I am pregnant when I find the cause

When I was in junior high school in 1989, my menstruation was not allowed to understand that I did n’t understand the silly half a year. I ignored my lips from then on. I did n’t know what happened to my family. I did n’t know what to do.The color of menstruation is very bad, and there are very few people who are very unreasonable at that time. I ’m happy to go to college. I do n’t have to consider making money every day. I do n’t have to consider making money.In this way, when I graduated from college in 2013, I met my husband before getting a certificate. Before I did n’t get my certificate, I had been a contraception at the end of 2014. I was pregnant at the end of 2014. I was pregnant because of various reasons. At that time, I wanted to get pregnant.I murmured in my heart and murmured in my heart. I have come to menstruation for a month. But in December 2015, my husband and I have been married. From then on, I started preparing for pregnancy.I did n’t come to my menstruation in September, but I thought I was pregnant but I could n’t measure it, and my face was very poor and cold. I suddenly realized that I was sick.One of the most expensive numbers examined six hormone and B -ultrasound that the testosterone value was very high. B -ultrasound B -ultrasound diagnosed menstruation of traditional Chinese medicine.I do n’t think about it for pantone ketone in my heart. I do n’t understand whether progesterone is western medicine. It seems that or western medicine comes faster.In mid -April 17th, we went to the obstetrics and gynecology department of the obstetrics and gynecology department of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Jilin University.First eat progesterone, menstruation, and on the fifth day of menstruation to eat Da Ying snail tectodels for three months to review the doctor, but she said that you don’t have to eat a two -semethyst.I ca n’t be lazy and heavy. I want to say that before getting married, I was 93 pounds 164cm married for more than a year. I was more than 17 pounds. I have a high testosterone value. I ’m very obedient.Then I went to the university campus to run at night at night. The summer campus is also very lively. The two of us are running three kilometers a day. Wandering and walking.Menstruation is too much to be incredible that I have lost weight from 110 pounds to 104 pounds to review at the end of July. The six items of hormones have changed.After eating for another month, Da Ying was scared at that time, dreaming that it was scared that the day suddenly became brave and thought that the fallopian tube was okay.In fact, it is not painful or sorely. The rhythm of the abdomen is going to explode. We push the medicine in the middle and close the eyes.Hehe came in, the nurse helped me disassemble things. I asked her how my fallopian tubes. She said that I think it’s good. At that time, no one was in a dress. I asked the doctor’s office again.Go home and give birth to a baby!It’s all unobstructed. August August August August 24th, I started my first promotion on August 24th.

Attachment 1 The posture of the same room after the uterine position, I have always been like this for about an hour, but the neck bending hurts but the semen has not flowed out at all.

Eat the song on August 27 for 5 days

On September 1st, the right follicle 6 endometrium 4 Dato Shenbao 75mg 4 days (Lishenbao is imported urine promotion) Eat Jiale 2 tablets a day

On September 5th, the right follicle 10 endometrium 7 Da Li Shenbao 75mg and domestic urine promotion for 4 days to eat tonic? 2 tablets a day

On September 9th, the left follicle 13 left follicles 14 endometrium 10 doctors said that they are too slow to fight Li Shenbao 150mg and domestic urine urging for 3 days to supplement Jiale 2 tablets a day

The mood of not long follicles is really no one.

On the left of September 12, the left follicle 21, 19, and 19 right follicles 18, and 17 endometrium 12 wow all grew up.A big follicle is not one of them, haha, happy to go home and arrange the same room in the same room

On September 13th, I remember that I said on the Internet that jumping rope can promote ovulation. I can’t jump at all. Walking on both sides of the lower abdomen hurts to go to work with my husband after work.Arrange the same room at night

On the left side of Yin Chao on the left side of Yin Chao, there were two doctors left on the right side of Yin Chao. Two doctors left said that at night, the same room was reviewed on September 29th.

On the evening of September 15th, I arranged the same room and my husband and me for four consecutive nights (the husband drank a Jiang Xiaobai in the same room before dinner and said that I would say a word activating blood. My husband has never quit smoking and alcohol.He usually exercise playing football every three or four games a week and four games at night. I still run with me and I don’t say that he must be afraid that he is in a bad mood)

Figure 2 September 26th ZZY was a bit deepened

The process of waiting for the lottery is long and always play with the urine white board from time to time. I told myself too early. On September 24th, it should be ten days after ovulation or the white board.On Monday, 25th, my husband and I told me that I was running at night to get home at night. I said that if I tested a first, I did n’t want to run and test it.I kept it. I picked it out again. He picked it out again and ran out in a hurry. He ran three kilometers and went home to sit on the sofa and saw the husband who had picked up the David test paper.Will the shallow seal be thrown into the trash can so as to get dirty or it can be understood that the next morning, the test was still deepened, and the husband said that there was a test strip. Maybe two test strips and the seal were accidentally.IntersectionI am pregnant?After going to work with curiosity, I was really printed after getting off work.It is still very obedient to review the HCG196 progesterone greater than 40 on September 29.Now that I think about getting married for more than a year and a half, no contraception is my problem. I have no ovulation. As soon as I promote pregnancy, I will be briefly reviewed on October 10th.On October 17th, HCG55000 has seen fetal heart buds great!All values are within the normal range.

Figure 3rd on the evening of September 25th, the ZZY that was thrown into the trash can a little print

Writing so many only wants to give sisters who are also polycysts, a little positive energy, menstruation, non -regulatory follicles, no long endometrium, thin tube photoplastic, is the problem that everyone is worried about it.Getting to 17

Figure 4 is the test strip of the ovulation test at that time.

I grew up when I grew up and thought that I had to give up the result. The mentality was important. I always wanted to want to move. I think I ran for five months without running.I have to go to bed early and get up early. Let me tell you an example. The doctor I found. There is a case of a case.I asked another child in the test tube.We are so young in this young case. I am really motivated to inspire everyone!I wish everyone a good pregnancy!

In the end, I also want to say a sentence of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of polycysts.Essence

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