I don’t know the true and false!Network rumors Lin Xinru’s abdomen Micro is suspected of pregnancy?

01 Network rumors Lin Xinru is suspected to be pregnant!

It is said that Lin Xinru has rarely appeared in front of the public since he got married. The information about the work is rarely heard. I don’t know why!

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This may be because Dan has not paid much attention to the entertainment industry, or it may be immersed in a happy life after marriage, but everything is a conjecture of Dan Dan and has not been confirmed.

Many netizens also guess so much. It is reported that after Lin Xinru married Huo Jianhua, her focus on her life has gradually tilted towards the family. Since she gave birth to her daughter "Little Angel" in 2017, Lin Xinru only filmed "My Boy" as a "My Boy" as a "My Boy" as a "My Boys" as a "My Boys" as a "My Boys" as a "My Boys" as a.Returning to accompany her daughter most of the time, there are few news about her.

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Recently, some netizens took a picture of Lin Xinru appearing at the advertisement shooting scene. On the same day, Lin Xinru was wearing a blue -green dress. His belly was obviously bulging. Seeing this, some netizens passed on Lin Xinru for pregnancy.This has attracted great attention, and there are online discussions.

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Dan Dan heard her news again, but it was about her pregnancy. It really surprised Dan Dan; although there were no new works brought us, it also let netizens know that her life was happy after marriage, which also made the majority of the majority of the majority of life.Netizens are at ease.

02 This matter, I do n’t know about it!

The small abdomen is obviously bulging?Lin Xinru was pregnant?I do n’t know if it ’s because of the clothes or Lin Xinru is caught in happiness!

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Dan Dan didn’t know that this was true and false, but in the eyes of Danan, she really seemed more mature, and it was still the Ziwei in our eyes.

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Many celebrities have reported good news of having a second child. Many fans are also looking forward to it. They hope that Lin Xinru can regenerate the next little prince, and a daughter made up a "good" word.

Regardless of authenticity, Dan Dan reminds Lagerstroemia here that you should pay attention to during pregnancy: the main thing is to pay more attention to daily habits and eating habits!

Daily habits:

To ensure sufficient rest time, maintain a good and happy mood, etc., this is all to be done during pregnancy, so that the baby will be healthy and beautiful.

In terms of eating habits:

Women should pay attention to their own diet after pregnancy, and first of all, they must be balanced.From the perspective of Dan Dan, excellent eggs and sperm are derived from the kidneys. To maintain your kidney essence, you will be screened out of qualified and high -quality seeds, reducing the occurrence of embryonic discharge, miscarriage, and innate deficiency from the source.

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So, what are the best diet during pregnancy?

Eat more foods that nourish blood and nourish qi

Yam: It has the function of nourishing the kidney, and the effect of yam for lung and spleen is also very obvious. Not only is it useful before pregnancy, it can also be used to raise tires after pregnancy.

Walnut: Traditional Chinese medicine has the theory of "complementing shape" in Chinese medicine.Walnut kernels are like brain, so people who make up their brains, people who insist on eating walnuts from their youth generally go to the old age, and their hair, teeth, and eyes will be better. It proves that it can really nourish kidney essence and delay aging.Therefore, eating more walnuts after pregnancy and pregnancy is more smart, and new mothers are easier to recover.

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Lycium barbarum: The power to supplement kidney essence is relatively strong.Eating wolfberry must grasp the amount. Eating 20 grams a day is enough. You don’t have to soak water. It is best to chew and eat like eating raisins.

Beans and poultry eggs: Various beans and poultry eggs can increase the material reserves and abilities of renal essence and eggs in the body.There is a little extra saying about eggs: red eggs are biased to nourish blood, white eggs are biased to replenish qi, egg whites are biased from yang, and egg yolks are biased from nourishing yin.Therefore, it is better to choose the egg yolk that is biased on the blood, but since you want to make the egg yolk nourish the yin, it is still better, not too old.

Turtle: The flatness is biased, and it will play a good effect of nourishing yin and strengthening kidney once a month.Turtle soup must be short for the first time, keep fresh, and taste it; after eating once, the second time with its back armor is slowly stewed, which will boil the ingredients of nourishing yin and moisturizing in the nails together.Making out is conducive to multiple absorption, and multi -moisturizing and replenishing benefits.

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