I became pregnant as soon as I got married, but I don’t want it, because I divorced my husband.

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I did n’t want children to get pregnant by accident, and my family opposed it.

I am 27 years old and have been married for more than three months.

It was very collapsed because I wanted to do not want children a year or two after marriage, and I currently live in my husband’s parents. I feel a bit restrained. I don’t have much time to be alone with my husband.

I especially want to live a marriage life of two people. We can get a house at the end of the year as soon as possible, so at least I have to live with my father -in -law for one to two years.

Knowing that my parents were very happy after I was pregnant, my husband was also happy, but I really felt too hasty. I felt that I was driving the duck on the shelves without being ready.The current situation is that the whole family took turns to persuade me.

I am a very irregular physiological constitution, and it is particularly obvious that I started to get fat last year. This time, I went to the hospital to find out the polycysts. Today I went to check it. It has been 6-7 weeks. There is a yolk sac and no embryo.

Today, I made an appointment with the surgery next week and told her husband that he refused to come to the hospital to accompany me. He also said that if I really decided not to children, he would go to work in the field and would not return in two or three years.

The operation was done in the morning, and my father and husband accompanied me.

After knowing that pregnancy and my husband did not care about my personal wishes, I basically cried for a while every day. From the beginning, I did not want to want this child. Later, I knew that the polycystic was difficult to get pregnant.

Removing the child basically means divorce, and I am not preparing for Dink. The current age is big, the small is not small suitable for children, etc.Better choice.

When I showed a hesitation emotion, my husband suddenly got up and was so good at me.EssenceSo I did not go to the operation of Wednesday morning. I thought about it and the hospital was delayed for two days. I was considering.

My husband came to work on Wednesday morning (it has been moved out of my mother -in -law’s house for four or five days), and we quarrel in the car again.

I really do n’t want to give birth. It ’s good to say that it’ s not enough to love him.

In the process of quarrel, the Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine called and asked me why I didn’t go, and I re -appointment. On Thursday morning, we were preparing for our separate psychological preparation.

I also asked the unit for leave. My husband called my dad. My dad asked me if I really thought about it, and I returned yes.Then we went back to my mother -in -law’s house, and I packed some of what I needed and went home.

Then this morning I performed surgery.

Is it over here? I was relieved.I will pay attention to rest, try to lose weight to control polycystic, and try to rescue-to my husband, so that our marriage will not go to the divorce-step.


He still left, deleted everything related to me, and my WeChat was deleted.

That day he accompanied me for surgery, and it was very good to come back. He always took care of me. When we were eating, he cooked porridge for me the next day. I lost my temper and wanted to eat noodles.

I asked him if he had dinner, can he promise me two conditions, if you want a child again.

The first is during pregnancy and confinement. I want to be in my own home (because he finished the operation, he told my dad to let me go to his house. If he asked for leave, he could take care of me, and my dad agreed. I and his mother in his house.Always let me wear more and eat more, but I’m already very hot and sweat, I said they didn’t listen, so I can’t open it.

The second is that the child is born with my surname after birth.

After hearing it, he did not agree with the child and my surname. We quarreled a few words, and he said, "Then you go with others."Then he never said a word to me since then.

Originally he said that he had asked for a week of leave, but he went to work in four or five days at home (the city next door). The day he left, I didn’t stay at his house. I lived on WeChat. We quarreled on WeChat.I found that he deleted me, and the wedding wallpaper was changed.

He said that now he only has disgust and hate, and he won’t be good to me as before, because I have always thought about myself, and he feels boring.

The last update-

At present, we have not reconciled, he refuses to reconcile, so now we are in a state of interconnection.I still like him very much, so I will wait when he wants to talk to me, and then ask him if he wants to continue together, of course, he also accepts the result of divorce.

In retrospect, I found that I was pregnant at the beginning. At that time, my husband was particularly happy. Although I also said that I didn’t want it at the time, I might usually be too soft. He felt that I would also be persuaded although I was unwilling to be as long as usual.Originally, I didn’t want to tell my parents that the two of us secretly performed surgery.But as soon as I registered his dad in a small hospital, he knew it. Seeing the inspection I did, I also understood what I was. My old convention was an obstetrician and gynecologist, which was the obstetrician and gynecologist.Will regret that the chance of pregnancy will be only 20 % in the future.Then things developed too fast. I said it many times I didn’t want to give birth, but no one listened to me. (My parents later expressed respect for my choice). I couldn’t take the operation while my husband went to work.I and my husband in the middle and my husband are arguing on WeChat every day.

Finally, share it. I turned right two days ago, and I will work well and lose weight.

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