I don’t know how to chat with the baby after pregnancy?30 sentences I said to my baby, give you a reference

After pregnancy, I will chat with the baby every day and like this feeling of interaction.

Many pregnant mothers want to talk to their babies, but don’t know what to say

Yesterday I was 27 weeks of pregnancy +1 days, and I specifically recorded what I said to my baby and for your reference. I hope to help everyone.

1. When I get up

Baby, beautiful and hopeful day, let’s smile, let’s smile, come on!come on!come on!

2. Drink warm water on an empty stomach

Baby, we now drink a glass of warm boiling water on an empty stomach.

3. Eat boiled eggs at 6:30

(My husband is peeled, I’m afraid I am hot)

Baby, we are going to eat the love of the dad to boil the soil eggs, don’t look at it small, the nutrition is very rich

4, 6:40 to go out

Baby, we set off, we are going …

(Sitting behind my husband, I will also tell the baby what I see on the road, and interact with my husband, and I feel very happy.)

5, more than 6:50, walk in the walking

Looking at the lively on the street, I said to the baby:

Baby, the morning is the hope of a new day. Now the street is very lively. People come and go. Brothers and sisters go to school. Uncle and aunts go to work. Everyone has what they want to do.With her own goal, the baby’s current goal is to grow up and grow up healthy in the mother’s belly. Mom and dad love you, the baby, the mother and mother are looking forward to the baby’s healthy full moon.

Drink milk around 7:5:00 (hot before going out)

Baby, we have to drink pure milk now, supplement calcium.

7. Go to a friend’s house

Baby, we are going to see my aunt and sister **, now my sister is milk, and we can see my sister’s smile after drinking milk, Meng Meng Da

(Because of the neighbor’s decoration, stay at a friend’s house in the morning)

8. Sing for the baby

Baby, my mother sings "Listen to me, say thank you" (or plant watermelon/warm home/baby/little donkey, etc.)

9. Give your baby for parent -child picture books

Baby, now my mother reads you the story "Sweet little guest" …

10. When eating more snacks at 9 o’clock

Baby, mother now wants to eat snack bread slices to supplement energy.

11. Come at eleven o’clock

Baby, we are going to walk with my aunt and sister ** to go to the store (ten minutes)

12, 11:40, my husband came to pick it up

Baby, dad is here to pick us home, the baby is unhappy

13. After lunch

Ask your husband in your baby:

Dad, what did we eat at noon today?

Husband: We have eaten …………..

14. Baby, I don’t see my dad for a long time, my dad wants the baby very much

(Let my husband and baby talk, touch the baby).

15, 12:40 to go out

Baby, we go to the aunt’s shop

(Because of the neighbor’s decoration, wait in the morning at the house of a friend, and the friend’s shop in the afternoon)

16. Rain, walk in the store

Baby, we now walk around the aunt’s shelves, and walk in the right hand of the mother.

(Friends were pregnant last year, I stared at her, I was pregnant this year, she stared at me)

17. Dimension time around 3 pm

Baby, we have to eat snacks … (What snacks)

18. Baby, mother reads 100,000 why "…"

(Now it is a plant chapter. When I read the baby, the baby moves over the river.

19. Baby, mother should go more now and provide the baby more oxygen.

20. Baby, standing for a long time, a sour legs, we sit.

21. Baby, we can’t lie for a long time, I’m going to get up and walk around

(There is a lounge chair in the friend’s shop)

22. Baby, we are on the street now, there are many cars passing by on the road, so there are many different voices. When the baby is born, parents and dads take the baby to see more interesting things.

23. 5:40 pm

Baby, dad is here to pick us up, goodbye to my aunt, goodbye

24. After dinner:

Speak with my husband in the tone of your baby: Dad, what did we eat at night?


25. Baby, we have to walk around after meals, and our mother now has to control blood sugar.

26, 8 o’clock to eat milk calcium

Baby, we are going to eat milk calcium calcium

27. Baby, we are going to take a bath now

28. Baby, after taking a bath, we have to wipe our body with a dry towel, otherwise the water stays on the body for a long time and it is easy to catch a cold and get sick.

29. At about 8:30 pm, my husband tells the story time

Baby, now I have to listen to my father to tell stories

30. 10:10 pm

Baby, we are ready to sleep, parents love you, baby, let us have a good dream, sleep well, good night, baby, we sleep.

When my husband told the baby to the baby last night, he felt that the baby was very cheerful in his belly. He quickly opened his clothes and watched his belly, and saw the ups and downs of the pregnant belly.

Hurry up and call your husband to see.

My husband stared at my stomach with me, and she was shaking around her belly, and sometimes her stomach shook a little.

Husband asked: Bao, do you have any movement in your own belly?(My husband wants to move myself).

Me: Husband, I didn’t move, it’s the baby being moved.

Then my husband and I stared at my stomach with my belly. Sometimes I had a large range of ups and downs on the left and left.

It’s really amazing. This is the first time after I was pregnant. My husband and I stared at my stomach and watched the baby moving. I was rolling around my stomach. I guess: How noisy my baby is

The above is the description of the chat content with my baby yesterday and my baby’s fetal movement last night. Thank you for watching the article I wrote. I hope the content of the article will help you.”D pregnant woman”””””

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