I can’t see the fetal heart at five weeks of pregnancy

Walking, sweet and sweet in the group@正, said that she went to the hospital for examination in the afternoon, did not see the fetal buds and fetal hearts, and the progesterone was only 9.4. This is a Nanjing girl and the polycystic ovary syndrome treatmentSo I was particularly nervous. After getting the consent of my husband, I immediately responded to her.

Sweet, you are only about 5 weeks of pregnancy. You can just see a little gestational sac. You can only prove that it is intrauterine pregnancy. This time can not see the germ and the original fetal heart tube.of.The development of the fetus after pregnancy is no different from her pregnant mother.

The embryo grows from the fertilized eggs to the occurrence of germ, and there is a process of primitive heartbeat.Generally, forty -two days of pregnancy, (that is, 42 days of menopause), at this time, B -ultrasound (Yin Chao) check can generally see germ and primitive heart tube beating.If it is an ultrasonic examination in the abdomen, it may be later.Women who usually have a menstrual cycle in about 28 days usually can see the fetal buds around six weeks of pregnancy, and the fetal heart beating can only be seen in about seven weeks.

Periation is a progesterone, which is a role in maintaining pregnancy. Low progesterone can lead to a threatened abortion.

At present five weeks of pregnancy, the value of progesterone is 9.4, this result is significantly lower than the normal value.But it ’s really hard to say, because the progesterone value is fluctuating, and the results often have different results at different times. In clinical practice, there are only 6 women who are about 5 weeks of pregnancy.Your progesterone is currently low. It is recommended that you continue to observe and look at HCG double and estradiol.

Doctor Chen, I have eaten dylocoothurpanone tablets for two days. Why did progesterone still increase?

Sweet, ground flexion progesterone is a progesterone with relatively small side effects, but it has a feature that after taking it, it does not change the value in the blood.The rise in the value reflects the development of the embryo. When the HCG rises doubles normal, progesterone will naturally rise.

The time for the fetal buds and fetal hearts for each pregnant mother is not exactly the same. Generally speaking, the fetal buds should be seen when you see the yolk cycle.When you reach 20000-50,000, you should see the fetal heart.Of course, the B -ultrasound of the abdomen may take about 5 days later.

Doctor Chen, thank you for solving my doubt, it’s much easier, don’t bother you, your uncle should criticize you again.

Girl, more than just criticism, it’s angry …

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