I feel that the stomach is swollen just when I am pregnant, but these 4 reasons. The five practices can alleviate it

A friend said that he felt bloated as soon as he was pregnant. I wonder why?Several pregnant mothers also reflected this situation. They checked the Internet on the Internet that they were signs of abortion. They were very scared that they were very bad. They were afraid that the fetus had problems.

In fact, I feel that my stomach bloating is generally normal when I am pregnant. I have also happened during pregnancy.It is mainly caused by rising hormone levels after pregnancy, and of course there are some other reasons.Pregnant mothers must keep a happy mood and face it correctly.

1. The role of progesterone

After pregnancy, the mother will produce progesterone to maintain pregnancy.The progesterone will be released to the smooth muscle of the digestive tract, causing the gastrointestinal peristalsis and weakening the digestive ability.If you eat like before, food cannot be digested and absorbed in time, and accumulates in the stomach for a long time, just like it to be blocked there, it is easy to cause bloating.

2. Causes of uterine enlargement

Just when I was pregnant, although my belly changed obviously, it was hard to feel. In fact, the uterus also increased.After the uterine increases, the uterine round ligament will be pulled, which will cause abdominal spasm and faint pain. There will be a feeling of abdominal distension and abdominal pain. I felt like a stomach cramp at the time.

3. Lack of exercise causes

After pregnancy, the level of progesterone levels will make pregnant mothers tired and like to fall asleep.The response in the early pregnancy was very serious, her appetite was lost, and her body was also tired.The amount of activity will not be as large as before. It keeps a standing posture for a long time, aggravating the symptoms of slow gastrointestinal motility, so it will also bloating.

4. Cold caused by cold

The pregnant mother’s belly is cold or eating cooler food, which will also affect gastrointestinal peristalsis, lead to slow peristalsis, affect digestion and absorption, and cause flatulence and cause bloating.

According to the cause of abdominal distension, targeted solutions can be performed to get better relief.

1. A small amount of meals

Because the digestive function is weakened, the stomach cannot absorb more food in a short time, so a small number of meals should be meal.It turned out to be three meals a day, which can be changed to 5-6 meals on the 1st.

2. The diet is light

You must usually eat light diet. Do not eat greasy, spicy foods, cold and cold foods to reduce the pressure of the gastrointestinal and intestines.Eat more vegetables and fruits rich in dietary fiber to prevent constipation and reduce bloating.

3. Drink plenty of water

After pregnancy, pregnant women are easy to be afraid of heat, and there are more water loss.Pinded water can also keep the intestines smooth and not easy to constipation.Drink 2000ml of water every day to ensure your body needs.

4. Moderate exercise

Although some tiredness in the early pregnancy, do not exercise every day, and will increase the burden on the body. Therefore, appropriate exercise walks, yoga, etc. should also be performed to accelerate intestinal peristalsis.

5. Pay attention to keep warm

The abdomen is cold and inhaled cold air can easily cause flatulence and cause abdominal distension.Therefore, you should pay attention to the warmth of the abdomen, and the temperature is low. It is best to wear a mask when going out.

In short, I feel that my belly is swollen and pay attention to the above 5 measures to make the body more comfortable.My friends who asked questions listened to my explanation and finally relieved.The new second childboy mother, Career Hero, who used to be in the workplace, and the winner of Qingyun plan, won the original invitations of multiple platforms.Jia Youbao was sent to cultural exchanges in the United States.Share your childcare experience with thousands of mothers, follow me, and obtain more parenting knowledge.

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