I ca n’t worry about the same room during ovulation, but my aunt is here!

Women’s ovulation periods generally start ovulation on the eighth day after menstruation. By the end of the seven days of menstruation next to menstruation, do you know the cause of infertility in the same room during ovulation? The following editors will introduce it to you.

The cause of infertility in the same room during ovulation period

1. The cause of infertility in the same room during ovulation

The main factors of male infertility: semen abnormalities: no sperm, too small sperm, weakened activity, and abnormal morphology.Cultivation tests cause fine sperm tubular atrophy, or congenital testicular dysplasia, and mumps with orchitis with frequent sexual life, which will affect the number of sperm.Sperm transportation is blocked: epididymal or vascular tubes are blocked due to factors such as inflammation and trauma, or impotence and premature ejaculation occur in sexual dysfunction, and sperm cannot be entered into the female reproductive tract.The main factors of female infertility: ovulation dysfunction, manifested as no ovulation during the menstrual cycle, or although ovulation, the luteal function is not complete after ovulation.Congenital development of reproductive organs or acquired reproductive organs, hindering the unobstructed and functional function of the reproductive channels from the vulva to the fallopian tube, hinder the encounter of sperm and eggs, and cause infertility.

2. The same room in the same room is not necessarily 100 % conceived

Under normal circumstances, the eggs of women’s mature are lined up once a month, and the ovulation time is in the middle of the menstrual cycle.At this time, the sperm and mature eggs are likely to meet in the fallopian tube pot and complete the fertilization process. This is an ideal condition in an ideal state.

Despite this, it is not necessarily a hundred in the same room on ovulation.Because in addition to choosing the same room in the same room, it is also critical to have mature sperm and eggs. This requires health care for couples before pregnancy. Women 3 months before pregnancy supplement folic acid (oral folic acid tablets) to avoid fetal malformations.Reflected zinc (oral zinc -cultivated edge tablets) a month to improve sperm quality.

3. Don’t pay too much attention to the ovulation period

In fact, if the ovulation period is kept on ovulation, it will not only cause women to be affected by negative emotions when ovulation, but men are particularly sensitive in this regard, because after several attempts failing, psychological pressure will suddenly increase, affect male sexual function, affect sperm sperm, affect sperm spermquality.If you have tried several times the ovulation period, the same room is still unsuccessful, you may wish to put down the burden first.As long as you understand the law of ovulation in the middle of menstruation, you can proper the same room.

Do you know the relevant content that cannot be pregnant during ovulation during ovulation? If you are inaccurate for a long time, you still need to seek medical treatment in time. In addition, you are also very important. You must relax and do not let yourself and your lover have a lot of psychological pressure.This can help smooth pregnancy.

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