I do n’t know for a few months of pregnancy.

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Ms. Qian (Hua’s surname) was pregnant for several months but mistakenly thought it was irregular on vacation. Unexpectedly, a few days ago, she "excreted" a big "meat group" at home. She hurried to Pu Ren, Wuhan.The hospital’s obstetrics found that he had a miscarriage and lost his baby in his belly."I regret it, I should come to the hospital for examination earlier!" Recalling the encounters these days, Ms. Qian was still sad.

Ms. Qian had a cesarean section as early as 2013, and in 2019, she had to go to the hospital to cut off her fallopian tubes on the hospital in 2019.In recent years, her figure has gradually "blessed", and her height of 165 cm has slowly reached 200 pounds. In addition to the problems of weight, irregular holidays have always made Ms. Qian worry.Ms. Qian had a menstruation, and it was not until May that there were a small amount of bleeding.

On July 10, Ms. Qian felt a faint pain in her lower abdomen, but because the pain was not strong, they did not deal with it. Until 8 pm on July 14, Ms. Qian suddenly intensified and accompanied by swelling.A bloody "meat ball" was discharged."I thought it was just a stomach pain to go to the toilet. As a result, a bloody large meat group suddenly fell out of it. At that time, I was directly scared!"She conducted a B -ultrasound related examination and found that Ms. Qian was aborted, and the falling "meat ball" was actually a fetus that had been 24 weeks.

"I have removed the fallopian tubes that have been removed before, plus a little fat, and my stomach can not be seen. I didn’t expect that I was pregnant again. Before, I always thought that she was irregularly menstrual." Ms. Qian said sadly saying that she said sadly.Essence

Ms. Qian’s uterus with a large fetus

Because Ms. Qian’s uterine cavity still had residual placenta, she had not yet been discharged, and the obstetrician of Wuhan Puren Hospital performed a painless clearance surgery for Ms. Qian. At present, Ms. Qian’s recovery is in good condition.

"Because obesity will affect women’s pituitary and ovarian function, and it is easy to cause irregular menstruation, patients have never known that their two bleeding is a sign of a threatened abortion.Cooperating with scientific treatment, children should be able to give birth at full moon. "Fisheri, director of the Maternity and Gynecology Center of Wuhan Puren Hospital, explained.

Director Fei Zhi reminded that women with the age of childbearing in sexual life, once irregular menstruation or more than ten days of menstruation occurred, should be alert to whether they have been pregnant.If it is usually a woman with irregular menstruation and a history of sexual life, especially women with relatively large weight, you can prepare more early pregnancy test strips at home. Testing when irregular menstruation occurs.It is recommended to go to the obstetrics and gynecology department of a regular hospital for consultation and diagnosis and treatment in advance.

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(The picture is provided by Wuhan Pu Ren Hospital)

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