said that he could move to my hometown to live and work.But even so, my mother was unwilling to try to understand him, forcing us to break up immediately, otherwise we would break the mother -daughter relationship.

I can’t speak sadly. I don’t want to let go of everything for love. Whether it is culture or the realistic issue of future development, I have considered it. I just want to try to see if we have continued.After all, it is not easy to meet people who like it. If you are afraid of the first time, you will give up directly, instead of making some efforts. I think I may always regret it in the future.

But at the same time, I also love my mother very much. I really don’t want to hurt her. I don’t want her to be sad for me. I want me to break with my mother to maintain this relationship. I can’t do it.

Everyone said, what should I go from?Fate to go to the future with men and women, still compromise with parents, break up with her boyfriend, return to my hometown, start new feelings, new life?


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