I am still considering whether to go on the ring, the mother, first understand these situations, and maybe it is different from what you think

After giving birth, the vast majority of couples face a problem: how to contraception?I believe that many married women in China have experienced the embarrassment and helplessness of contraceptive failure.Some families gritted their teeth and gave birth to children who were not in the "budget" when they were facing this problem. Like Su Mingyu, they became an additional burden on the family and did not discuss the parents’ like; and most people chose to perform surgeryAlthough artificial abortion, although it is cruel, it also gives many parents guilty, but starting from reality, this is the best way to avoid excessive burden on the family and solve the failure of contraception.

It stands to reason that there are many ways to contraception, but why are there so many failures?What I have to say is that contraceptives, physical contraception, condoms, etc. In the process of using some side effects, etc., which caused contraceptive failures.In medical, the most successful way for contraception is to go to the ring.Through the upper ring, the success of contraception reaches more than 90%, but because in the planning period of family planning, this is a period of hardened contraception as a female postpartum.When it was shadow, some women decided not to go to the ring after seeing the pain of their mother’s loop.In fact, the continuous development of the upper ring material has been re -developed, and now it has been highly improved. The choice of materials can reduce many physical pain in women.

1. inertiasis

At present, it is divided by different materials. There are two distinctions: inertia and activity.The materials used in inertia -samples are relatively weak, such as plastic, silicone, metal, and so on.Metal breds used the highest frequency in the 1980s and 1990s.However, this kind of birthplace does not play a good role in breeding. On the contrary, there are still a lot of women who are still pregnant after the current age. Therefore, by 1993, this kind of birthpool has been completely stopped.

2. Activation

This kind of contraceptive method is similar to the upper ring, but it adds more active substances such as contraceptives, hormones, and drugs. Such a contraceptive method has reached 90%. ThereforeSaid to be upper ring.

Since Shanghai is so safe, why do women resist this way of contraception?

In fact, it is very easy to understand that placing an item into the human body will definitely bring discomfort, and so is the upper ring.From the actual data we can see that after most women go to the ring, there will be some bad reactions in the body, such as: irregular vaginal inflammation, vaginal inflammation, and lower abdomen pain.The phenomenon of contraceptive failure.Therefore, even if the contraceptive method of Shekuan is very good, there are still many women who resist this method. Even if the Sheung Wan can ensure that the time limit for contraception has reached more than 5 years, there are many subsequent problems.

One of the most serious problems is that the birthplace is in the human body for a long time. For a long time, it will be combined with the human organs. After that, when a woman feels that the hedging device does not want to take it out, this process is quite painful.Some doctors could not even peel this equipment from the human body, and had to continue to stay in women.

Therefore, if you ca n’t go to the ring, you still need to look at your personal choice. Even if you do n’t have to go to the ring, if you do n’t want your child for a period of time, you still have to take contraceptive measures.

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