I can’t help but want to fart?There will be embarrassing things in your body during pregnancy, depending on how many you meet

Pregnancy is a particularly happy thing, and I am looking forward to the advent of the baby almost every day.However, during pregnancy, there will always be some small embarrassment, and some things will jump out without any feelings. I believe you will feel the same.

1. Ucudit urine incontinence:

Originally, everyone had a good chat. The pregnant woman’s garden also laughed with Haha. As a result, she looked down, and the pants were soaked by urine. A capital embarrassment was on the face.

This is because the fetus will grow slowly during the growth and development process, and then compress the stress urinary incontinence caused by the bladder.This symptom often occurs when pregnant women sneeze, cough, or laugh. In order to avoid such embarrassment, the pregnant mother must take a bathroom regularly whether there is a urine or not.

2. I can’t help but want to fart:

Whether in public or at home, pregnant women always can’t help but want to fart. This is caused by the increased hormone level, which causes gastrointestinal motility to slow down.Pregnant women can increase the speed of intestinal peristalsis by exercise. The food residue stays in the gastrointestinal and the gastrointestinal time is short, so there will not be so many gases.

3. Constipation and hemorrhoids:

For pregnant women, many people suffer from the dual trouble of constipation and hemorrhoids. They are like a vicious cycle and they are always repeated.This is due to the rapid increase in progesterone in pregnant women, and the intestinal motility slows down. By pregnancy, the phenomenon of constipation and hemorrhoids will be more serious.

It is recommended that pregnant women drink plenty of water and eat more vegetables, fruits such as dietary fiber, etc., and exercise in appropriate amount every day can greatly improve this phenomenon.

4. Long hair:

Affected by hormones during pregnancy, pregnant women’s breasts, abdomen, face, etc. may grow black hair, which is really embarrassing.But don’t worry, these black hair will be removed with hair loss after production.

5. Emotional fluctuations:

A good person who often changes his temperament, get angry, lose his temper, and cry when he is pregnant. These are caused by hormones in the body of pregnant women. Pregnant women must learn to regulate their mood and reduce their own pressure.

6. Three years of silly pregnancy:

Some pregnant women will show their forgetfulness, slow response, and low efficiency, and they will be buckled with a hat of "one pregnancy and silly".In fact, this is caused by the changes in the level of progesterone and estrogen in pregnant women’s brains. After childbirth, it will also affect thinking and memory, but after the baby is born, this symptom will slowly disappear.

Do you have encountered a lot of embarrassment during pregnancy?Make a message in the comment area below and tell us

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