I do n’t know about pregnancy. I took a chest sashimi during the company’s physical examination. Can this baby want it?

I often encounter such questions, or because the medical examination is exposed to the rays, or because I take medicine because of illness, or I have taken contraceptives, but I later found that I was pregnant.Influence, can the fetus ask for this situation, will it cause deformity?

Regarding the three weeks before pregnancy, that is, within 30 days after the first day of menstruation, women do not know that they have taken medicine or accept X -ray.There are two results on the influence of the baby in the belly: one is that the baby accepts all adverse effects, and the natural miscarriage occurs in the end. The other is that the baby is not adversely affected and naturally grows normally.

So when the expectant mothers find that they are pregnant, but have recently been exposed to the X -ray, or they have used drugs, don’t worry, it is recommended to let it go. If the fetus has been good at no natural abortion, it means that the baby is okay.; If the baby has a natural miscarriage, it means that the fetal health affects the health of the fetus. Even if this baby is kept, the chance of having a problem with the baby is also very high.

1. Supplement folic acid

We all know that from the beginning of pregnancy, the husband and wife should supplement folic acid to help prevent fetal nerve tube deformity. The first three months of pregnancy still need to continue to be supplemented. You can choose pure folic acid tablets according to your own situation, or you can choose composite vitamins.

2. Ensure enough sleep time

In order to create a good environment for the fetus, there must be sufficient sleep time.Pregnant women’s sleep time should be longer than normal people. At least 8 to 9 hours per night, it is best to ensure 1 to 2 hours of sleep time every day, but it should not be too long.The prospective mothers have a good rest, which can promote the healthy development of the fetus. In addition, the sleeping position must be correct.

3. Stay away from the environment of noise and radiation

Noise may lead to abortion risk, and noise will affect the dysfunction of endocrine glands of pregnant mothers. For example, excess oxytococcus hormone secreted by pituitary gland will cause strong uterine contraction, leading to abortion and premature birth.Especially in the early stages of pregnancy, if the pregnant mother is often radiated, the baby is likely to develop malformations.

4. Relax and avoid stress

Due to the unstable embryo in the early pregnancy, try to rest as much as possible to avoid tiredness.Usually try to maintain a comfortable mood, calm mentality, and not to be too large in emotional fluctuations.

5. Pay attention to the amount of exercise per day

"Anti -fetal" does not mean that we must stay in bed and rest. Generally speaking, as long as the pregnant mother does not have obvious signs of signs of signs of abortion, it can be appropriately exercised, but pay attention to the amount of exercise and exercise strength.Such as pregnant women yoga, walking, swimming, etc., but do not challenge difficult movements, and do not exercise too long.

6. Various types of food and balanced nutrition

In the early pregnancy, the fetus was very small, and the nutrition required was relatively small. Therefore, if the expectant mother responded seriously, you could not care too much about nutritional supplement. You can eat normally as before pregnancy.Pay attention to supplementing protein; in addition, some foods that should not be eaten by pregnant women should be avoided.

The emotional mothers who just become pregnant are easy to complex and change. The news of pregnancy is happy, but after being happy, she may worry about the impact of changes in progesterone and HCG on the fetus. Specific mothers who especially have brown secretions.It is still recommended that expectant mothers to relax. If the embryo is good, it can be smooth during pregnancy. If the embryo itself is not good, the chance of the child’s birth after time is not good.Finally, I wish the mothers can go smoothly during pregnancy!

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