I am pregnant, my boyfriend said that it would be killed, and I could n’t accompany me all the way to check the tire.

I am pregnant, my boyfriend said that it would be killed, and I could n’t accompany me all the way to check the tire.

Following last night, I went to the man’s parents’ house, and I gave more than 5,000 gifts. The man’s parents returned to my 1,000 yuan red envelope post (he was 32 years old, I was 27 years old).The reason why my boyfriend gave me so much, I agreed because I was pregnant.He didn’t plan to ask this child at first, but I couldn’t bear to hurt a life, let alone kill my child (I admit that I should not be able to protect my main responsibility at first).In the end, he compromised and was willing to ask for a child, and then took me to see his parents. His parents did not know about it.

Seeing my parents last night, I gave more than 5,000 gifts. His parents returned to me 1,000 yuan red envelopes. The man first felt that I should be dissatisfied with the amount of red envelopes when he was in his house.EssenceThen blame me should not get that red envelope.In the end, he also turned to me 5,000 yuan, and I collected it, because I really didn’t know how to tell my parents that I had sent more than 5,000, and they returned to me 1,000 yuan, and I really felt wronged.Last night I wanted to talk to him about this. He first said that he was busy working, and then said that he would rest and refuse to communicate.I was insomnia at five o’clock last night and decided not to do this child.

Book an appointment to check the child’s condition this morning.He said that he had a class in the afternoon, and let me go to check first, and he came to pick me up after he was busy.I collapsed directly. When I was pregnant, he didn’t want children. When I saw my parents, he couldn’t accompany me even if he was tire.I can take leave today, but he cannot take leave.I told him the idea that he said how much you spent a day, and I will pay you.Haha, we blame me to talk about money last night, saying that money is unfamiliar, can he talk about money today?

We were in a half -living state, and he had a lot of things in me.I bought a big bag directly, put all his things, and let him leave.Before leaving, he said that I really wanted to marry you, but we were not suitable.What we do is reasonable here, but it is really inappropriate.

I’m sad, I really like him really, but I find that my emotions have not been taken care of.I admit that he is usually good to me and pays great attention to details.Pay attention to the details, when you are pregnant, seeing the big things that hurt me so deeply.

I do n’t know what to do, maybe I want to tell the girls to protect themselves, and also tell the boys to be responsible, do n’t hurt someone who loves you like that.

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