I concealed that I wanted to be a "white" company. The boss canceled the company overnight.

The introduction of the Labor Law protects the legitimate rights and interests of the majority of workers.Avoid the exploitation and oppression of some bad bosses on employees.However, some people who have careful thoughts use the law of law to seek private interest for themselves. They think they can be able to properly control the company, but they are eventually defeated by the magic of the boss!

The job seeker obviously loses his own losses and concealed the fact that pregnancy was concealed.The solution given by the company has been reluctant, and the result is not only unpredictable, but instead finds the media to expose the matter. As a result, the development of public opinion and incident was completely unexpected.

Things are probably like this:

Ms. Zhang of Qingdao applied for an online company. After layer of screening, the company finally hired her.At the end of the probation period, the woman found that she was pregnant unexpectedly, but thought that she could turn right immediately and signed the formal employment contract. This matter did not tell the boss.

After the probation period was successful, Ms. Zhang signed a three -year employment contract with the company.After the contract was signed, Ms. Zhang thought that she had no worries, so she told her pregnancy and asked for a leave of maternity leave.As soon as the boss heard it directly, he thought that he was pregnant as soon as he signed the contract. This was Baiji Company and asked the company to raise a baby for her.

The company’s owner felt that he could not eat this dumb loss. Before he contributed to the company, he would have to be Bai Zhe company for several months.After negotiation, the company is willing to give the compensation plan and let Ms. Zhang take the initiative to leave.However, Ms. Zhang felt that there was no income after leaving, and the money compensated without paying a lot of money has been paid later.I did not agree to leave, and expressed their willingness to live with the company!The boss was helpless and asked the employees to go back to rest. Sales and social security were distributed normally according to law. Ms. Zhang also felt that she should be at home and rest at home with peace of mind.

Suddenly one day, Ms. Zhang discovered that her salary was stopped, and social security stopped. As soon as I asked, it turned out that the original company closed down.What made Ms. Zhang even feel angry is that the boss set up a new company. The original colleagues also went to work in a new company without falling, but she was dropped.I was unexpectedly unemployed.

Ms. Zhang, who was so angry, went to the boss theory and asked to continue paying her salary and paying social security.The boss said in a word: The original company was not well -operated. The new company now has nothing to do with you. I have no obligation to pay you.

Ms. Zhang, who did not have a result, decided to find arbitration. As a result, the arbitration said: The company that has a hired relationship with you has been canceled, the main body is gone, and the new company has no employment relationship with you, so there is no way to arbitration.Ms. Zhang was dumbfounded.

If a word is not gone, Ms. Zhang wants to find a lawyer, find the media to expose, and expects the support of the law and the support of public opinion.As a result, they returned without success.

Now, Ms. Zhang moved to stones and smashed her feet. This exposure, everyone knows the matter of Ms. Zhang.So when she has given birth to a child, when she is looking for a job, I don’t know if there is a company willing to hire her?

For Ms. Zhang, neither of the company’s owner, but Ms. Zhang is not highly height at the level of morality. If she wants to use the law "white" company, the boss can only cure her body with her own way.

Originally, women were in a disadvantaged position in the workplace, and marriage and childbirth were also a major obstacle to the promotion of women’s workplace.The state introduced a series of bills for women, which protects women’s treatment and status in the workplace to a certain extent.But we cannot use this as a threat to obtain some immoral income.That will only allow women to encounter more resistance in the process of finding a job.

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