I am pregnant, the whole family is very happy, but I am contemporary, do you know why?

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I and my 妯娌 I married in Y’s.I marry the legendary honest boss, and she married a smart and capable second child.I am from a foreign country, she is local.She is two years older than me, but she is a typical career -type female man and strong woman. She has her own tea house business and does not rely on anyone. She is very inspirational, very capable in my heart, and her emotional intelligence is very high.Family relationship.Every time I go back, she will bring a gift to me, and I can’t afford it, and sometimes I feel very inferior.

This was not last month, she checked her pregnancy.We were very happy to hear this news.Finally, the Yang family is about to add, and after all, we are all people who are running. It is normal to get pregnant earlier. It is good for the body and easy to recover.

But I was in contemplation.Think back to myself. In the past two years, I have done two consecutive operations, and my body is relatively weak, and the surgery is completed. The doctor said that the chance of pregnancy may be relatively low. I don’t know if I can still give birth.I was thinking: I am still 30 years old. If there is no result next year, then 30, even if I am pregnant, I am afraid that my body will not be able to bear it. How can I raise children later?

Sometimes I dare not think about pregnancy, but once my mother’s house, the girls who were late to the right and right to get married were hugged one by one, and I suddenly felt that I was a problem.Those who meet me will ask: Why don’t you give birth?After 30, it is not easy to give birth.When I went back in the Dragon Boat Festival this time, my Xiaofa and her mother said so much, and asked my husband: "Isn’t you doing it? You have to rely on you …" To be honest, I really annoyed them like thatSay, it seems that it is glorious to have a child. Is it so simple?

I think that having children should let it go. If it is utilitarian and purposeful, and give birth to children for giving birth, it is great disrespect for children.And having children must also consider their own economic conditions!We are all liabilities now. How do I really dare to think about my future life.

People often say: What is the age of what to do.I think that the biggest task in our current age is to make money, and letting children be naturally. When we come, we will continue. If we do n’t come, we will make money. Otherwise, I ca n’t wait.Go to fight?What do you say?

But do n’t say what I do, I sincerely and happy to be pregnant. The child she gave birth is the child of our entire family. I hope we will get along well and do it. Do it and do it.The best family.

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