I ca n’t be happy when I am pregnant, is it depressed?Come and check it out

It is a joy to bred and welcome new life, but some expectant mothers are not happy.What’s going on?Ms. Dong is a prospective mother who is 30 weeks pregnant. From the time of the joy of sharing pregnancy with her family, her family found that she did not love to talk in the past month.I don’t want to do it, I can’t sleep at night, tossing around.The family feels very confused. How can a person who was so cheerful used to be a person after pregnancy?

If the expectant mothers in your family also have similar situations, you need to be alert to the possibility of "siege depression".Some people may say that only after childbirth depression, will depression before childbirth?Yes, depression during perinatal period may occur in predecessor, postpartum or two stages.The latest research shows that the prevalence of perinatal depression in my country exceeds 16%, and it is necessary to attract sufficient attention from pregnant mothers and family members.

(1) What are the dangers of depression during perinatal?

(1) Affecting communication and intimacy between husband and wife

(2) The baby may have a negative impact on the baby, and the personality and emotion of the child will continue

(3) It is not good for the sleep and health of the pregnant mother itself, and it is not conducive to postpartum recovery

(4) A few may also commit suicide or hurt the extreme situation

(2) What are the manifestations of depression during the feast?

Pregnant mothers show their depression, unhappy, not interested in anything, always feel tired, often blame themselves and cry, can’t sleep, often wake up early, can’t eat meals, and even have the thoughts of lightness.If the four items in the above situation are found to be found in the above situation, and it lasts for more than 2 weeks, it needs to be paid attention and seek help from a professional doctor.

(3) How to identify and treat depression during perinatal period?

1. Screening and identification

Not all symptoms are patients!Some are just short -term emotional instability, and some need to be briefly counseled.If the situation is serious, then professional and standardized treatment is needed, and normal life and health are restored as soon as possible to reduce the impact on breeding as much as possible.

2. Treatment

The current methods include non -drug treatment and drug treatment. Doctors will formulate individualized treatment plans according to specific circumstances.

You need to clarify a few questions:

(1) You can’t take medicine if you have a baby!wrong!

It is not advisable to use antidepressants in the first three months of pregnancy, unless it is obviously better than the disadvantages.For pregnant mothers with severe depression, doctors will carefully choose drugs that can control their condition and relatively safe according to the specific situation.

(2) Just after giving birth, just cook again!wrong!

The depression symptoms of pregnant mothers may have adverse effects on the baby’s baby, and cannot wait until after childbirth.Once the emotional abnormalities of pregnant mothers are found, they must be screened and identified as soon as possible, and spend safely under the advice and guidance of professional doctors.

(3) Three poison of medicine, so hurry up and stop the medicine!wrong!

Depression is easy to relapse, and frequent seizures may increase the difficulty of treatment. The treatment of antidepressants requires a certain time. It needs to be performed under the guidance of a doctor. It cannot be reduced or stopped at will.

3. Family support

The mental health of pregnant mothers is inseparable from the support of family members. There are several suggestions:

(1) What should prospective dad do?

The abnormal performance of pregnant mothers is more tolerant and understanding, more communication, adding companionship time in daily life, care and care for the mothers of pregnant mothers, and give positive encouragement and support.

(2) What do parents/in -law do?

Parents/in -laws are usually concerned about the situation of pregnant mothers and fetal baby, but sometimes too much attention and interference, but add a lot of pressure to pregnant mothers, which is not conducive to recovery.In this case, parents/in -laws should give pregnant mothers a full understanding and respect, less blame, more considerate and encouragement.In addition, we must actively communicate and resolve family contradictions and conflicts, maintain a harmonious family atmosphere, and perform family treatment if necessary.

Depression during the feeding period is a psychological health problem that cannot be ignored. It should be found as soon as possible, intervene as soon as possible, and seek help from a professional doctor if necessary, formulate individualized treatment plans, control the development of the disease, and protect the health of mothers and infants.

good news

Shanghai Tongren Hospital has established a medical department. We have a professional medical team to provide individualized diagnosis and treatment for diseases such as depression, anxiety, and insomnia.At present, the Heart Medical Division and obstetrics have jointly launched the "Psychological Health Screening Project for Perinity Period". Regardless of whether pregnant mothers can come to our department for psychological screening and consultation at any stage of pregnancy to help discover the emotional problems of pregnant mothers in time.We will provide professional help and guidance for the specific situation of pregnant mothers, and to escort the psychological health during the bred period.

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